Camp NaNoWriMo June 2012

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Dreamer7787 23 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 30

Word Count: 50,004

For awhile there it didn’t feel like I was going to be able to say that I won. But a few late nights and writing during my breaks at work and another NaNo is in the bag. I’m glad that I did this. I actually like the way that this draft turned out better than the one I lost. I learned more about the characters and flushed out some inconsistencies.

I’m planning to take book three at a more relaxed pace (No, August Camp for me or so I keep saying lol). I have a gorgeous journal that I’m planning on using. After a few days off. :P 21 months ago

smartstuff 23 months ago


Made it to about 10,000.

So it goes. Another nano bites the dust. 21 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 27

Word Count: 42,852

I fell waaaay behind last week. I was so tired after dress rehearsals that I just couldn’t find the motivation to write. I’ve been playing catch up for the last two days. I’m getting bleary eyes from staring at this screen for so long, but I’m determined to be a winner.

Three days remaining, 7,148 words to go. 21 months ago

Lost Wayfarer 23 months ago

Lost WayfarerI won with 50,687 words!

June 26, 2012

It wasn’t easy and I had to push myself, but I did it! 21 months ago

Lost WayfarerI am at 47,325 words!

June 26, 2012

I have been up all night, and I wrote 6,568 to get to 47,325! I only have about 3,000 words left and I will be done! 21 months ago

lobI did not

get as far as I wanted with this. The first week went very well, and then I started getting distracted. Well, at least I tried. 21 months ago

lob 23 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 15

Word count: 27,877

How are the rest of you 43T campers doing?? 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 14

Word count: 27,226

I thought I might attempt the August Camp too, but right now I think I’m crazy for even having had that thought. lol 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 13

Word Count: 26,144

Over halfway there! 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 12

Word Count: 24,067

Almost halfway there! 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 11

Word Count: 21,735

If I didn’t procrastinate so much I wonder what my word count would be at. lol 22 months ago

smartstuffStill Far Far Behind

Two days of doing what I should be doing, so I am up to 5,948 as of the end of this weekend. I have a whole week of no writing to make up for. Which is still realistic, particularly since this is my last week of work (and even then, I probably won’t work over 20 hours in total). But I was hoping to be farther both in my number of words and in my plot progression by this point.

I think this may be the worst thing I’ve ever written.

So it goes. 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Back to Writing

Day 8: 17,160
Day 9: 17,160
Day 10: 19,509

It’s a good thing I have myself a buffer for this weekend! Not a single word written for two whole days. Yikes! 22 months ago

lobslow going

but at least I am still making some progress… at 13, 157 words 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 7

Word Count: 17,160

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 6

Word Count: 14,905

Trying to get as ahead as possible because I have a feeling this weekend isn’t going to leave me much time for writing. So close to breaking 15K. Silly midnight, couldn’t you have waited a few more minutes?! 22 months ago

lobit really helped

that I got 2 hours of quiet time this evening while the boys were at jujutsu. I am now at 10,868 words written. 22 months ago

lobtrying to pass 10,000 words today

at 8,488 now… 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 5

Word Count: 12,555

Ugh, today was an emotionally exhausting writing day. I knew “it” was coming with this being a re-write and I was not looking forward to it. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

I did find this epic hour worth of epic music very helpful with getting motivated and staying focused.22 months ago

smartstuffDay 4 was my day 1

I logged just over 2000 words. It took all day, a very slow start to the writing. Ended up distracted by a lot of research… Bad form! One doesn’t research during NaNo!

I miss the forums. My cabin mates, 3/4 of them are actively on track (we lost the fourth one before it even started. She said hello, and then never replied again, or started her wordcount) but they don’t talk much. And I definitely miss being able to just pop in and ask “hey, what kind of music would my main character listen to?” and get an instant response from some procrastinator like myself.

I am glad I am doing this, and getting in another story completed since I missed out last November, but I don’t think I’ll do summer camp again after this. It’s much more fun to be working when the whole world is working alongside you! 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 4

Word count: 9,489

I had a goal to write 2,000 words tonight. I was going good until C started texting me to see if the library had certain books. My friends need to learn how to use the library catalog. :P But I still managed to reach my goal even while playing librarian. 22 months ago

lobday 3

up to 6600 words 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day 3

Ending count: 7,465

I’m struggling a bit because I’m trying to re-write the draft that I wrote for last NaNo. I’m noticing different things that I like, but knowing what happens is actually making re-creating certain feelings more difficult. That’s a problem to be dealt with during editing though. I just have to keep forging on. 22 months ago

lobday 2

up to 4300 words… and still moving along nicely 22 months ago


I brought an iPad home from work this weekend so that I wouldn’t be resigned to only using my phone until my computer got back from the shop. I was going to put pages or ai writer on it last night so I could start working. But the iPad hasn’t been used since it was purchased, and its operating system is out of date. And in order to update it, I would have to plug it in to a computer! Argh.

Why must technology be so complicated? 22 months ago

Dreamer7787Day One

Today, I ended with 2,396 words. Which isn’t bad at all considering how much I procrastinated when I finally sat down to write tonight! 22 months ago

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