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joie de vivre 23 months ago

joie de vivretried the south route again

I mostly ride around the north end of the lake to get to work. On Friday, since they paved the East Lake Samm trail through the Issaquah city limits, I decided I’d do the south route.

I rode south along West Lake Samm until the construction zone. The flagger said I could wait 7 minutes or climb the hill. I decided to climb the hill. It’s been a while since I came up that thing. I’m now so used to hill climbing, while it was steep, it was far from impossible. I got out of the saddle at the end, and really worked it until the top.

Then I did the long slow descent down the rooty I-90 trail back down to the lake. I figure the whole extra climb and descent added at least 10 minutes to the ride.

The new trail on East Lake Sammamish was OK – better than the road, which has high traffic speeds, narrow lanes, crappy pavement, and an even worse sidewalk (if you wanted to retreat to it). Then I came up 212th Way, the first time in a long time. I remember when I first rode up the stair steps of 212th, I had to stop more than once, and hang my head over my handlebars, desperately trying to catch my breath. No more. Yes, the risers are steep, but the road is not challenging in terms of its slope.

On the way home, I did a nice long sprint on East Lake Samm, keeping it between 18 and 20 mph, until the park. That pretty much fagged me, so I decided to ride the more gentle slope of Bel-Red (a 5% grade) than face Multi-Deity Hill. I met this guy I know, Arthur, coming up Bel-Red. I tried to keep up with him at 7-8 mph, but I couldn’t. I went back into the saddle, and continued climbing at 5 mph. He looped me, and then rode up the rest of the way with me, which was convivial, but sort of condescending, too. 9 months ago

joie de vivreofficially have my summer legs back

as I climbed MDH in one go, without having to walk the bike. Still, had to do it out of the saddle, mildly anaerobic at the top. 10 months ago

joie de vivreurg

Hoisted my bulk out of the saddle for five pedal strokes coming up Inglewood Hill. Did I really do High Pass Challenge just this last fall? 11 months ago

joie de vivresprinted up 3rd

I was coming up 3rd Ave downtown, and was out of the saddle, sprinting the whole way, like I never did as a downtown commuter. Like, ever.

Also sprinted up Dexter. 20 months ago

joie de vivreMDH

Can now do it breathing with my mouth closed the whole time.

I’ll have some black sliding over the next week off the bike, but I think I can bring it back up. 20 months ago

joie de vivreProgress

Can climb MDH without going anaerobic, now.

Doing 216th from the 2nd speed bump, where it starts to rise, to Main Street, as a series of sprints – out of the saddle, then back in for the brief step, lower the heart rate, then back out, push it to the top.

Maybe HPC is not completely out of reach? 21 months ago

joie de vivrethe other day

didn’t get out of the saddle to climb MDH, but I didn’t need to get out of the saddle to climb MDH. I could do it seated.

Just need to be able to do it without going anaerobic, next. Hypoxia is not my friend! 21 months ago

joie de vivrefell off the wagon

Stress, long hours, no biking, lame excuses

It’s going to take some work to get me back to where I was. I need to be able to do this if the High Pass Challenge is remotely possible. 22 months ago

joie de vivreInspirational video

the Lance Dance – yup, that’s what I’m looking to do, from the Lake to the top of the Plateau. 23 months ago

joie de vivrePreliminary QQT

Out of the saddle at least twice on the way to work:
  • At Inglewood Hill Road
  • At 214th
    On the way home at least once:
  • Multi-Deity Hill, aka MDH, Bennett Hill, Ardmore Park.

Method – be in the penultimate gear, then out of the saddle as long as I can stand it. When I get back into it, click down to the granniest if necessary. Focus on posture and breathing.

Add in additional times out of the saddle for power as needed. When the minimum set above becomes easy, review QQT standard and reset.

Eventual goal: to be able to do all of Inglewood out of the saddle. Then all of 214th. If I could do that, High Pass Challenge will be a piece of cake. 23 months ago

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