Celebrate Summer Solstice with SUN AVATAR WEEK during the week of 20 - 26 JUNE!


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New IsabellaGoodbye, relatively mild & pleasant Summer Solstice with SUN AVATAR WEEK for 2012...

...which was capped by a delightfully chilly morning today! Last year it seems that mid-June here was a lot hotter and more oppressive, and I chose a desert sun. This year’s solstice avatar week was much more enjoyable.

However, the next four days here are forecast with highs of 100F. Arrggh. Hello summer! 22 months ago

New Isabella 22 months ago

besidequietwaters 22 months ago

Epic Sunshinethere.

done! 22 months ago

Epic Sunshine 22 months ago

Spatz 22 months ago

Colleen_C_CThanks, everyone,

for celebrating the Solstice with me. smile

Have a great summer! 22 months ago

Colleen_C_C 22 months ago

songwine 22 months ago

sierrakIs It Summer Already?

I guess so, according the the calendar. I’m going to keep my summer sum avatar for a few more days to remind me to get outside and enjoy the Summer! 22 months ago

sierrak 22 months ago

dragonfly35 22 months ago

dragonfly35It has been fun

to see all the varied and beautiful sun images. Thanks for sharing, everyone! 22 months ago

calypte 22 months ago


I’ve changed my avatar on here before, but right now 43 Things is not co-operating with me. Can someone tell me the steps to change this? I’ve already got the sun in my “profile picture” (three times, in fact,) but 43 things won’t make the change! 22 months ago

Rara Apis 22 months ago


I’ve got to add my own favorite little suns to the goal – sun flowers are so pretty and cheery!

Happy summer & cheers!

picture via pinterest22 months ago

sitruunapuu 22 months ago

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