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CloverFour Short Dreams

1. My sister had a baby girl and named her “White” (because she was a white baby). She insisted on dressing the baby as a mermaid all the time. I told my sister about this dream, and she said “At least the baby wasn’t purple”. (But then she could have named her violet!)

2. I was trying to sing a song for an audience, but I didn’t know the song very well, so I was reading it from a piece of paper. But the notes were written on one page, and the words on another, so it was very confusing.

3. I had very long hair. (I do not have very long hair.)

4. I was in a potato sack race with a woman who kept cheating. She kept saying that she’d been around this track several times, and that I had only been around it once. I was getting angry. In the end, she won by telling the judge that I was cheating, and that she had gone around the track five times. (But she hadn’t.) Outrage! In keeping with recent themes, the potato sacks were actually cloth mermaid tails. 1 week ago

CloverDragon Woman

It as one of those dreams that make me wonder what is wrong with me. Oddly, not a nightmare. Lots of plot.

My sister, husband, one dog, and me visit a sweet woman for a weekend in her big, creepy mansion. She wants us to play a game with her in which she is a doctor, and we are her patients at a hospital. We comply, but we are feeling weird about it. My sister and I are playing with special effects make-up, to look the part. Mr. Clover is snooping around the house. He calls me over to look at something: her previous “patients”, who are all dead, and have been partially eaten.

There’s a long story arc in which we discover that this women is basically good, but doesn’t know that it is wrong to kill and eat people. Also, she has a pet dragon. It’s a baby dragon, and she’s been preparing human meat for it to eat, in order to transform into an adult dragon. Until that time, she has complete control over the dragon. But also, she’s been eating some of the meat, just because it was there.

After much deliberation, she ends up feeding the dragon and allowing him to make his transformation. We also convince her to leave with the dragon, because we just don’t really want her around. She also goes through a similar transformation, in which she becomes some kind of beautiful dark sorceress (I think I’m channeling the Maleficent trailers here) before laughing manically and riding away on her dragon.

This dream would make a terrible movie. 2 weeks ago


1. Mr. Clover and I had animetronic dolls that we were fighting like pokemon. I had a Batgirl doll, and he had a Dan Quayle doll.

2. Some toys that were secretly alive were about to be destroyed. They had all accepted their fate, except for a cowardly Care Bear who was making it worse for everyone by screaming and crying. He finally tricked an innocent teddy bear you into taking his place while he ran away. Everyone thought he was a poor excuse for a Care Bear. 2 weeks ago

CloverTime Traveler

Some friends of mine rented a time machine from a local university, and we all went on a little trip together. I met a very young Judy Garland, who was weeping, because her agents were making her lose weight in preparation for an Andy Hardy movie. She was hungry, exhausted, and felt ugly.

I told her she should quit show business, and that it would be okay for her to do so, regardless of what any adults said. I also told her that she was beautiful, and didn’t need to lose weight, or be famous to have value. My friends got mad at me, because I was convincing her to quit before the making of The Wizard of Oz, and they were telling me what a masterpiece this was, and how the ends justified the means. But, I was angry, and said, “Look, she’s going to die very young if she doesn’t quit now. Look what they’re doing to her!” 3 weeks ago

CloverAlien Invasion

Aliens had taken over the world, destroyed our technology, and killed a lot of people. I was part of a small ensemble of survivors. We had taken up in an abandoned drug store. I was getting sick, because I had run out of my medication. I wanted to break into the pharmacy, but the door was jammed. I was getting angry, because I felt that surely someone could break the door in. For some reason, everyone was trying to stop me from breaking down the door and getting my medication. Later, there was a related but separate plot where I had infiltrated the alien headquarters by putting a bucket on my head and telling them I was a robot. 3 weeks ago

CloverMixed Feelings

A friend made me a motorcycle, and I was riding it. It appeared that I was a natural. At the same time, however, my fingernails were all broken to the quick. I was happy with my bike, but upset about my fingernails. I didn’t know how to feel. 4 weeks ago


I dreamed I was being interviewed to see if I would be fit to adopt a child. The interviewer was pushy, and kept putting words in my mouth as the interview progressed. In the end, I failed, and was deemed unfit for parenting. I was offended, and yet secretly relieved. Later, I was talking to someone who was about to go through the same process, and warning her about the rude interviewer and all her trick questions. There was also an interwoven plotline involving highly customizable candy truffles. 4 weeks ago


