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user1397607360 7 hours ago

EastExpertFirst Week

... saw first half done and everything working well.
The second week should now sort out the remaining second half.

Meanwhile, I found out about hierarchy working here.
1) “Individual contributor”.
2) “Team Lead” (not a people manager, just senior contributor). This is where I am at moment, I guess.
3) “Assistant Head”. Either heading small department, or vice-Head for a bigger one. Could be same as Team Lead.
4) “Head”. A first people manager position. Heads a department. Benefits start here, including free health insurance for members of family.
5) “Global Head”. A head of a big department, which could have partitions and other heads reporting to them. Could be “division head” where division comprises separate departments.
6) “Director”. Member of Board of Directors, one Director heads a division of disparate departments. Usually “Director” is a CxO.
7) “CEO”. Supervises all directors and is responsible for functioning of entire company to…
8) “Shareholder”. Rare position, Czar and God in best Russian tradition, they own everything, perform strategical management and direction setting. I know three only.

Found out that the new transferee from Russia got an Assistant Head of TSE position. Why don’t we in IT have neither a Head nor Assistant Heads? All we have is a Support Manager (Level 2, “Team Lead” position). Will have to figure out what are the plans. 1 day ago

EastExpertOpportunity comes

... to finish one of the most odious, long overdue, server decommissioning project. Normally it would take two-three weeks; but it’s been 7 months it’s been on & off. I managed a major step forward and singlehandedly moved away the most important service somewhere around New Year. Now there’s another one, and this task has become a “rattler”, it just wouldn’t die.

So Boss got pissed off and ordered “this server’s scalp on my desk in a week, or I give this project to .” While I can understand his frustration, this server really needs not attract such strong emotions.

So this is my opportunity to deal away with it swiftly and ahead of schedule. And finally earn myself some big points. And move ahead to much more interesting projects which are currently locked away because of this god damn old server.

First day of this week has been quite productive.
Onwards! Coffee and croissant await. 1 week ago

neverlank 1 week ago

EastExpertRumour comes

... that Trade Systems Engineering which was previously split from IT, to care just about Trading servers, may be next year rejoined into IT.

But in this case, IT becomes big. Who will head it?

I mentioned to the Boss today that two people have applied to me for potential move into Delivery. He listens. I slowly train him to the fact that I will be deciding who I want in Delivery.

In case of TSE joining us, there will be quite a big Delivery group, as excellent Admins are so far only using their skills at 1/4. It could become mine. 2 weeks ago


The only other guy in Delivery has left the company. There was nothing left for him and this Wednesday he came last time for work.
He used to be a loose cannon, doing stuff without discussing it with anyone else, and such sloppy were his standards, almost everything after him needed to be re-done.

Now with him left, I am undisputedly the most senior person in IT UK. Also I’m the only delivery in UK. The bosses’ vice will not be working in UK in the foreseeable future. So?

I tried to hint to the boss at potential pay raise and promotion. Right now the point is weak, the company just had really shitty Q4’13, significantly in the Red, and IT budgets were cut to the bone. BUT, I can save money to IT by optimisation, not stinginess.

I will probably be allowed to recruit the guys from Support; what are their skills – remains to be seen. One is younger and cleverer, but very slow. Another is more efficient, has certificates but seems not so bright and is doing purchases now.

What I really need now is to implement Kaizen, small increments every day. I found myself entangled in a huge monolith project which gives no visible results to the bosses. And I see that if I ever to become a good boss in this company, one must demonstrate RESULTS under his/her leadership. EVEN if they are not optimal. Shitty results are better than good work in progress.

See if I can handle the Kaizen now. Must learn to if I ever want to be promoted.

Meanwhile, the tax year ends, and this year the full income tax kicks in, so my take-home pay will suffer a significant cut now. If I would want to add pension contribution, it’ll take more.
On the good side, I repay my 0% annual ticket loan monthly (at 1/12 annual ticket!) instead of a killing (monthly ticket + station car park) combination, difference is nearly £180 in my favour!

I need a promotion and a definite Pay Raise. And I’ll get these. 2 weeks ago

EastExpertAll Work and No Fun...

