Tell the Wasps, Very Firmly and without Negotiation, that our Balcony Storage Closet is Not Available for Lease or Rent


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smartstuffI can see their little waspy bodies

Flying between our balcony railings and scooting their little rears under our storage space door. I know they’re planning additions, expansions, extravagant furniture installations, a space to settle down and raise children. But our balcony is already home to Lizzie the Anole, and several oversized crickets, and I need to be able to get in and out of that space without fear of stings. So there is just no more room for peaceful cohabitation. Might I suggest the flowering tree down by our car. Or even the eves on the north side of our unit? Both are available… Our closet, however, is not.

Something will have to be done. 22 months ago

smartstuff 22 months ago

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