I lived in my house, but near my mom’s house, too, and she was alive. Between our houses was a big junkyard sort of place, and a tiny plot of dirt-covered land that she had turned into a dog rescue zone. The dogs lived in open crates that were set in rows, outside. They had food and water bowls, but no food and water. I went to feed them, and my mom got upset with me, because she thought she had been doing a good job feeding the dogs. But, I had to tell her that some of the dogs were starving, and if she didn’t let me take care of them, I’d have to call someone to take them all away.

There were lots of dogs. One of them was a runty chihuahua that looked sick. And two of them looked sort of like giant schnauzers. Then, there was one that followed me around a lot who was brown and white, and very fat. He was my little pal, and we went on adventures. 1 month ago


I often have dreams in which there is something gunky in my mouth that I can’t remove. Usually there is a lot of it. Funny enough, a good deal of the time it is macaroni and cheese. Endless macaroni and cheese that I must have put into my mouth, and now I am unable to spit it out. But last night, my stuff-in-mouth dream had to do with sickness and sores and bodily fluids. Nothing sexual, just yucky. But also not as much of it as usual, so it was more gross, yet less overwhelming. 1 month ago


I was exploring a cave that also may have been a sewer system. I ran into a man in all black who seemed dangerous and mysterious. The cave turned out to lead to my childhood home, straight into my old bedroom. I went into the living room, and saw my mom watching TV. I told her that there was a cave leading to the bedroom, and there was a strange man in the cave who could find his way into her house at any moment. She told me not to worry about it, and to sit down and watch TV with her. 1 month ago

Zoe Cashman 1 month ago


I’m interested in the whole lucid dreams and astral projection thing—I look up a little about each almost daily. I’ve been studying sleep patterns, dreams and so forth – and even as of late, I’ve had some interesting dreams… but, I never record them, and soon forget them within minutes of waking up. This is a step towards recording my dreams (may it be a dream journal or on here) – that way I can make sense of them! 1 month ago

AntonioDrake 1 month ago


I dreamed I stepped in a dog pee puddle, and woke up to take off my socks. Then I had cold feet all night, and only realized in the morning that my socks didn’t actually have pee on them. :P 1 month ago

joie de vivreupstream, downstream

Our boat was in this congested area of the river, and we could not pass. I think it was my husband who suggested that we swim in the river among the boats that were waiting behind us. It was hard to swim up the river. When I turned around, though, I was swept downstream. I could not work against the current to return to our boat. 1 month ago


Little sharks (the size of baby sharks) were swimming in circles around me, as I tread deep waters. There was a boat, and people calling to me, but I told them I was fine. The sharks didn’t hurt me. 2 months ago


Oh, I’ve been having the damnedest dreams, I’ll tell ya. But the only one I can remember right now is the one where I was watching a story on Animal Planet about how giraffes actually have telescoping necks, and can retract them when they don’t need all that length. It seemed so real. 2 months ago

CloverInner Thought Clones

It was just a normal thing that everyone had a copy of themselves that followed them around. The copy was a mental projection. It couldn’t talk, but it could emote with gestures and facial expressions. It would reveal hidden thoughts.

One in particular was very abusive to the man it belonged to, and had developed the ability to affect him physically, because of this man’s tendency to be self destructive. He revealed that he had feelings for a female friend, and his copy kicked him, injuring his leg. The woman helped him to a place to sit. She told him she would try to help him gain control of the copy, but only of he really put forth an effort. 2 months ago

joie de vivrechild with curly hair

I had forgotten that I had had this daughter – she was blonde with curly hair. Her name was Sam or Sammi. Very much not Samantha. I had simply forgotten that I had three children. I felt vaguely guilty that I could remember nothing of her upbringing.

Clearly this dream is about where I work – it’s in the city of Sammamish. 2 months ago

CloverThe last three days

1. I met Steven Colbert, and asked him if he had the address of a different celebrity that I could meet, because this wasn’t very interesting. (Don’t know why – I am a fan of his. Seems like he would be a fun person to meet.)

