5/20/12- things to do this week

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onebaygirl 23 months ago

onebaygirlYay! Completed my list!

Sometimes things I want to do get put on the backburner due to anything from being busy, stress, anxiety, fatigue, things that come up, other priorities, forgetting due to too many things going on, and maybe even other reasons that don’t come to mind at the moment. So I decided it’s a good idea to have short-term lists that don’t actually need to be a long-term goals, rather just a reminder and/or a push to do some things.
So here it is:
1. Despite a very rainy week, I did my planting. I planted the mint plant in a very nice ceramic pot I had sitting in the cellar and decided to keep it in the kitchen. It has a pleasant aroma and proved to be a handy convenience after a week of whipping up fresh tzatziki sauce each morning to go with my lunches. I planted the sunflower seeds and the three remaining marigold plants this morning. It was a little rainy this morning, but by the time I finihed breakfast, it cleared up and dried up and I was able to go out to do my planting and other yard work. I really hope these sunflowers grow!
2. I woke up early enough to make my bacon and eggs Monday morning. I had some leftover bacon for another morning too. I woke up about 15 minutes earlier than usual all week, except for Friday.
3. I finally lit my candle at St. Patrick’s. Did you know approximately one million candles are lit at St. Patrick’s each year?
4. My friend A contacted me and we went out. Everything is okay, she was just busy with a work deadline. I understand exactly. We used to work together.
5. Got more info on Broadway shows and Niagara Falls. Emailed to my friend and will talk and book soon. We’re going to see Wicked, and pretty sure we will go to Niagara Falls. 23 months ago

onebaygirlTo do list for this week

1. Plant my sunflower seeds and the rest of the marigolds. Decide whether to plant the mint plant in the garden, or keep it potted inside. My original plan was to add it to my garden, but the label says it’s best kept at room temp. in a sunny window and to keep soil moist and repot as needed to encourage growth. hmmm…

2. Wake up early enough tomorrow to make bacon and eggs. I treat myself to this once in a while and didn’t do so this weekend. The eggs need to be used, and this will hopefully put me off to a good start to a week of getting up earlier.

3. Light a candle at St. Patrick’s. The suggested donation is $2 and I never have the right change. Right now I do.

4. Contact my friend A if I haven’t heard back from her yet. I contacted her last week and haven’t heard back. It’s not like her and I hope nothing is wrong. I know she might be distracted by a couple potential things. I hope not.

5. Get more info on the Broadway shows Niagra Falls and let my friend M know so we can plan her and her SO’s visit.

I think that’s enough goals for this week. If I write too many, they will never get done. If I get more done, then that’s great!
Now I will write this all down so I don’t need to log in to check it off. I must minimize my time online so I can get things done. 23 months ago

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