I keep ahead with all my uni work

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imgladimme 22 months ago

imgladimmeAnother one down

and one to go! Yippee!
I passed today’s practical exam with awesome comments from the clinical assessor – I’m so happy :D
Now I have two weeks to study for my final assessment for the year. It seems almost unfair that I have so much time to devote to only one assessment task… 19 months ago

imgladimmeDown to the wire

I just submitted my last written assignment for the year… with 25 mins to spare! That’s still “keeping ahead” in my book. 19 months ago

imgladimmePlaying catch-up

I wish I had more time to spend on here, but I have been persuing this goal with fervour. Presentation tomorrow, 2000 words due on Friday. I chastised myself for a long time over not starting this last one, but now that I have, I can see that it isn’t going to be as much work as I thought, and the things I was doing instead (exercising, playing music) were just as important… so I’m going to go easy on myself… and get back to work19 months ago

imgladimme2 out of 3

I’m doing so fantastically well in this goal… in 2 out 3 units. Urgh. I’ve ignored one of them all semester and now I have TWO WEEKS to complete the entire workload (a group presentation and 2000 word funding proposal)! Time to crack the whip! 20 months ago

imgladimmeNearly there

Just the conclusion to go. I’m already 150 words over my limit, so a bit of editing tomorrow and I’ll be done. Yay! 2 days early. Although, I’m struggling to keep up with the readings and lab preparation I need to have done by Thursday. Another big study day tomorrow.
Roll on Saturday! 21 months ago

imgladimmeI'm turning into a cup of tea

All day working on this literature review, but I’m about half way through. Phew!
oh, gotta pee21 months ago

imgladimmeKeeping up

Week 5 begins. I’m doing well with the weekly lectures, readings and prep-work, but this literature review! Ugh! Shoot me now. There are so many other things I would rather be doing and even though I didn’t go to circus today, or for a lighthouse walk on Sunday or any of the other fun stuff I had planned, I don’t feel any closer to getting it done. I am rather good at chest rolls with the hoop now, however…21 months ago


I’ve become so good at this study thing, that I don’t have the time to spend on 43T that I once did. This semester is HUGE, but also compelling, stimulating and incredibly interesting. I’m loving it. I miss checking in each day, but I am just so keen to keep ahead with my work which could so easily snowball that I’m staying away.

I look forward to catching up in eleven weeks!!! 21 months ago

imgladimmeInstructional program

I have entered all my classes, appointments, exams, assignments etc into outlook. If I actually do get time to scratch myself, it will only be if the computer tells me to! 22 months ago

imgladimmeDay one of a the new semester

I solemnly vow to stay ahead with all my reading, exercises and assignments. There are a couple of really big research and writing assignments and I just cannot afford to let it all go to the last minute like last semester. Even if I did get 93% for that last essay that I wrote in the 48 hours before deadline, I WILL NOT do that againOK I have 2 hours to do the reading for my first class – LOL, what a way to begin!! 22 months ago

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