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samIam 2 years ago

eclectic passion 2 years ago

eclectic passionFinished the Miranda Dickenson book

It was nice and lighthearted, I liked it, plus the main character is obsessed with travelling like me haha! Next book I plan to read: Catcher in the Rye…then I can tick off another of my 43T goals :) 21 months ago

eclectic passionOver half way through a chick-lit book called 'Welcome to my World' by Miranda Dickenson

I find that now I am able to read most chick-lit books and watch most rom-coms and actually enjoy them. True, my choice might be a bit limited, but hopefully eventually I can expand my repetoire and start watching and reading films and books of different genres. It’s still a bit step, to go from not reading any books to reading those of a certain genre, and the same with films. Like my Dad pointed out when I was ill, there are millions of books in the world so it’s just a case of finding those I can deal with, and I have done so. I’ve now gone about a year and a half without a bout of depression, hoping this keeps up :) 21 months ago

eclectic passionJust borrowed 3 DVDs from the library

They may all be romantic comedies, but still this is a giant leap from where I was in 2011, when I couldn’t watch any films. Also the book by Adriana Trigiani, I’m getting into, I believe I’m now about a 1/3 of my way through the book :) 22 months ago

eclectic passionWatched a film the other day 'Hope Springs'

and actually enjoyed it =) What’s more, I’m currently watching a new film ‘Something Borrowed’ and so far I’m finding it pretty good also :) I also borrowed a book from the library today by Adriana Trigiani, she was on the list of authors who have written supposedly ‘depression-lifting’ books. I’ve come a long way from 2011, when I didn’t think I’d be able to watch a film or read a book again :D 22 months ago

eclectic passionA really inspiring video I know of

is this: youtube search ‘Nick Vujicic No Arms No Legs No Worries’ What he’s achieved, under his circumstances is truly awesome :) 22 months ago

eclectic passionCurrently reading another Jodi Picoult

and attempting to read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy- it’s good, but quite a difficult read, full of characters with long Russian names that are easy to confuse. Still, I hope to finish at least one of these books. The Jodi Picoult book is pretty different to the previous one I’ve read but still interesting :) 23 months ago

eclectic passionCompleted the book by Jodi Picoult

it was a little grittier than I had anticipated, it was about domestic abuse, an interesting read though and thought-provoking… 1 year ago

eclectic passionCurrently reading a book by Jodi Picoult

so far no problems, enjoying it :) It’s a 400 odd page book and I’m 212 pages into it already :) 2 years ago

eclectic passionI'm wondering what book to read next

I don’t want anything depressing. Any suggestions?

EDIT: i’m thinking probably something by H.G.Wells, Phillip K Dick or Aldous Huxley, seeing as I like science fiction and dystopian sort of novels. (ironic, as i don’t want anything depressing, but still, I like sci-fi!) Any other recommendations would be great! 2 years ago

eclectic passionJust read 'Brave New World.'

This is a major step for me, seeing as how I struggled with reading books about a year ago. What’s more, like The Great Gatsby I read this to the end! Both good books, although both with somewhat disappointing endings…still well worth reading though, in the case of Brave New World 2 years ago

eclectic passionNow reading 'The Great Gatsby'

and so far, no problems :) I’m quite enjoying it, though it’s a little hard to understand in places…good to read something a little challenging once in a while though! 2 years ago

eclectic passionBeen reading some F. Scott Fitzgerald for the first time

a collection of his short stories, and so far so good! I’m planning on reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ next… 2 years ago

eclectic passionIs it just me?...

Who starts to get bored of a book the nearer I get to the end? Strange I know lol :P Its a habit I’m trying to kick… 2 years ago

eclectic passionFinished the 'After the Party' book yesterday night

I had no problem reading it, which is great for someone who didn’t think they’d be able to read a book again. Now in the middle of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is ok but very sexual XD Still, its another book I’m enjoying :)

EDIT: Fifty Shades is great! (though not really suitable for anyone under 18 lol) I’ve had no real problems with this book either…not yet anyway 2 years ago

eclectic passionEnjoying the 'After the Party' book...

so far. It means so much to much to me that I’ve found a book I like, as during the onset of my illness, I feared I would never be able to read a book or watch a film again (I won’t explain why exactly, but let’s just say it has something to do with depression.) Making a list of what I CAN still do is very inspiring :)

EDIT: I REALLY like the After the Party Book by Lisa Jewell. I’m on p142 after 5 days (to me that’s a big achievement, since I am a really slow reader, despite having an English degree lol.) 2 years ago

eclectic passionJust found two more books I can hopefully read

I’m still reading ‘The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ by Alexander McCall Smith, but now I’ve just starting reading ‘After the Party’ by Lisa Jewell, a chick-lit book I borrowed off a friend. Also, my friend’s sister has lent me the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ first book, and as far as I’m aware that’s more about sex than anything else, so it should be ok for me and my depression. lol 2 years ago

eclectic passionReading a new book

called ‘The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ by Alexander McCall Smith. It’s not bad so far :) 2 years ago

eclectic passionJust bought a DVD, called 'Priceless'

...a romcom starring Audrey Tautou. I will let you know how it goes when I’ve finished watching it. Hopefully it’ll be what I’m looking for- something lighthearted and non depressing. Here goes! 2 years ago

eclectic passionUntitled

Ok, so I’m unable to read certain books or watch certain films because I suffer from depression (I know this sounds lame lol, but it’s the truth.) However this doesn’t mean that I can’t read any books or watch any films, like my father said there are millions of books and films in the world. I just need to find some I CAN read/watch. So far since my illness I’ve liked the film ‘Dan In Real Life’ and the novel ‘Quentins’ by Maeve Binchy :) 2 years ago

samIamThe first few...

1. I CAN stand up and sit down whenever I please.
2. I CAN go for walks with my mom, my sister, and niece Hadley.
3. I CAN go running at the gym on the track or on the treadmill, and when I work out I feel good about myself.
4. I CAN go dancing with my friends.
5. I CAN walk to classes in the beautiful summer weather.
6. I CAN walk/run/dance up and down stairs.
7. I CAN take any parking space I want, as near or far from any store I want to go to.
8. I CAN buy any car I want without worrying about whether I can get in or out of it.
9. I CAN jump up and down on the bed with my niece Hadley.
10. I CAN get on my knees at church on Sunday to pray. 2 years ago

samIamThe beginning:

When I was younger, I fought cancer and survived a surgery that left me paralyzed on my right side. Thankfully, I slowly regained feeling in my right side, but I had to learn to walk again and numerous other tasks people learn at birth. Since then, it’s been a habit of mine to focus on what I now CAN’T do – I used to be able to ride a bike and roller skate, but I can’t do that anymore. I wanted to take ballet classes, but I don’t have enough balance after surgery. I’m tired of constantly thinking about what I CAN’T do – I want to focus on what I CAN, because I can still stand on my own two feet, which is a lot more than someone in a wheelchair can do. I don’t want my physical limitations to define the rest of my life. 2 years ago

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