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become a demon


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Alois 4 weeks ago

user1395596218 4 weeks ago

natas13 1 month ago

Grahamsm2 2 months ago


http://crossroaddeals.com/ help with desires. 2 months ago

raven4998 3 months ago


I want to be a the second in command under the Devil I want to sill be like I am but buff and sexy and when I go to earth everybody looks at me and want to look like me and I lead them to hell and I have to powers ice and lava. 3 months ago

joshuaargent25 3 months ago

Tyrichar11 4 months ago

dlukout666 4 months ago

58kira 4 months ago

Italiababzlong story

I did it then got it taken out so now i miss it and am going to do it again. being human sucks….no offense but i miss my powers 5 months ago

Italiababz 5 months ago


try uesing a seige to sommon a demon but say its prayer if you do it could be your last 5 months ago

undeadlord666 5 months ago


I want to be a demon. !!!! 5 months ago

lopez6179 5 months ago

Zyreph 6 months ago

ZyrephHelping those that want to be a demon

email me at pzyreph@gmail.com I will then give you the what it is to be a demon, then if you actually still want to be one I’ll make the arrangements. No this is not a troll, nor do I care if you message me or not. I am simply willing to help.

Add on: My boss ask that he is paid for his time and energy to help those that wish to follow this path to becoming a demon so if one cannot do that please do not look into this service.

Also he is not limited to helping those become demons, he can help wit psychic abilities as well as manifestation and other possible desires. (nothing illegal) 6 months ago


well hello i would like to become a demon i know the risks and if you have any tip,tricks,hints, fudgeing pie recipes please help if you can and thank you 9 months ago

bunnygirl1 9 months ago

Primechaos 13 months ago

844266thiamoMy willing

Become a demon with best knowlege 13 months ago

844266thiamo 13 months ago

Kurochrome 14 months ago


I want to be a demon o . o 14 months ago

JessicaWidrig 14 months ago

Abraham Sunboy 14 months ago


Well I want to achieve this but it looks like no one here can actually do it.Help me anyone? 15 months ago

Relaxedhero 15 months ago

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