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veinofstarsFishy treats

I’ve always hated the scent and smell of fish. Not only do they stink, when you eat with your hands it takes a good scrubbing to get the fishiness out. They degrade very quickly compared with other kinds of meats. One day, I’m going to cook a dish of fish that I would be happy to eat.

This doesn’t include salmon. I love it with sushi and on its own (sashimi) with wasabi and soy sauce!

Some advice I am intending to follow: http://healthylazy.tribe.net/thread/8b03e5ac-e189-4501-9275-e9d7b8e25063 3 years ago



So… In my never ending effort to be healthy (albeit, rarely a successful endeavor)... I was sitting in Red Lobster with my grandma and grandpa, mulling over the various menu options when one particular entree caught my eye. It was a platter that involved shrimp scampi (delicious), battered shrimp (to-die-for), and some (unknown) type of oven baked fish. I must now point out, I despise the thought of the scaly creature ever touching my delicate lips, but thought I would overcome this childish fear and “dive in” to the seafood world. After consuming half the Pacific Ocean, I decided to take the big step of bashfully biting into something I would much rather own in a bowl on my desk than to taste. And…...drumroll please…
it was actually quite delicious. Must have been, as I ate every last bite of it. So from this experience I gained several things – three of them were pounds and the other was a liking for something I never thought I’d adore. 6 years ago

clehenbaAnd sushi...

I was forced to try sushi once. The experience was horrifying. I behaved like a child, chewing it up and then hocking it into my napkin. I wonder if I’m allergic, too. 6 years ago

hihopesjust for the halibut

My wife and two very good friends are having diner at an amazing restautant in New York City, known for their lobster rolls. Afraid to make such a commitment, I ordered the tuna sandwich. My wife, between orgasmic grunts, suggests that continuing on in life with out trying the roll would be a crime. I relent. It wasn’t so much getting past the fatty lumps of ocean stink, as trying to keep it contained in my mouth while I silently wretched. My eyes actually began to tear up, and my throat began to ungulate. Although I did’t puke in my plate as I had expected, I unwillingly went through the motions. Like some weird Stanislavski mime dinner theater. I survived embarasment this time. I think from now on I will claim a rare allergy to all things that make me gag!
thanks for your support.

Hihopes 8 years ago

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