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user1398227960 5 hours ago

timps10 11 months ago

ChristyMJacobLearn to cook.

Ive always been a fan of great food. I also love trying out new cuisines. However, Ive so far remained one step short. I dont want to just taste great food any more but cook great food. One of the things Ive put on my list for this year. 21 hours ago

ChristyMJacob 21 hours ago

♡ Eruka ♡ 22 hours ago

HylianWolfDoing goodish

I can make omelets! YAY now to pancakes! 23 hours ago

HylianWolf 1 day ago

JonOfJerem 1 day ago

seacozz2007 1 day ago

sfoad 3 days ago

WiredN 1 week ago

tomleesm 1 week ago

Shelly ChanSo far so good

I start to cook more now and so far so good, it tastes not that bad. Lol. 1 week ago

xtine 1 week ago

Matthew Wyatt 1 week ago


KleinerFalke 7 years ago

regdog 1 week ago

Jana ;)parsley soup

I had some parsley leaves left and I didn’t know what to do with them.. and then there was this simple recipe. I also happend to have homemade chicken broth.. there was no doubts. I started.

100 g of parsley leaves
100 g of butter
1 l of chicken broth

You blend parsley and soft butter and then add few deciliters of boiling broth a blend it a bit more. And finaly mix it together. It has delicious taste and very radioactive green color. :D1 week ago

blue_wacko 1 week ago


Why is it everything I make is sweets and thus bad for you? xD

Typically when I leave work (and I don’t close the store) I always ask whoever DOES close if they need anything. Last Saturday I asked and K said “Brownies! Fudge brownies.”

She might have just been saying that… But too late now, hurr-hurr.

So I made brownies. Regrettably out of the box, but still. I like doing stuff for people~ 1 week ago

silviafgelonch 1 week ago


sorbet87 22 months ago

trianglegirl 4 years ago

Nell09 7 years ago


I just decided to marry someone who cooks instead. Problem solved. 2 weeks ago

alex_kapin 2 weeks ago

Elley 7 years ago

Dreee 3 weeks ago

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