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KewlKat469Need tips!

So…. I’ve been thinking about living in the wild for a month or so, and I’m doing it with a friend. Any tips on what to bring? 7 months ago

KewlKat469 7 months ago

bleachworthyI can't go alone

I can’t stand it anymore, I have to get out! I’m sick of living the same boring day to day life. I’ve faced long term homelessness before, and I think that’s what set my mind spinning in this direction. My every thought is consumed by the lifestyle… it’s all I can think about! Even when I’m at work I’ll find myself staring at a wall like a dim-witted buffoon as the thought of living in the wild invades my mind. I am well educated in survival, and I think I am ready… I am ready to break free and LIVE. Soon I will be coming into some money.. enough to buy all the supplies I can dream of, then I’m off. but there’s one catch… I can’t do it alone, I would go insane! I live in southern Oregon (high desert), it gets quite cold here because of the altitude, and I dislike snow (but might be able to tolerate it). 5 years ago

anythingyouwant 8 months ago

user1390244913 11 months ago


I would love to do this. I believe being able to sustain yourself is the most important thing. It’s cruel being brought into a world where we rely on something called money and we aren’t taught basic skills like how to hunt/gather food. 12 months ago

jrowell 12 months ago

Psy_Shpongle 13 months ago

delclose 13 months ago

Laniqua Irwin 15 months ago

danyear end canoe run

well on monday i am leaving for years end canoe run in manitoba any one interested in joining out of winnipeg? 8 day canoe run 15 months ago

Chris Boschconsidering Canada for a year

I am considering moving to Canada for a year and renting a cabin. I will bring 1 month of food and have enough money for 12 months just in case. I want to hunt and fish but have emergency funds. Maybe if I enjoy it I will live there indefinitely. Lemme know if someone is interested in doing this sometime in the next 5 years. 16 months ago

danstill searching

may hap it seems in vain, but i will have faith,
been out in the wild 2 week stretches and back in the city for 2-4 days in between, slowly getting everything moved out to my wilderness camp, but at same time still searching for that special woman to share it with. 16 months ago


I recently purchased a 20 acre piece of woodland with a creek in Kentucky. I am going to live as my ancestors lived and hunt, fish, and harvest wild plants for food. I do not want to go crazy and would like someone to come with me.(I am an Eagle Scout 18yo and I know all there is to know about wilderness survival) so please tell me if your interested. 17 months ago

Chocolax 17 months ago

ouroboros667 17 months ago

AshhOz 17 months ago

danprepping while searching for other's

well another day goes by and summer is almost here, it seems to be harder and harder to find people willing to live or explore a long term wilderness back to nature plan, keeping my fingers crossed hoping to find a good female friend to join.
this week at a small retail shop we found 20’x10’ canvas tarps for 29.99 each, picked up 6 of them and then picked up 6 can water repellent spray, the some leather working scribe needles and 4 rolls of bank line and the woodstove chimney patch hole am now sewing together and building a 10×10 prospectors tent for under $300 with enough canvas leftover for a 10×5 front awning drape a 4×5 pole wrap for outhouse privacy and i gure at least 2 canvas pack frames based off the common mans pvc alice pack frame. will update if i had enough for everything. 18 months ago

danlooking for ohers,

looking for, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts,
wilderness desired folks,
is there anyone out there from manitoba
seeking the same or similar,
whether your a eotw prepper,
just wanna leave the grid behind,
or just thinking of living off the land and wilderness
lets get together and chat 19 months ago

danlooking for more from manitoba

still searching for more preppers or general people
looking with sincere interests to live in the wild,
lets get together sundays winnipeg. 19 months ago


I live in alberta and am looking for a couple people to go live off the land in manitoba or ontario wilderness. i have been getting gear for the past 2 years and will make the trip solo if i have to but would rather go as a group just for sanity sake haha. if anybody from canada is interested im living in the wild let mw know you can write me @ and lets get r done! 19 months ago

donovanweiten 19 months ago

DutchhermitLeaving the 25th

Like I said before I will be leaving the 25th of May and I will be heading east. The 25th I will be gathering my gear and cycle towards russia making it somewhat of a lifestyle aswell as a sporting challenge I guess haha. I have no idea where I will end up, could be siberia but it might just aswell be india. Because I have such little time left I won’t be coming here anymore but I do want to wish, each and everyone of you, good luck on your future plans. I am ready, all set to follow my dreams and I hope you all soon meet yours. Greetings Ralph Sungila
Http:// 19 months ago

danlooking for others to meet like minded goals winnipeg and area

hi i am looking to get together and meet other like minded folks in
and around the winnipeg area, and have a regular weekly meet,
lets get together talk idea’s brainstorm goals etc. and put our thoughts into action
etc, all welcome to get in touch and meet,
plan is meeting every sunday write me for an invite location

i have the gear needed to go solo into canada’s woodlands interior
but like everything going solo is lonely,so before going thinking its smarter to find others. 19 months ago

Mimi300 20 months ago

Travis BlosserLeaving May 1st

Hello. My name is Travis. My fiance Alexis and I are heading into the wilderness in a few weeks. I’m not going start by telling you all of the reasons we are leaving. Most of them are plain enough if you look around and you probably have your own reasons as well. We are only interested in your character and will to survive by your own hands.

We are networking with people to find individuals/couples to join us in either creating an Eco-community or joining one already established. We are seasoned backpackers and have been planning this for a few years. We have purchased all necessary equipment for long-term survival in the deep wilderness (a full list can be provided). We will also be bringing with us enough dehydrated food to last the two of us 6-8 months. This food will see us through until we find a suitable location for sustained hunting, gathering, and gardening. As far as locations, we have scouted many and decided the best course is to have 2 separate locations, 1 for summer months and 1 for winter months. We will be staying on National Forest land only and we do not plan to leave the continental US. We currently live in Ohio and our temporary location for the next couple months will be Wayne National Forest starting about May 1st. We will be continuing to network for most of the summer to find more people and the most suitable locations (likely west for summers and south for winters).

We are not dreamers and idle talkers like most of the people on these web sites. We have done an extensive amount of research and primitive camping in preparation of this first step. If you would like to join us on this adventure of self-awakening then please do not hesitate to respond. Serious inquiries only and no one under 18 please. Also, please note that this will be very dangerous. The chances of hunger, sickness and injury are very high if you are not serious about survival skills. So, respectfully, if you are only an average day hiker with dreams of the easy life in some pristine wilderness then you will not survive the harshness of mother nature and can become not only a danger to yourself but also to your companions. My email is thevastnesskeeper at hotmail dot com 21 months ago

Travis Blosser 21 months ago

Grace 21 months ago

Dutchhermitthis is it.. 2 months untill I head into the wild

I am actualy going to do this…

November last year I wrote a post here saying that I will be leaving society and live in the wilderness in May 2013. It’s now the first of March, times moving fast.

I have spend the last couple of years doing nothing but learning wilderness survival skills and updating my blog. and now all that stuff will be put to the test very soon, because I will keep the promise I made to myself to leave in may. I have learned alot in the past couple of years.. Trapping, Fishing, Gathering wild edibles, Shelter building, fire making and the list goes on. I feel ready.

I will pack my gear and cycle and hike my way from my country (Holland), crossing Germany and Poland towards the dense russian forests to live a nomading/hunter gathering lifestyle.

This will also be my last post on 43things (or any social platform for that matter) and I will spend my last few months here working on my plans and skills.

If you wish to follow my blog for information about my journey or for inspiration for yours here is the link.

-May the gods guide me during my journey..
Goodbye, Ralph 22 months ago

Ishtar_Terrah 22 months ago

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