Solve my headache/migraine problem

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skittledragonChronic tension headache

After visiting the doctor for the 3rd time, the conclusion seems to be that I had “muscular-skeletal tension”, which is basically a more terrifying name for tension headache! Which I had pretty chronic. The main cause is stress, and while I didn’t think I was particularly stressed, I guess now I probably was. I’m feeling so much better and have some anti-inflammatories just to be sure. So I suppose I need to learn how to better recognise when I’m stressed, and deal with it in a more effective way. Right now I’m just happy enjoying a complete lack of squeezing, burning pain in my skull xD 20 months ago

skittledragon 21 months ago


Had fairly bad headaches friday, saturday, today. Really thought they’d stopped :( They aren’t as painful as before, but still enough to stop me doing a lot of stuff I want to, in particular running – I haven’t ran in nearly a month and I feel awful about it.

I get my blood tests back next week, so we’ll see if there’s anything there causing the problem. I’m scared if there isn’t, the doctors will just give up on me/keep prescribing me hit-and-miss painkillers.

Wtf is going on in my head?! 20 months ago


After almost 3 full weeks of awful headaches and migraines, I seem to have finally snapped out of it. I hope. This is my second consecutive full day feeling well. I never want to go through that again, I basically had no life for those 3 weeks; I couldn’t do anything due to the pain – I even had to take my first sick day at my current job! However, I seem to be on the mend :)
While I was still ill, the doctor made me an appointment for blood tests which is tomorrow, so I’ll go and get those done anyway, just on the off chance they do reveal a reason for my illness.

Looking forward to getting out running again, I’ve actually missed exercising! The only good thing to come out of this is I’m not going to take my physical health for granted anymore. 20 months ago


So I’ve given up the food diary… headaches affect me regardless of what I eat, and I can’t pinpoint a food in particular that results in a headache. Hydration… well I’ve been drinking a lot more water and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
However, since my wisdom tooth settled down again I haven’t had a migraine but still getting daily mild headaches. Sounds a lot better, and it is, but the unrelenting pain, no matter how mild, is still a huge drag. Maybe it just needs a while longer to fully settle.

An eye test is still something I want to do. I’ve also stopped taking my Pill – I’ve heard from several sources it can be a cause of headaches. I just want to see if it makes a difference (and I will continue being very safe in the meantime!). 21 months ago

skittledragonsick of them

So they’ve worsened in frequency and intensity lately, and according to the doctor there’s nothing wrong with me, and migraines can simply change their pattern over time. However I’m not happy with having headaches almost on a daily basis; when they’re bad all I can do is go back to bed since painkillers don’t work. I feel like I’m losing hours and hours of my life to them, so I’ve got to figure out how to stop them.

Things to look at:

  • My diet – I’ve started keeping a food diary to see if there might be any obvious triggers, and I can show it to the doctor next time I go.
  • My sight – My vision was perfect on my last check and I don’t feel like it’s deteriorated, but my last eye test was about 3 years ago so maybe it’s worth getting one.
  • My hydration levels – I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee recently so I’m switching to decaf and also drinking more water.
  • My wisdom teeth – My current attack seems to have started in around the time my wisdom tooth (which is still cutting through the gum, after bloody years!!) began hurting. When my tooth settles down I need to see whether the headaches disappear too then I can see if they’re connected. 21 months ago

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