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eclectic passionDamn!

Sent a text to my karate instructor, a perfectly innocuous one (or at least I thought) asking if he knew the date of the next grading. It’s been about 2 days now, and he hasn’t replied. Ok maybe he didn’t have credit…but i’m getting more and more of an impression that he wouldn’t be interested in me even if he was single. Oh well, plenty more fish… 20 months ago

eclectic passionFound another guy

well actually the first in a while I’ve been attracted to, bar my karate instructor. He’s dark and handsome, his name is Jim and he’s 22, that’s all I know really so far. Oh, and I believe he’s working as an engineer in Wales (where I live) but he’s actually from Surrey. I met him the other day when out with friends, though I barely know anything about him yet. WATCH THIS SPACE!

EDIT Apparently this Jim guy is ‘into explosives.’ So not sure if we’d be very compatible, me being a very timid jumpy sort of person. lol. Maybe though… 20 months ago

eclectic passionIt's got really addictive, this rejection of guys

I really need to stop doing this. I’ve done it to about 6 guys in the last year or so, and it’s p’d off pretty much all of them. Its just that I take forever to make up my mind whether I like someone, or, even if I know whether I like them,if I like them enough to go out with them. So far it’s been Gareth, Callum, Josh, Jonathan and Scott I’ve rejected. Really, I should be more willing to take a chance with a relationship, my fussiness is getting legendary and guys are dropping away from me like flies at the moment :S 21 months ago

eclectic passionJust realised I have like 0% chance with Mark, my karate instructor...

He has a girlfriend already, to start with. But if he was single, I just don’t see him being attracted to me. For a start, I’m slightly taller than him, which he mentioned the other day, and in my experience men don’t usually like when you’re taller than them (one of the pitfalls of being tall, as I find quite a lot of short guys very attractive!) Also, I’m 23 and look about 18, he’s 27 so I look too young for him. But hey, I should be seeing the positive side of this.

Most models are tall, and if you’re petite you sometimes have to try harder to be noticed (despite this I have often envied petite women, since petiteness is usually linked to femininity. And being tall means you stand out, for good or for bad). Plus I’m only 5’6 anyway, so it’s not like I’m super tall. Also looking younger than I am will be a blessing in 5 year’s time, actually could be a blessing now. (as I tend to go for toyboys haha ;))

EDIT: Yep, I tend to go for guys who are short (about as tall as me) but good looking and usually slightly younger than me (like around age 20-22)Strange combination, eh?! 21 months ago

eclectic passionCame across this quote recently:

‘If you’re looking for the life of your life, stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.’ Not sure how much I agree, how much do YOU agree? Comments welcome :) 21 months ago

eclectic passionThis isn't looking good

I am at the stage where I seriously feel I’m going to be single for the rest of my life, unless I drop my standards considerably, and I really don’t want to do that. All I ask for is a decent, kindhearted guy, preferably dark hair, at least as tall as me (5’6)who shares some of my interests and excites me (in a good way not a scary way! Is this too much to ask? I’m 23 so in theory I have ages, but it’s not looking good…
I am way too fussy, but hey, you might as well go for the best you can get in life, eh?! 21 months ago

eclectic passionSweet infatuation

I seem to become infatuated with 1 person every year, in the last 3 years its been Josh, Mark and more recently, Rhys. Yet all the guys I fall for are unavailable. I don’t know whether the trick to getting a hot boyfriend is putting more effort into my appearance (I admit I am a bit of a slacker in that respect sometimes) or just accepting that they’re too hot for me and going for someone who I believe to be more in my league but who I’m less attracted to (What do you guys think?) Of course, I care a lot more about just ‘hotness’, but I want it to be there too. Otherwise, you might as well just be friends! 22 months ago

eclectic passionI don't care about tall...

but dark haired and handsome is a must :) WATCH THIS SPACE…or not lol. Every dark and handsome guy I fall for already has a gf, or isn’t interested. Here’s hoping I’ll find someone within 2 years of writing this comment… 22 months ago

eclectic passion 22 months ago

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