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make delicious vegetarian dishes my non-vegetarian family would enjoy

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TeddicusIts easy, the hardest part is actually determining to do it~!

So I am following my learning to cook like a pro goal and I am a vegetarian!

For so long I was like …. man, I want to eat fantastic food at home rather than going out, but what can I cook? ....

I always was at a loss for the answer to that question…. getting discouraged and feeling like I couldn’t cook any recipe I came across….

then I just determined to do it…. and that question was no longer an issue…. its now – what will I cook!?

I was getting discouraged over and over…. reverting back to my old habit of eating out…

I also wanted to cook things when I was hungry but didnt have the ingredients!

So this past week…. I planned, in advance, all the recipes I was going to cook….. and


Everyone loved them! They were just AMAZING FOOD…. and since meat just wasn’t an option, it didn’t make them any less amazing because they didnt have it!

I love fine food… I love it… jaja… one of my favorite pastimes (union with food)

So where the determination came in…. was really in scouring the internet for recipes I really dug or was at least feelin enough to try…. then preparing my shopping list and getting all the ingredients in advance!

Shopping took on a whole new meaning!

I surfed here as I was looking a new sites and scouring through recipes to comprise my list for next week!

I also created a blog to document it all, so that, If I wanted to, i could always look back and see what I did and How I felt about it!!!


I will also be updating it as I go, with future ingredient shopping lists and future recipes!

Portabello Mushroom Burger always a fav~!

Much Light and Love,


PS – I really am not a big fan of meat subs – why not just eat meat – same deal….

and I rocked the vegan route for a while (bout a year or so) and it was a bit too constrictive to my lifestyle

however if you are vegan – I have empathy – so just sub in soy cheese where I use cheese – any veg risotto is great vegan dish! 5 years ago

rose123The real test.

My in-laws from overseas will be arriving this week to spend three weeks with me and their son. They are not vegetarians. I’m not sure how they’ll adjust but I’ve decided to make both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes all meals so they can choose. 8 years ago

rose123Try and try again

I guess the hardest part about becoming a vegan is trying to create meals that me and my non-vegan husband would both enjoy.

He’s been a great support and is open to try meat substitutes. So far, at least, I know he doesn’t like the following:

1. Gardenburger patties
2. Fakin’ Bacon
3. Tofurky

I have been able to successfully eliminate butter from our house and replace it with Earth Balance. It tastes and cooks like butter. Yum! Also, I only cook with cage free vegetarian chicken eggs.

So far so good. Try and try again 8 years ago

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