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I’ve managed to go from nothing to being able to do 50 close push ups and 60 second crow stands so it’s definitely paying off. 23 months ago

FreshCutGrass 23 months ago


I’ve finished week 3 of the 100 push up challenge and i’m going to take this opportunity to change direction from increasing stamina to improving my overall strength. The advice of a few different sources has led me to try Convict Conditioning which employs bodyweight training for this goal.

Specific : I’ll be working through the ‘Good Behaviour’ programme for now and this consists of workouts on alternate days. Unfortunately i’m unable to use my current pull up bar in the flat because the doorframes are too large and as such i’ve changed the pull up days to push ups.

Measurable : I’ll be following the progression steps laid out within CC and will only move to the next step when I can complete each WITH PERFECT FORM.

Attainable : I’ll be taking a slow approach to this goal and starting with steps at a level well below what i’m capable of in order to train my joints and to slowly work on perfect form over time.

Relevant : My goal all along has been to improve my appearance and build up strength. This is a great addition to achieve this end and can be easily achieved whilst working hard on medicine.

Time-limited : This goal has to be completed by 29.05.12 23 months ago

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