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swim at least 3 times a week

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Bella FloraMonday

done. 5 years ago

Bella FloraSunday

I got a swim in yesterday at dinnertime. It wasn’t the best swim I have had, but it wasn’t bad. Sadly, about halfway through my swim there was a negative shift in the energy when a family arrived. Son went into one lane and the daughter into the other. The parents sat at the end of the lanes and watched the daughter swim. She couldn’t have been older than 11. Then, they proceeded to berate her in Korean (I think) about her swimming and she was crying. She’d argue back a bit and then look really dejected and swim a few more laps. Then they’d berate her some more, she’d cry some more and swim again. It was pretty awful. I thought about saying something, but I really didn’t know what to do. It really bummed me out and I left the pool feeling icky.

I plan on swimming again this afternoon. 5 years ago

Bella Florawell, I have met the goal for this week

As I went again today! So, that’s three days in a row!! I plan on going back tomorrow since the pool is only closed until 1pm. We have some bike riding plans tomorrow, so I am not sure when I will squeeze in a swim. But, if I miss it? No biggie. I made my goal for the week!

About 10 min into my swim today I was hung up on how much time I had left. So, I emptied my head and told myself not to think about the time. Next thing I know my 30 min is over and I am not ready to stop – so I swam to 40 min. I was a great swim. 5 years ago

Bella Florawent today

had a woooonderful swim this afternoon – and plan on heading back tomorrow afternoon, since the pool will be closed Saturday for a pool party. 5 years ago

Bella FloraI am changing

this to three times a week instead of four. This is more realistic considering my schedule. I was able to get to the pool tonight and had a wonderful, relaxed swim. I am also using my swimming time as prayer/meditation time.

Because of the pool’s schedule – I plan on swimming on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 5 years ago

Bella Florafinally

I made it to the pool tonight and got in about a 30 min swim…...I plan on going again tomorrow, since I am leaving town on Thursday. Luckily, there is a pool at my mom’s condo. I will head down there when there aren’t too many yuppie neighbors out baking in the sun. 5 years ago

Bella Floradoozy

I still need to get on top of this goal…..it’s hard to be flexible with swim times because the pool is booked more often than not during the summer for swim team, lessons, etc…...I printed out the pool schedule so I can pick and choose when to go. I need to pick times and stick with it. 5 years ago

Bella Floramy plan

I like to say that I was descended from dolphins and not apes, because I love to swim and I love the freedom and movement of the water. I was getting into quite a good routine with my swimming earlier in the year. Even in the midst of some serious crises I found swimming to be a wonderful time for meditation and physical nourishment. However, for some time now I have not been swimming much at all. I want to get back into a good routine. So, I am giving myself a goal of swimming 4 times a week.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are going to be my initial goal days. 5 years ago

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