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have a car of my own that is safe and reliable, getting me where I need to go when I need to go there with a minimum of fuss or financial investment


Recent activity

Dreamdancer12 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Picked up my new car this morning!

It was such joy to get to drive it home! And even though I had the heat on high since it is so nippy out, I didn’t get particularly exposed! Hooray! 23 months ago

Dreamdancer12Taking care of the clerical aspects

spent 45 min on the phone getting insurance updated to cover my new vehicle. Then I need to get to the DMV etc to take care of the rest. Excited, and exhausted all at the same time. Need to breathe. 1 year ago

Dreamdancer12Dec 22nd!?!?!?!?!

Apparently my car is going to be delivered A LOT SOONER THAN EXPECTED! wowza! Gotta finish getting my little ducks in a row on this in the next couple of days. Feeling both excited and a little awe struck or perhaps in disbelief that I’m finally going to have my car!!!! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Quick update

We shook hands on a deal, and now I’m just waiting to work out the last details and take ownership. So relieved that this is going to work out! Think I’m going to feel a lot more empowered after I’ve tied this up and have my own vehicle! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Sitting in the Volvo

Sitting in the Volvo right now. Good test drive. Grounded little car. Compact but comfortable. Don’t feel particularly exposed. So that is wonderful start. And it even has a sun roof!


So the car checked out well and I am planning to buy it from them the week after Christmas! Yayayayay! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Doing better

The condo is rented – thank goodness! And just as awesome family friends want to sell their white Volvo sedan that is in good shape before they move back to Australia. I’m going to get to test drive it early this next week to get to see how I do in terms of mold or chemical exposure … Crossing my fingers! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Striking out, and taking a break

The volvo wagon had a bunch of repairs it would need… new timing belt, struts, etc… = expensive and out of my price range/not good value.

Talking with my mechanic about my condition (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) further, it seems like this is going to be a long and painful process, and that I’m probably going to end up needing a toyota from 2002/03 or newer that have the good air quality filtration systems.

Next step is to start working with a dealer BEFORE they detail the cars coming on to the lot.

What a pain in the butt! sigh

Taking a break on this for a bit, as my parents are continuing to let me borrow one of their vehicles, and I need to get caught up on some other projects like renting out my condo that is currently sitting empty… things I’d put on hold while I focused my full energy on getting a darn car. Blargh. At least I have transportation and support! Thank God for that! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12I think this is it! Well, fingers crossed anyway...

My parents mentioned a volvo station wagon for sale in their neighborhood when we went over for dinner last night. We called the guy, and went and test drove it, and it is by far the best vehicle yet!

Going back out to see it again tonight and get the key so that I can take it to the mechanic tomorrow morning to check it over…. and it if he thinks it is sound, I’M GOING TO BUY IT! And it is going to be awesome…!

Reasons this vehicle is wonderful:
  • Safe – Solid and handles well, + silver so decent for visibility
  • No exposure! – One of the best aspects, I didn’t seem to get particularly exposed! Granted, I was already exposed up to my eyeballs, but it didn’t have bad smell or anything, even with turning on the heat
  • Carting my stuff – easy to get massage table in and out of the back, will be a good vehicle for putting kayaks on top, and car seats in the back seats. It even has jump up seats for more passengers…
  • In good condition, and will be a good investment in that it should meet my needs for years to come without fuss :) 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Exposed and cranky!

I still believe I will eventually prevail in this project… just getting gloomy about how long it is going to take me and how many times I’m going to get exposed/have allergic reactions along the way! Worst one yet tonight when going to look at the wagon… it was semi ok when we first got in and started test driving, then my sweetie started playing with the air controls, and I immediately felt the wave of bad air hit me and had to pull off in a parking lot and switch out with him to drive us back to our meeting point where we left our car. Nearly two hours later I still have hives on my throat though my mood is finally starting to stabilize and the migraine isn’t as bad as it was… sigh2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Another two appointments scheduled

Going to see a volvo wagon this afternoon and a BMW tomorrow evening.

Feeling so ready to wrap this project up! It is exhausting… 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Test driving

Went and checked out a Mercedes yesterday and a Jetta this afternoon. Liked how they both handled and had my stone buddies w me for energetic and emotional protection. Issues with both. Might have liked to get the Jetta except that I had a chemical exposure while test driving it sigh2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Time to get serious

Sure, my life is overflowingly busy right now… but it is really time to bump this baby to the top of the list! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12The hunt continues

There were a few small issues w the vehicle. The biggest things though we’re it’s sloppy handling and the fact that I felt a little exposed being in it. So, the hunt continues. 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Cross your fingers for me :)

Found a Ford Taurus wagon that I’m going to check out in the morning… just within my price range, and will hopefully fit my needs. Please cross you fingers for me! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12actively manifesting

busy cruising craigslist, meditating, researching, and doing my best to find a wonderful vehicle and cross this one off my list! 2 years ago


Neither vehicle was good for me. The older one showed signs of head gasket issues. The younger one probably had a history of smokers in it because I got exposed when I stepped into it to test drive sigh This whole process is feeling too overwhelming right now. And yet, I have to figure it out so that i can have transportation to work! UGH! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12on it!

Saw an old volvo wagon on Monday evening that is a distinct possibility. Taking it to the mechanic to check over Thursday morning. Also going to be checking out a younger volvo wagon with less miles but a little bit higher price tag Thursday evening.

Super excited to think that this whole project might be positively resolved by the end of the week! 2 years ago


Between being out of state for a trip to see family and then being sick for the past two weeks this project has been delayed. Probably start car hunting at least on-line again alter this week. Hoping to get things resolved by the end of labor day weekend. Also stressful that i’ve had to dip into car savings for bills since I’ve been sick and unable to see as many clients as usual. UGH! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Did it - made my first call!

Called on a wagon that looks promising from the on-line reviews. Tentatively going to see it this weekend. She was very candid, and we connected over the fact that she homeschools her kids. Two primary cons at the outset – one being that the AC stopped working last summer, the other that it needs a new battery. 2 years ago


That simple, I’m overwhelmed. Feeling more calm about having to tackle this project. Still got to deal with actually researching and making a choice. Pep talks, advice, and suggestions welcome! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Getting a better sense

of what’s what, and the relative costs/benefits. Still feel woefully ignorant, but at some point, I’ve simply got to start making calls and use my best educated support network to make a good choice. God, this is NOT my favorite kind of project! 2 years ago


continuing to browse on craigslist. Mostly I just need to avoid exposures for few days and get my energy back! Oh, maybe remembering to actually TAKE my vitamins would help? 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Starting to do the research

Both looking for a good all around car at a reasonable/in my price range price, and also learning about what to look for so as not to aggravate my symptoms being MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitive.) Any insight appreciated! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12This is moving up on the list!

Going to be traveling a lot in August, and need a vehicle come Sept, so thinking to try to resolve this goal by the end of July :) 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12need to do the research

I just inherited some $$ specifically to be put towards getting myself a car. Now it’s time to really do the research and figure out what vehicle is going to be suite my needs :) 2 years ago

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