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explore the city i live in

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AlizeeLyon #4

- Around la place Bellecour
- Fourvière cathedral with my friends
- Vieux Lyon with my cousin
- Parc de la tête d’or with my co worker 2 weeks ago

peritarosada 2 months ago

AlizeeLyon #3

Still too lazy / shy to go out.
On the weekends, I go to the movies and get back home with Vietnamese food.
This week was the famous “Fête des lumières” in Lyon which I did not attend because I had no one to go with.
Yes, I’ve been used to doing things alone but I’m getting tired of it! 4 months ago

AlizeeLyon #2

Tried out a new restaurant (awesome!)
Had dinner with my aunt at a famous “brasserie” 4 months ago

AlizeeLyon #1

I am starting to know the city better ; or at least, the subway!
Place Bellecour is beautiful but I still need to see the cathedral.
I haven’t seen districts like le Vieux Lyon et Croix Rousse, though. 5 months ago

IF23 6 months ago

Ponyoapril picture-irys garden

Iris garden 6 months ago

AlizeeNight out with Laurie

Walking around les Grands Boulevards
Trying out a new hamburger place
Going to the theater
Yes, all in one night! ;-) 6 months ago


Walking around the 9th arrondissement 9 months ago

Ponyo3 different towns, but all 5 min ride from me

places to visit

1.Montclair iris garden-Done
2.Paterson Great Falls
3.Lambert Castle Museum
4.Hamilton Van Wagoner House Museum
5.Paterson train museum
6. Montclair Hawk Watch12 months ago


Walking from Charles de Gaulle – Etoile to Montparnasse
Taxi ride in the 11th arrondissement 13 months ago

KarenCristina 14 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

Ponyo 15 months ago

hartyleeds 15 months ago

mdd2nd 16 months ago

Cara 17 months ago

sitruunapuu 19 months ago

melodiemelodie 20 months ago


Geocaching! Look it up and see if it suits you 20 months ago

ItsMyLife32 23 months ago

eleira 4 years ago

seasonsoflove 2 years ago

Searching for a new way... 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Exploring

I’ve done a ton of exploring over the past few years. Always more to see, but I’m marking this one as accomplished! 2 years ago

anachronicDid a bit of spontaneous exploring yesterday.

I say “exploring”. I actually mean that I got hopelessly lost in town, had forgotten to bring along my phone, and didn’t want to stop someone to ask for directions. Yay me!

But it happened to be an interesting partially gentrified area of town; it’s actually one of the new ‘hip’ areas, but I’d never really been around there much because I’m such a hipster that areas frequented by other hipsters are just not hip enough for me. Haha. Not really. Except maybe. I’m so pretentious sometimes. :/

Anyway. Here’s something I noticed: There was very little gradation between the gentrified and older areas but it seems like the two communities are pretty much entirely disparate and don’t mix at all. Which is interesting, because I assume that one of the main reasons that gentrification has occurred there is because it is an area rich in historic value. Does that imply that the “gentry” – as it were – appreciate the area for its heritage and architecture, but do not necessarily wish to mix with the people who were responsible for imbuing the place with its value?

Well. I guess I’m not saying that they deliberately choose not to integrate with the existing population of the area. What I mean is that it probably takes a bit more effort to get to know people so different than you, and I really do wish people would make more of an effort. And when I say “people”, I really mean “me”. Somehow I just get intimidated by the perceived differences. And really, you can’t truly get to know a city without getting to know its people – not just the sections of society that one is most comfortable with, but as many of its communities as possible. The process of getting out of my bubble involves knowing more about different people too. 2 years ago

darkangel4List of things to do in London

I moved to London in February and now I’m getting a bit comfortable staying in a lot. Here are things;

Go on the London Eye
See a musical
Visit Camden Market
Go to Cuban Club and learn salsa
Do the Thames walk
Visit the Sea Life Centre
Go on the Jack the Ripper Tour 2 years ago

Hyacinth Girl 3 years ago

jencadiz 8 years ago

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