Get my 6 month son sleeping through the night

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My gorgeous son recently reached 6 months, according to the medicals once your baby reaches 6 months and is receiving solids in the day (he is) your baby should no longer need night feeds, yet here we are 6 months in and my baby still wakes up every 2 hours for night feeds.
Can i just say, I am exhausted and want a good nights sleep!!
I blame myself a bit, admittedly i’ve been really bad for jumping out of bed as soon as i hear the slightest noise from him at night and feeding him. Mainly because I want to be sure that my husband gets a good sleep everynight because he has work very early in the morning and I myself dont work. Anyway, I think it’s time to try and break this waking up every 2 hours for a feed habit.
I was reading various bits online and have come up with the following ideas for “sleep training”.

1. Implement a sleeping routine. Getting up at the same time each day, trying to settle him down each night at the same time with a calming bedtime routine beforehand. Also, eating at similar times each day.
2. Cut down on the tea. Apparently if you’re breastfeeding, your caffeine intake can affect the little one.
3. Less daytime naps. Admittedly my baby was having a lot of naps in the day time, im trying to cut these down.
4. Offer water instead of milk as a nightfeed, apparently this works because they arent so interested in water and it makes it that they arent getting a “reward” (milk) for waking up in the night.
5. Trying to cut night feeds out, 1 at a time.
6. The “controlled crying technique”. Leaving your baby to cry for a while until they give up and go back to sleep (not if they’re clearly distressed or if there is something wrong e.g. teething pain or a dirty nappy, only when they wake up in the night and are crying becasue they want you to pick them up to soothe them back to sleep) Not so keen on this idea, this is the last thing im going to try.

Lets hope something works!21 months ago

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