2. I was playing a video game that was kind of like pac-man, but with a little car, and a different board. It was actually really fun, and I was sad when I woke up and couldn’t play anymore.

3. I was supposed to read some humorous quotes in front of a group of people, but they didn’t make any sense at all. I asked a friend to help me make sense of them. From what we could piece together, they were very misogynistic, and not at all funny. I felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. 2 months ago

MikeNightly dreams

I have vivid dreams every night. Some are on the same theme such as missing my flight, taking a test etc. Last night I dreamed about going to a big party where there was lots of food. I was playing volleyball too which I haven’t done in years. It was a good time! 2 months ago


Oh man, I stopped writing down my dreams when I last left 43 things. How silly of me!

Last night I dreamed that one of my dogs (Buttercup, a 3.5 lb. chihuahua) got into a Bedazzling kit, and rolled around, thus entirely Bedazzling herself (because that’s how it worked in this dream).

The rest of the dream was about various hijinks surrounding my Bedazzled dog. It was much fun. 3 months ago

Clover 3 months ago

dundas_queenJanuary dream

My brother, my mom and I were packing in a hurry to go live in the States, somewhere near Chicago. I was excited, but also really sad to be leaving, and kept everyone waiting by finding more and more things to pack… 3 months ago

dundas_queen 3 months ago

♡ Cordis ♡ 3 months ago

joie de vivreonly a fragment left

I lived in a house that had walls made only of glass. The walls could be removed in warm weather.

I was on the grasslands of Montana, and the grass was not like I remember it (brown, brittle), but long, green, and lush.

I was sitting on a sofa in the house, and one of the walls was not up. It was a warm day, and a light breeze was causing the grass to ripple, carrying its warm scent into the room. 3 months ago

joie de vivrefirst dream about the pilgrimage

I woke up shortly after midnight, and I remember thinking to myself that it was the first time I’ve had a vivid enough dream about the pilgrimage that I would remember it after waking.

Of course, it’s lost now :-p 3 months ago


I keep having dreams about Cutie Patootie. He’s around somehow in every dream. When I was dreaming about taking a psychology exam, he was sharpening pencils. When I was dreaming about having a job at an asylum and had to move far away, he was in a car in my driveway.

Last night, we were at school. But it was more of a UM-esque school, which was probably more of a symbol than the actual place. We were at work, too. There was a certain place I wanted to show him. It’s a place that shows up in my dreams sometimes. To get there, you go to a ground level floor (last night it happened to be a food court, but it was very expensive and rich looking). Then you go down some stairs into a lobby and there’s a museum, with animals and rock stuff. There’s always an option to go off on a side place, and there’s always a staircase. So in this dream, I wanted him to see the museum, because I knew he would like it.

Another part of my dream, I murdered someone. I had their jeans and a few other things leftover. Even a taco lol. My grandma helped me get rid of it, she said she knew how to take care of these things. 3 months ago


I know that my dreams are mostly responses to things that happened the previous day, but I had a really peculiar dream last night.

First, I was telling best friend that I was moving to new york. She’s like, that’s really expensive and I told her that I wasn’t going to live in Manhattan but in another county.

Then, the peculiar part. I was driving to New York. The odd thing was it’s not like any of my other dreams. I was choosing to go, I wanted to, and it felt like a very conscious choice. I could see the tops of the buildings and I was crying, but I wanted to go.

It turned into my dad driving. He actually had to catch up to the car and I wasn’t all that happy. I had been on the high way, but now I was closer to home on the country roads. We saw a plane with parachute things like race cars have. Then we saw someone with their own parachute, who landed in the back of the truck. He got in through the back window and started eating our food. He was from some African country.

I made it to New York, or some place. I was there, my favorite teacher was there, a lady I work with was there, and so was a lot of other people. We were all doing yoga but whoever was running the place didn’t let me do it in a space where I actually had enough room. I ended up cutting my mat in half and moving, because she had me under a desk. Sometime between the african guy coming into our car and yoga, he was going to die or something, so he gave us first, a sheet on how to live a good life and second, a way to contact his relative. Because we should and I had the sense I was about to start traveling anyway.

I vaguely remember being at something that was half market, half pier…and half carnival. You know how dreams put you in places you can’t really describe or pay attention to? 4 months ago

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