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birdladyb2 4 months ago

JackieKristine 4 months ago



I currently already have a great part-time job. They pay me well, and I love my bosses, but they only need me about 20 hours a week. I need another job willing to work around my schedule which is difficult considering this one is all weekends. I know I’ll get there eventually, it’s hard to find a job in these hard times. 11 months ago

JuliaMae93 11 months ago

Bluebird222 16 months ago

Kai Rove 2 years ago

msyellowhite 2 years ago

shitestorm 2 years ago


My employer is opening a second location and I will be working at both locations. So my income will be a little more than double what I am currently making. Still looking for a second job. But the extra hours at work alone will help out tremendously. Hoping that I will be able to move into my own place soon. My boyfriend and I have grown tired of living with my father. 2 years ago

NatalieRoth 2 years ago

swinglifeaway316No longer

have a second job. I quit CB last week because none of the managers helped me when I kept asking about changing my availability. But I like my new job so it’s okay for now. I’m getting 40 hours a week and overtime has been offered a couple of times :) 2 years ago

sybtoot 2 years ago

swinglifeaway316 2 years ago


they scheduled me for one 7 hour shift at CB for tomorrow…don’t know if that will be worth it. Hopefully they give me at least 3 tables instead of only 2 since the last 2 times they only gave me two tables. One time this family of 3 sat there for 45 minutes after their meal just talking…so I was not able to make any money on that table for a while and when they finally left I ended up getting cut so I didn’t make much money that night. The next day I only had 2 tables and one of my tables waited an extra hour after their meal because they wanted a to go order of meatloaf for a family member so that sucked because I didn’t make too much money that day either. I will only be able to keep CB 2 days a week after all of my training at my new job so I have a full-time job and a part-time job for now. When I go in tomorrow I will talk to them if they’re not too busy and find out if they are willing to let me only work 2 days a week there. 2 years ago


another job! But I will know tomorrow whether my job now will be willing to change my availability…so can’t mark this as done yet. 2 years ago


I got a call today for an interview for another position at the place I really want to work, and I got a second call from that same place from the woman who interviewed me Monday so I can observe a shift and see if it will still be something I’m interested in. I’m excited :) 2 years ago


my interviews today…but not sure how they went. 2 years ago


interviews Monday :) 2 years ago

Willowno dice

there is Nothing out there!!!!! arg!!!!! 2 years ago

swinglifeaway316I might

wait a few weeks to start looking again…it will be hard to have a second job with this job because the hours won’t be the same every week and we’re supposed to check the schedule constantly to see if there are any changes.

I was told this would be more of a full time position…but if it doesn’t work out that way I will hopefully be able to find a full-time job somewhere else and then keep this job as a part-time position. That would be nice because I would like a job that has consistent hours and pay every month. I am happy to have something for now though, some money coming in is better than none. 2 years ago

Willowstill looking

im still looking, wish things were better. good news is we have started liking where we are. it is slowly feeling like home. we like r neighbors and though its realllllly small i have figured out how to have storage and decorate. so i dont feel like i have to hurry so much now. some pressure is off! :) 2 years ago

Willowlife hard!

must get a newspaper tomorrow. who ever heard of a saturday paper instead of a sunday!!! lol its summer Somebody in town Must need a babysitter or housekeeper or something like that. right? 2 years ago

Willow 2 years ago


It should not be this hard to find a job :/ 2 years ago

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