Support my fellow 43T friends in quitting smoking.


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Recent activity

Deni HI'm reviving this goal...

in support of Chuq with his quit smoking goal.

It’s that important to me that he quit. :) 7 years ago

Deni HAs Des said...

I will continue to do this, and have been doing this. So, I think this one can be retired. 7 years ago

DesI tried to do this, but...

...I don’t think anyone is actively working on it right now. I’ll always be here to encourage and support, if anyone wants to pick it up again! 7 years ago

DesSo who... still trying to do this? 8 years ago

Deni HIt looks as if...

Chicago and Dragonfly are on the smoke-free side of things.

I’m very proud of Abby for being determined through this time of challenge for her to keep with this goal! Very proud of her one-day-at-a-time approach, too.

I’m unsure of how Cathibeth is doing, but I hope she’s doing well.

I’m also unsure of how sara is doing, but I’m glad to see her back with us! :D 8 years ago

Deni HI want to say...

that I’m very proud of Abby and dragonfly. I am proud of the way that Abby is persevering through the tough times and overcoming temptation daily! And, dragonfly has become smoke-free under very challenging circumstances, too. As far as I know, Chicago’s still doing very well and is staying smoke-free. I hope sara’s doing well, too. Edit: Cathibeth, I hope you’re doing well, too! (Blame my being on several medicines right now for my brain lapse!) 8 years ago

Deni HWeek two...

checked in on everyone yesterday…seems to be going okay for most, if not all. 8 years ago

Deni HWeek One

I’ve checked on everyone on my list…if there are any others out there that I’m overlooking, you can post to me here…I’ll be glad to add you to my list.

With this goal, I love the weekly reminder feature. :) 8 years ago

Deni HI was reading my subscription page, and totally forgot...

to include Chicago Outfit to this goal…he’s doing so well, though. Chicago, keep up the good work! :D 8 years ago

Deni HI've been thinking of doing this for a while...

so I am glad I finally added it to the list. There are a few of my 43T friends that I am really trying to support in their quest to kick the habit of smoking. Sometimes the subscriptions pages just get too full on some days, and I lose track of entries. Maybe if I have a quick reference on my own goal page, it’ll help me with this goal. I’m going to start out with trying to check up on everyone weekly.

My list:AbbyCathibethChicago OutfitDragonflysara, goal 1sara, goal 28 years ago

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