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dragonfly35 2 years ago

dragonfly35I think

I’ve decided. I’m not going to work full-time, or even half-time, at the language school. I think I won’t close the door entirely – I will remain on the sub list for when teachers are out, and might take a temporary assignment in the afternoon for a week or two if my schedule continues to allow. Mostly, I want to work on building my yoga hours and see where I can go with that, maybe try doing some freelancing again, and rest, get things done, prepare for the wedding. I have some savings, and I think it is totally doable for two months. C is on board. (He’s the best.) 2 years ago

dragonfly35This is coming down to the wire

I will be out of town for 2.5 weeks for the wedding right before the start of fall semester in August. Spring semester ends the last week of May.

I’m on the fence about what to do in June and July. I could probably teach at the language school; it would be challenging but doable to work around my yoga teaching schedule, and it would be nice to have the money.

But honestly? I don’t want to.

I want to work on wedding planning, teach yoga, prepare for fall semester, maybe do some freelancing, maybe sub at the language school…

I’m getting married, though, aren’t I? So I do need to talk this over with my fiance, who does a lot to support me financially.

I also need to figure out what those other sources of income might be. I have already applied to do another demo lesson at the yoga studio where I did my training. It would be great if I could pick up some more regular hours. I will also check in with the studio where I have been subbing a bit. 2 years ago

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