Jin4’s Something & So Forth June Scavenger Hunt


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Triniprincess 23 months ago

mrsrad 22 months ago

красивейшая Богиня 23 months ago

Dreamer7787 23 months ago

Celtic Christian 23 months ago

☠ dustball jin ☠35- a disappointment

That haircut’s a disaster, I feel violated ! I’m tempted to just have everything trimmed down… 21 months ago

Dreki 22 months ago

BeautifulDayDidn't finish

But hey, it was fun anyways 22 months ago

BeautifulDay 22 months ago

joeyinthebush 23 months ago

molliemoonlight 23 months ago

ambler 23 months ago

Maggief927Didn't get it all done, but

I had a good time trying. I liked following everyone elses attempts also. Maybe next time I will get it done. 22 months ago

Maggief927 23 months ago

JaneMarie 22 months ago

smartstuff 23 months ago

Todd Schoonover 23 months ago

Todd Schoonover11 something likely lost

The box of found items at the movie theatre. 22 months ago

Todd Schoonover3 something your height

Charlie Chaplin is at my height so if I stand in front of him, his top hat is on my head. 22 months ago

Todd Schoonover9 someone’s gloved hand

Our black non-latex gloves for the ambulance. Bonus, tile work at the movie theatre. 22 months ago

*Takergirl* 23 months ago

molliemoonlight38 Something that sounds better than Justin Bieber

These animals round better than Justin Beiber. I know they don’t make any noise. My point exactly. 22 months ago

molliemoonlight34 Something typical of your country

Pub signs… 22 months ago

☠ dustball jin ☠Dear lurves,

I’ve been a tad down and lazy busy lately so I guess I’ll finish posting photos for the June Scavenger Hunt in July only ? In the meantime, please let me say I’ve had a terrific time looking at all the fun/pretty photos you peeps have posted so far, I didn’t expect so many of you to play along :)

jin 22 months ago

lob 23 months ago

signora oye vey 22 months ago

signora oye veyfrom a stopped vehicle

On my way home from the swap meet (loppis) I stopped my bike to snap a picture. 22 months ago

signora oye veysomething that would casue criticism if used in public by Barack Obama

I thought it would cause criticism if Barack Obama were seen smoking a cigarette, but I’ve since learned that it’s old news that he struggles with smoking.

Still, I guess he’s either quit now or is keeping images of him smoking out of the spotlight, so if he were seen publicly smoking there would be some criticism (from Michelle if no one else!) 22 months ago

signora oye veysomething beautiful that looks bad in a photo

When trying to photograph the pretty handicraft my camera didn’t want to focus correctly at first. 22 months ago

signora oye veysomething habit-forming

Yarn! I’m addicted to it! 22 months ago

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