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Deal with new landlord's harassment

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Dragon_LadyYet another landlady issue!

So early yesterday morning, I start hearing major crash & banging sounds coming from the other side of the wall at the head of my bed.

Apparently my landlady has decided to start doing major renovation work, including the destruction and tearing down of the bathroom on the other side of my bedroom wall.

So I spent the day trying to avoid the incredibly noisy racket (up to 70-80 decibels!!) with my headphones plugged into my computer, but not succeeding entirely.

Will be lodging a complaint against them with the Regie des Logements seeking compensation for loss of peaceable enjoyment of my household – especially since I normally sleep during the day!

Arrgh – I hate them so much! I miss my previous landlady so very much!! 4 weeks ago

Dragon_LadyAnother New Year, another issue with the landlord

At the end of December, I received a registered letter from my landlord – I knew without opening it that it would be YET ANOTHER attempt at repossessing my apartment.

I decided to keep my holidays slightly lower stress by not opening the letter right away. I knew I had 30 days to deal with it legally, and that actually opening it and reading it would only stress me out beyond belief.

I recently opened it and had my boyfriend read it to me (since it was in French and mine is rusty) and I was right. It was yet another attempt to repossess my apartment.

This time the cover story is that she herself wants to move into it, rather than her co-owner sister from last time.

Yeah, right. You, your hubby and 2 kids are going to move from the 6.5 room apartment on the main floor to my semi-basement one bedroom apartment. Uhuh, sure.

However, according to rental laws, it is STILL illegal for her to request such a thing because she is co-owners with her sister. The only time an owner can request a repossession for themselves or a family member, is if they are a single owner, or if the co-owner is their spouse.

Since she is co-owners of the building with her sister; it is illegal for either of them to make such a request, whether on behalf of the sister, or herself.

I’ve officially sent my reply by registered mail, refusing the repossession. I’m sure to win this issue; but it is still incredibly stressful to deal with this all over again.

I’m absolutely positive that once they lose this repossession attempt, that they will lodge a demand to increase my rent, same as they tried to do last year.

I really hate these people. They are loud, annoying and I really, really miss my previous landlady SO MUCH!! She was a true sweetheart and lived so quietly that she was a joy to deal with. I can only hope the landlord gets the karma that is coming to them for annoying and harassing a peaceful tenant that always pays on time. 2 months ago

Dragon_LadyDealing with an eviction/repossession notice

So the next thing I had to deal with was the landlord was receiving an eviction/repossession notification.

They wanted to take over my apartment for the landlord’s sister, who is also listed as her co-owner. However, I did my research and discovered that they did NOT do everything according to the rules and regulations (including sending the notice by the proper deadline). So I sent a notification of refusal by registered mail.

It took a while to find out, as I ended up calling the Regie on my own to find out what happened – but the landlord lost their case for repossession of my apartment.

However, within a few days of my sending my refusal, they now seem to purposely let their kids stomp and run around in the master bedroom above my bedroom, when they have 6-7 other rooms in their large apartment. I’m positive it’s because they want to annoy and harrass me on purpose; because the timing is too coincidental and I’ve already mentioned to them that my bedroom is below and that I primarily sleep during the day.

Oh, but I long for the days of my previous landlady!! 12 months ago

Dragon_LadyNew landlord = new troubles

So, the triplex that I live in was sold back in December of 2012 to a new landlord; that now live above me.

They’ve been extremely noisy and very annoying. I waited a week for them to move in before politely notifying them that having their alarm go off loudly above my bedroom and having the TV stay for an hour or two – just as I’m trying to go to sleep is extremely difficult.

They eventually seemed to remedy the TV issue by moving it elsewhere, but they are still extremely loud people.

I so dearly miss my former landlady; she was so quiet when she was home that I almost didn’t notice her at all! I noticed her cats running around more than her most of the time. 12 months ago

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