Attend classes with all the different teachers I might be asked to sub for

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dragonfly35 22 months ago

dragonfly35This is a nice idea

but I’m realizing that with constantly changing schedules, this is just a crazy ongoing project. I think I’m going to mark it done, even though there are considerably more classes that I could attend. I don’t feel like it’s the right goal for me at this time, in fact. It seems to put my focus on trying to teach like the person I’m subbing for – it’s nice if you can meet some of the students’ expectations, but in the end, really, I teach how I teach. The students at the main studio where I’ve been subbing seem wonderfully open to having someone new. 17 months ago

dragonfly35Revised the list

I have 8 classes at one of the studios that I should check out! Should work on that in the next few weeks. :) 18 months ago

dragonfly35Another one

Took Gentle yoga with T today. Took class with S, but not gentle… Of course, now a teacher is leaving and several teachers are taking over her classes so I’ll have to revise my list. :) 18 months ago


the most efficient thing would be to start a (pen and paper) list next to my desk with the names of the studios and teachers on it. AND I changed the rules a little. I decided I want to include the classes I’ve attended recently (since I was thinking about possibly subbing for these people) because I think about classes differently when I am considering that I might sub for these people in the future, and also that I want to include only classes of the type I might sub for.

At one studio, I am only contracted to sub gentle yoga, so I have created a list of the teachers who regularly teach those classes, and I will cross them off as I attend. I have attended non-gentle classes with some of those teachers or attended gentle classes but over a year ago or attended classes at another studio… Under the new rules, I’ve only attended 1/11 classes I’d like to attend at this studio.

At the other studio, I’m probably unlikely to be called for certain teachers, but I’d like to attend more classes if possible, just for my own experience. I’ve recently attended classes with 2 of the teachers there (including the one I’m most likely to sub for). 19 months ago

dragonfly35Took Gentle Yoga with RN today...

I am getting so confused by the way I’m recording the teachers and classes here, but I don’t want to use their names because it’s the internet, etc. Maybe I’ll make an offline list and work from that? 19 months ago

dragonfly35Last night

I took a class with SM at studio #2. Very nice class. I will be subbing it in two weeks’ time.

So far, have taken class with:

Studio #2:

Studio #3:
NP, SM, CK, and HM – although not the style of yoga I’ll be subbing necessarily, so I may want to start over there.

So far there’s no one to sub for at Studio #1, though I think some classes will be added… 21 months ago

dragonfly35Not that this is necessary

as I will always teach my own style. You can never try to be someone else when you are subbing. However, it is helpful to know what the students are used to and are expecting!

I should add a caveat that I may not be able to actually attend all the teachers’ classes, schedule-wise. However, I will assume that if I can’t attend the class, I also can’t sub it. :)

So far, have taken class with:
  • SD
  • JP 22 months ago

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