Spring Hoop 30/30 (May 9-June 9)

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Lost Wayfarer 1 year ago

thelightfuntasticSo close

I’m happy anyway! :) 22 months ago

JadedForever 23 months ago

JadedForeverDaytime Hooping -

Yeah you heard me!

Daytime hooping!
7 Songs! (My record)

I hooped outside in my front yard in the daytime with people looking at me & everything!
I’m so proud of myself!

I made my SO come outside for a minute & said watch me hoop!
Look at me coming out of my little shell!

I can’t say that I will always be that confident but I did it!
Hopefully I will become even more confident!

Thank You to a friend for pushing/encouraging me to hoop! 22 months ago

Miss Villainess 23 months ago


Spent the last day hooping at Gay Pride. So fun. :D 22 months ago

FindingMyName 1 year ago

Bedhead2 1 year ago

Bedhead2Day 29, 31 Done!!!

I just had a great time hooping to “Home” by Michael Franti (available on Grooveshark)

His music is perfect to hoop to.
It was a smooth session, I always have a better time after a glass of wine. I don’t do it often but I hate to admit, it really fuels my hooping! Instead of 30 minutes straight, it’s 30 minutes that wants (and often does) turn into 2 hours of hooping!

I’ll see you all on the flip side!!22 months ago

kaleidoscopelady 1 year ago

FindingMyNameOff and on

Hooped off an on just little bits. No music, just stepping out on my porch and using my side door as a mirror. Practicing making my rolls straight, and trying to chest roll without completely elevating my arm. I know that’s not a big deal, but I think it looks smoother and better if I can shoot it down my arm with just my wrist.. eh, we’ll see. 22 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. 1 year ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Day 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30

Ok, the first four of those…no hooping. Well, about 5-10 minutes just horsing around one day.

Tonight I was determined, since it’s the last night, I guess? Anyway, voilá! TWICE tonight I got the hoop up to my chest without looking like a baboon in heat! The first time, it just happened and I was kinda surprised – I wasn’t expecting it, and there it was! I’m going to keep trying to perfect this.

Hooped 30 minutes:

Dance Floor – Zapp & Roger
Cupid Shuffle – Cupid
Word Up – Cameo
Hanging on the Telephone – Blondie
Jungle Boogie – Kool & the Gang
Finally – CeCe Peniston
Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
Toxic – Britney Spears (who annoys me, but I like this song)
There You Go – Pink

Pretty much all were really fun to hoop to! 22 months ago

imgladimme 1 year ago

imgladimmeJune 8 Is this the last day?

I’m so confused!! ah, well. I did only 15 minutes tonight cause I’m hoping for a visit from the HP (I’m a sucker for a man in uniform!) and I hear they’re kinda hot…
Mostly waist hooping and about half the time in the “wrong” direction. fun, but I’m really tired. And flagging.
Oh, I did my 30 minutes fireside last night, showing B what I’ve learnt, so basically ran through everything – that was fun. Anyhoo guess I’ll see you all on the flipside lovelies…
‘night hoopers! :) 22 months ago

Bedhead2Day 29

Done but only 20 today boo!
I did walk to and from work though …that’s something! 22 months ago

Dreamdancer12Hooped 45 min yesterday!

Had a lot of fun with my hoops yesterday! I’d tossed them into the back of my car. When I had a last minute cancellation in my schedule at work yesterday I spent half the time I would have worked with the client doing some therapeutic hooping instead… in the parking lot, gathering all sorts of weird looks from the people driving past to the church down the way, the UPS guy, people walking from the light rail stop, etc ;)

Starting to feel more comfortable/strong handling my hoops, which is AWESOME! AND I introduced my next client to hooping before starting her session. She was a natural, and wants to get into it! YAY! 22 months ago

Bedhead2Day 28-Done!

:-) 22 months ago

FindingMyNameField trip

My mom is a front desk manager at a hotel, and I spent the day there with her (the big manager doesn’t care) (10am-3pm) and I got bored, and I took my hoops (I brought them with me knowing I’d get bored) and went to the field across from the hotel and hooped my little heart out! It was so much fun. I had so much space! I hooped on some concrete pipes that ran through the little pond, that was cool.
Didn’t even think to video tape! Totally will next time! 22 months ago


I love hoopers.

Wasn’t I just saying yesterday how much I enjoyed just letting go and dancing?

Words from the blog of the lovely hoopalicious

Now to go dance… 22 months ago

imgladimmeJune 6 hoop time

Wow, almost there!
I didn’t think I was going to hoop tonight, but because of this goal I got up and did it! I’m glad, I had fun. And I conquered a move that eluded me in class. It’s a very simple side step-touch, step-touch, with the hoop on the waist. I could not stop the hoop from dropping. So I worked on it for about 10 minutes tonight in both directions and what I found is that when you step out on the side the hoop is spinning toward, you have to give an extra little push to stop it from stalling. So I can keep it going to the left, but not so hot on the right.
Also got this cool trick that I’m sure has a name and I can’t describe well, but you spin the hoop on your hand vertically from one side of your body, behind your back, change hands, out to the other side, then over the head back the other way, change hands across to the start. I don’t know if that makes sense, but you kind of draw a circle with the hoop behind and around you – it’s fun!
Tried chest hooping to the right. Still not happening. Ah well. Bed time! 22 months ago

tangerine_nowFell off the wagon

Every day for 30 minutes is just a lot for me. After skipping a few days the What-the-hell effect kicks in and I just don’t hoop anymore because, hey, I’m not sticking to the goal anyway. Which is WRONG thinking!

