Draw for 30 minutes every day just for the fun of it.

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sandhosa30 Day Drawing Challenge

Going to start drawing for 30 days on October 15, 2013 and use this as a guide! This image is by Amanda Mijangos at http://culturacolectiva.com/30-dibujos-para-retomar-las-buenas-costumbres/. 6 months ago

sol♥sea 23 months ago


These are among my favorite flowers so I bought a bunch of them recently. I love the way they beautify the home and they’re fun to draw, too. 11 months ago

sol♥seacastle dreams

from the 30 minutes a day collection ;) (although these take me a few days to complete – they’re a lot of fun to do) 15 months ago

phichix 20 months ago

sol♥seadrawing dreams

Thanks to FrancieFlowers for coming up with this goal that got me to draw more often. It helped me realize that this is something I truly love to do and I want to improve and develop some professional level artistic skills. I’ve added a goal to learn how to do botanical illustrations. I love drawing plants; I enjoy botany, so this seems like a natural way to extend my efforts. I’m a member of the local botanic gardens and they offer courses and workshops. The next one that I would qualify for is in a couple of months, so if all goes well, I plan to participate. I have some things to work on in the meantime, and I’m drawing with a renewed sense of purpose. 18 months ago

sandhosa 19 months ago


The other day I saw this balloon soaring high and fast over the trees as though it were late to some party in the sky where all the runaway balloons go. I drew this mostly with a mechanical pencil. 20 months ago

sol♥sealittle experiments

Here’s a sample –one of those ideas I roughed out on my little papers. Someday it might grow up to be something. For now, it’s just a thought. 21 months ago

sol♥sealittle papers

To make this easier and more likely that I’ll do this I got some small sheets (about 4.5×6.5) to keep with me to sketch and record thoughts and ideas. Now whenever I have a few minutes, I try some out – it’s not always 30 minutes at a time but maybe 10-15 minutes here and there. Plus, with the small size, I don’t feel the pressure to come up with a final piece – it’s just for fun, for generating ideas, and to keep me in the habit. So far it’s helping me to draw more frequently and plan for the bigger projects. 23 months ago

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