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toomuchcoffeeJob Search

ECE in Alaska interior , teacher mentor

Curriculum Design/ Instructional design/ exhibit design/training

Global Health

International Early Childhood/ Early Learning Program development or teaching .

Yes to exploring options and finding that next career. Don’t settle for less, Go for what excites me. 17 months ago

toomuchcoffeetranstional specialist

I am planning on seeing a transtinal specialist in the next few weeks. I’m really confused on what I want. I’m feeling better physically, and back on track. I want to figure out my next step.

I want to have a higher paying job, a job I enjoy, a job I’m good at . A job with people who are positive and enjoyable. I don’t want to be overly stressed out. I want to figure out if it’s EAst coast or West coast. I don’t know!!!!!!

It’s pretty expensive, but my friend swears by it. I’ll figur eit out. 17 months ago

toomuchcoffeeonto the 2nd interview!

Had a short phone interview yesterday for a state job. I made it to the next round. I have to do a persuasive interview. bleh. the job is a lot about presentations, but this is opporutnity to do some amazing state and national work. Many doors will be open if I do well in this job. the interview is on Thursday.

I keep reminding myself that this is why I went to grad school. I did all of this in grad school. I can do more.

If i do get the job I get to work with at least 2 wonderful people I’ve met before. They would be awesome mentors.

I know my career doesn’t stop , even if I get this job. I want to eventually work on a national level. We’ll see.

If I get the job I’ll move back to my last place, which would be nice. It’s about an hour away. Hopefully, I can rent the same place I did last time. I love that house.

If I don’t get the job, my decision to move back east opens up again. We’ll see.

I drove down last weekend to just find the place. I think I will spand some time down there this weekend.

Tonight I relax. I’ll work in the presentation over the weekend. 19 months ago

toomuchcoffeeshort phone interview tomorrow. for a GOOD job.

I think they are just vetting folks on the first round, Checking in to see if we have what it takes. All I really need to do is not sound like an idiot . Remeber the facts and not ramble on and on. We’ll see.

If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to start applying out of state again.

Yikes! 19 months ago


Got a job offer today. The university job, but the salary was too low.. I think I handled it ok. After I interviewd for this job, I saw the “supervisor ” of this job open. (actually a state job).

As I declined the job, I mentioned that I applied for the state job (which would work with the same folks, just better salary, more speonsiblity). The adminstrator was very positive and encouraging and was pretty we’d meet again. I HOPE so! I hope I get an interview .

We’ll see.

Hard day at my regular job. almost just said yes to the job offer, 20 months ago


i think the university job check my backgroundfor the job. It’s a good job, but the payscale doesn’t bring me any hirer than I am now.

But I get free tuition for classess and I get to set my self up to getting a doctorate from folks in the field.

I’d be leaving behind job with some opportunities, from that one grant, but also leaving behind a staff that is drving me crazy.

I need to see how much they will offer me for this job.

I ‘ve also applied for a position that is a step up, I like that salary. I will have to talk wit these folks. 20 months ago


I apply for the job in DC that regional director that is based in DC but connectioned to WA State.

I apply for the curriculum job in VA.
I also apply for the WA State job.

I had the interview last week for the position. ithin I was was a strong candidate and it inspirec me. I do need to go to the next level in saleary. I have a Masters Degree for goodness sake. I’m ready forthe adventure. I’m not going to go small just yet. I’m going big. The small will be there when I’m ready.

I'm at the end of mhy rope with my current job. It's not bad, but not inspiring either.  Not at the top of my potential. I'm ready.
tomrrow. I bring my computer with me. I head to church, then starbucks to do the resume etc. or ?, I do my best when I"m out of thehouse.

I’m so done with living Like this. I’m ready for something new and getting paid more.

the one thing to think about is that I could actaully be offered the job I interviewed with this week. It’s an even trade. The psoitive thing is that it’s through the U and I can take classes and I can get hooked up with ECE phd stuff. that would be exciting. And that what I need. 20 months ago

toomuchcoffeeI have a job interview today for the state job.

I am nervous, the kind of nerves that make my ears ring.
I need to channel these nerves. I know this stuff and I can do this job, My confidence gets in the way so much!

I actually have a big meeting at work today at 830 then I’ll work unitil 11 or so, head home change and then head to the interview at by noon. be there by 1245, have interview, then go to physical therapy at 315, then head back to work for an evening event.

I have practiced the interview basic questions, but I'm still nervous.  
CONFIDENCE. 20 months ago

toomuchcoffeeapplyed for new job

Applied for a job at the state level. I am qualified. I even think I’m highly qualified. We’ll see, I ‘m sure it was a competitive job.

I have another job (another state job) that I’m working on the application. I’ll get it in by the end of the weekend.

I am tired of working for peanuts. 20 months ago


starting this last week (on Wed) applied for 2 jobs last week. Next week we will bump up to 3.

the jobs are on the east coast with the exception to a job in San Fran. Yea! 23 months ago

toomuchcoffee 23 months ago

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