I’ll rejoin later, okay?
:-/ 22 months ago

Bedhead2Day 27

Day off! Work lunch but we didn’t talk about work.
Hooped while M was working on my computer.
Great day-30 minutes in! 22 months ago

kaleidoscopeladygood one

I set out to have an hour long session. I’ve been tense and stressed as hell. No reason really, hormonal…just hurting…maybe it’s early onset of menopause.

It was 830 before I got started and I took my very tired toddler outdoors with me to keep him out of trouble.

I hooped in the sand pit. Baby boy played with the hose and then moved to the swing.

I put it on shuffle and left it to fate. I don’t normally do that.

Started with the biggest hoop and on down until I got to my normal one. I wanted to spend a good few songs with the big hoop hoping to get more core work in. (I’m huge right now).

Fast and slow, playing with different styles and trying to really be in tune with the music. This is my favorite way to hoop…playing and moving freely.

30 minutes in, baby boy wants to go in and go night night. I let him in then went back to it.

Bach cello suites on my ipod, oh dear, how to hoop to this? I started stretching with the hoop. oooh my goodness. I put the hoop down and stretched and stretched and breathed.

At the end of the stretching I did a whole bunch of chest and back rolls until they felt really smooth. I then tried them in the opposite direction which I never do. Sloppy but I was still proud for having tried.

One more song…Adele, “that’s it, I quit, I’m movin’ on” then into the house.

:) 22 months ago

Bedhead2Summer hoop 30/30 sign up!!

I can’t send pm’s because my 43things is still broken & the repair people aren’t getting back to me!

Here’s the link if you want to join-please join me!! :)

http://www.43things.com/things/view/4810056/summer-hoop-3030-june-10-july-10 22 months ago

kaleidoscopeladyday time hooping

Hooping during the day seems to be the best performance.

I jump out in the front if I can during nap time so I can still keep an ear on the kids and get in about 30 minutes.

I hooped this evening too but it wasn’t much.

The guy across the street yesterday, “HEY Miss Lady, you hula hoopin’ today?

“I was in the back yard today”

“I tried once but couldn’t keep it going, you compete or somethin’?”

“no just for fun”

total look of impressed astonishment. hahahaha Love it. 22 months ago

imgladimmeCircus class!!

I have not hooped today and I don’t think I will. I left the house at 6am and only just got home (it’s 9:30pm) and I’m bushed.
HOWEVER, I wanted to post this exciting news here because it kind of responds to two comments (from JF and BH2):
I took my daughter to circus today and asked if the hooping routine was on youtube somewhere, so I could practise, since I couldn’t make the class on Friday. She said “why don’t you come in at the end of tomorrow’s class? We do hooping at the end of circus skills”.
I don’t know why it never occurred to me before – I’m on holidays. I can go to a class on Tuesday morning!! So I am! I’m terribly excited. Maybe I will run away and join the circus after all22 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Day 24 and 25

I have no idea why I didn’t hoop yesterday…oh, yes! Long work day, late shopping, late dinner…I guess that’s why.

Tonight SUCH FUN hoop night, I am dripping sweat!

Real Slim Shady – Great for faster hip hooping and dancing
Lose Yourself
Till I Collapse – Not my favorite for hooping, but I tried shadow boxing while hooping, and that was interesting, especially since it worked best when I extended my punches and didn’t pull them short, yay!
Just Lose It –
All by Eminem

One Minute Man – great for practicing slow waist hooping
Gossip Folks
Get Ur Freak On
Work It – super fun for faster hip hooping and dancing
All by Missy Elliot

I am bummed because I finally have 33 cheers and I am so sweaty I want to shower and go to bed, but I will try to give away some cheers – please don’t be offended if I haven’t reciprocated any to some of you! 22 months ago

Bedhead2Day 25 & 26

I missed day 25, yesterday was just a horrible day so I didn’t bother to hoop. I guess there is no reason to feel guilty since everyone skips-I see!!! :P

Today, Day 26 was better. Indian food & we went out and bought another 3 gallon glass jug for water.
Here’s a picture

We are finally going to cancel the water delivery. We will get reverse osmosis water from the local store for 25 cents a gallon.

I took a sauna this afternoon & it almost killed me! Sauna in the day time is tooooo hot. I will stick to morning saunas

I just hooped while watching Health & Beauty videos in a semi-foreign (to me) language! Eco-Daisy (Salud, Belleza y EcologĂ­a by ecodaisy)
is awesome watch her here all of her tips are in Spanish. I really concentrated & could understand almost everything she was saying. This might really help my Spanish!! :) 22 months ago

kaleidoscopeladydancey dance

It’s my weekend away from the kiddos. My ex client talked me into going out with her on Friday night, Saturday I was hung over terribly the whole day. I tried to hoop but it was not happening.

Today I finally got my butt up and hooped probably a total of 2 hours. I mostly just danced. I hooped in the back yard where I’m more free. Huge fun. It was hot. I did an hour at a time.

I spent time with my big black and white hoop as well as my teeny 30” polypro and two in between. :)

Michael Franti ft. lady saw

The woman’s solo in this song rocks my socks. For real. 22 months ago

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