I have moved into a separate room. It’s quiet over there, and the situation causes me to work hard.
Worrying signs are, I no longer go for a walk, chat to people in the kitchen, or stretch. I’m too concentrated on work. This is dangerous, because those who do their work best, are never promoted—what manager would want to lose a valuable resource doing all the job?

But the goal is for ME to become a manager!

I so far work under bosses’ second in command. He’s a good Admin, and we’ve done lots of work. He leaves back for Moscow on Saturday.
I must seize more local, UK managing responsibility now, to clearly be a candidate for promotion when it’s necessary.
On the lookout! 1 month ago

EastExpertNothing so far

Despite suggestive talks, I “sleepwalked” into the end of my probation period, but haven’t even received the (formal) letter about probation end. I knew I passed because the guy who recommended me has received his Referral Bonus :)

So far: no pay increase, no hints of bonus, no hints of promotion, lots of work to do.

Where am I going? 1 month ago

frizzypixie 3 months ago

EastExpertTry to Manage

The boss said today that, once my holiday is now over, I should become a “senior” Delivery, so should try to ask Support Manager to deal with me instead of the other.
He seems to have understood my place in the hierarchy now. It will be under another person who will have top over both Support and Delivery, but above other Delivery guys.
However that another person has mediocre English and I am truly bilingual, so who knows. ;-) 3 months ago


... continue. The boss said he’s going to put me above another IT Delivery guy. And might think about adding a junior to IT Delivery department.
On 12th November, my 3 months in the company elapse and I will become eligible for company benefits.

Will I become a manager? Don’t know, but so far I can see I’m clearly treated as a very senior rank. Even business cards have been ordered, as they say. 5 months ago

EastExpertNovember is coming

In November, as far my memory not fails me, the restrictions for my boss not to create an elaborated org-chart will be over.
There were numerous indications that he prefers me over other Delivery people, so who knows what is in store.
I am trying not to think often about career & promotions, probably because I seriously love the job I am doing. Lots of freedom and possibility for innovation make it really interesting, you are able to make a difference. 5 months ago

EastExpertLeading by example

I am taking challenges and solving them. (None of them seem to come easy, probably because the existing state of the IT in this company is broken.)
That’s the way I work.
Must be careful not to become indispensable, as they never get promoted—too risky to move them, lest you want problems. 6 months ago

EastExpertLittle Steps

A friend who recommended me here has told me that my boss spoke positively about me. Hey, it’s good, it probably means I’m doing things right. I really enjoy working well by myself, but honestly, if it’s noticed and recognised—it’s an incentive to work even better.

“Team building” restaurant go—great to know my new colleagues, so far I quite like my new Department. Most people are of Indian subcontinent origins (Pakistani, Hindu and Sikh), they know the true value of mutual respect and are hiding less behind political correctness, speaking more openly if something needs to be said. I spent a great time, talked to my new boss a lot, and came home nearly at midnight. 7 months ago

EastExpertBecome a Manager

Long time I always have been a top specialist, but so far, here in UK, managerial work wasn’t selecting me. In Russia I did work as a manager, and quite successful, but in my previous company, another person was promoted over my head, may be due to me appearing in wrong place when new manager had to be selected, and may be due to me not inspiring the powers that be as a good manager.

This new job of mine has potential for me to become a manager, while remaining still a good specialist.
And I think, why not? However high you be on an individual contributor track, you still remain within that scale and are unable to get higher salaries, bonuses and perks.
Plus, many of my ideas, can only be realised with a certain degree of independence, which a manager post can give.

So let’s become a manager! 7 months ago

EastExpert 7 months ago

Alisa16255 9 months ago

kbutler321 18 months ago

Nichole117 14 months ago

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estaceyleigh 2 years ago

Stephen FrickStepping up and Taking Over

I’m a small business owner who contracts with businesses to do technical work and marketing. What I found is I’m not a manager, I’m more of a contract employee. What I need to learn is how to make those clients delegate more and in turn how I can step up and take over without making them feel nervous or out of control. Feeling in control is what every company wants, but the problem is when they are in control of the things I do, they aren’t spending the time doing the things they need to focus on, like products, sales and services. I’ve put this task on my list of things because I think I could learn a lot about being a manager rather than being an employee. 2 years ago

Stephen Frick 2 years ago


i am a manager for my cousin jim. 2 years ago

BarrelRacingQueen 2 years ago

Jmaruti 2 years ago

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