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be more patient

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Kay_Green 5 days ago

Hazel Wangbe more patient

- 1 week ago

Hazel Wangbe more patient

- 1 week ago

Hazel Wang 1 week ago

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user1392973115 2 months ago

Mad MesmeristWhat were they thinking?

We’re trying to find a house. We’ve looked at literally hundreds of houses over the years, but it’s coming down to the wire. The house we’re in has a buyer, and if we’re going to sell it we have just days to find a place.

The thing is, there’s not much out there. Inventory is low, and we’ve got some specific needs that make it even harder. So most of what we see either won’t work, or we don’t like, or it needs way too much work.

Case in point: our realtor sent us some pictures of a house he thinks “might be the one”. Most of it’s pretty nice, though he says it has some maintenance issues he did not specify.

The kitchen was just remodeled, and its beautiful, but it’s just the dumbest layout I have ever seen. I mean that quite literally. No matter what you would need to do, something would be in your way. Usually, SEVERAL things would be in your way. For example, the refrigerator is inside the pantry. To open the door you’d need to be on one side of a wall- but to get anything in or out you’d need to be on the other side of the wall! So just getting the milk for your morning cereal would take several cumbersome steps.

There’s more too- an island that’s badly placed- the stove and cooktop and sink and dishwasher are right on top of each other in a too-narrow space, etc. it makes no sense- the kitchen itself has plenty of room- but it’s just a huge wasted space that you’d have to cross (multiple times) anytime you did anything in there.

This is really our best choice? The kitchen is a focal point of any house. This one screams stupid, impractical, inefficient and frustrating.

So I’m sitting here in the very early hours, unable to sleep, and just about done with the whole process. I have BEEN patient- for months and months and months. 2 months ago

user31683 3 months ago

bookscraftsandcards 3 months ago

charlotte2014 3 months ago

mBanani 3 months ago

HyperChat 3 months ago

May0296 4 months ago

MysteriousIllusion 4 months ago

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rezillos 5 months ago

Cyndi Pedraza 5 months ago

sct2010 6 months ago

Heather KinganPatient

I am learning everyday how to become alittle more patient and understanding with myself and with others. 6 months ago

Heather Kingan 6 months ago

EmelleWhen I meditate

and have trouble with monkey mind, I think as I breathe:

Strong, happy.
Centered, in a good place.
Gentle, kind.
Neutral, on an even keel. 6 months ago

harbingers 6 months ago

Emelle 6 months ago

thisisannoying2468 6 months ago

plahouse77 6 months ago

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