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soulbalm27 05 07

  1. Having a hot shower at J&S’s while they were still away. I so need our shower to get fixed
  2. Feeling attractive for the first time in ages… new skirt, nicely done hair, make up, new top too… And now my period has started I don’t feel so emotional or bloated, which is a bonus!
  3. Buying a pair of pin-striped baseball boots. They are GREAT! I was eye-ing up the quite delicious high heels in the show shop too, but decided that for today the baseball boots were sufficient. Oh, how fab they look with my new skirt!
  4. Going to Bonsai the Japanese restaurant for dinner with R. Her birthday supper. It was lovely food and great service and friendly and cosy (and half empty which is how R likes it). I really like having her as a friend, and as a friend who is now able to do things independently. It’s so good having her less dependent on me now. Yay!
  5. Playing with Z in the garden. 7 years ago

soulbalm26 05 07

  1. A delicious long lie in
  2. Wearing the skirt I bought in Sainsbury’s last night. Crazy what you can buy in a supermarket these days.
  3. Pampering – doing my nails an amazing dark purple
  4. Cleaning the bathroom. It makes such a difference! Particularly to newly painted nails. Grrrrr… who wants nail polish on their right hand anyway?
  5. Driving back from Cumbria with R after a nice enough meal at the restaurant. R had a lovely looking tomato and basil soup (I had a naughty cheese and bacon burger) 7 years ago

soulbalm25 05 07

  1. A fun monthly meeting, followed by drinks in the office
  2. Making progress on the integration of PE and RE; on the possibility of buying memberships online and of processing memberships. Oh, and the membership cards arriving! yay!
  3. Chatting to Viv on the phone. I was meant to be meeting up with her tonight, but was having an emotional episode. Fuck, it’s been a hard week. So, after tears and the phone call with V I decided all I could muster was a trip to the supermarket 7 years ago

soulbalm24 05 07

  1. My Book Group! I set it up and this was the first meeting. We had 10 people and everyone seemed chatty and eager to make it all work. We managed to choose 12 books, and set dates for meetings every month – so we have books for a year! Yikes! 7 years ago

soulbalm23 05 07

  1. Not going to the sparkle party after all…. I should have gone, but at the end of the day, when else was I going to get all the raisers edge work done?
  2. Take away pizza. Sometimes a pizza is the perfect supper. 7 years ago

soulbalm22 05 07

  1. Getting the new leaflet off to the printers. It will be ready next Tuesday. eeep! 7 years ago

soulbalm21 05 07

  1. Cracking through so much work, since the phones were hardly ringing (it being a bank holiday)

Can’t remember anything else – am writing this on 27/5/07 7 years ago

soulbalm20 05 07

  1. Waking up in yet again a different bed – this time, my Mum’s spare bed. Such peace in that back room, which nestles into the rockface.
  2. Making fishcakes with the left over salmon
  3. Reflecting on the previous day’s success!
  4. Chatting to Jen on the sofa. Mostly about R, which was a bit difficult, as my family think we are still together, although we aren’t. For bizarre reasons, too complicated to go into here, I want my family to continue to believe we are together for a bit longer
  5. The drive back to Edinburgh. Again beautiful. I love Scotland
  6. Seeing Zeik, the cat. He’d missed company, and I do love the wee monster 7 years ago

soulbalm19 05 07

  1. Waking up and walking through for my shower and seeing J sitting there, reading. I love being with my family.
  2. Cooking, cooking, cooking: kisir; meringue mess; pasta salad; rice , avocado and prawn salad; sausages; salmon; ham; crudites; four different dips; two tomato salads; potato salad; carrot salad…
  3. Arrival of Andy & family; Joyce, Katy and Jen; Alison and family; Mary, Lois and John; Peter, nancy and family; and Emma and Edouard – my new cousins to play with! yay!
  4. The photocall! the four sisters sat in the sunshine, on the bench with their family around them, and the garden blossoming behind them.
  5. Finding out about Mary’s girlfriend.
  6. Down to the beach with Katy and Caroline and Arthur. the wind was blowing, and it was beautiful.
  7. Drinking all Mum’s slivovic. And some of her sloe gin. Collective drinking, not just me! I love M’s home-made hooch!
  8. Playing cards with the cousins. Shithead. A great game, taught by katy.
  9. Feeling so at home with family. Blood IS thicker than water. 7 years ago

soulbalm18 05 07

  1. Lying in again!
  2. Driving to Kirkcudbright and Castle Douglas with Astri. Easy, lazy shopping
  3. Chattering, chattering, chattering with Ast and Mum
  4. Walking down at the beach with Mum and Ast and Tikka (a whippet)
  5. Picking up those teeny wee pink shells, shaped like children’s fingernails.
  6. Everyone arriving at coffee time all at once. Cousins, cousins!
  7. Sitting down with Mum to make a list. It’s what we do: we have coffee and make a list. We never got the list done, but it didn’t really matter
  8. Seeing Mum being the Big Sis with Ast. Very funny
  9. Making food. So much food. Lunch for 39 people tomorrow. And probably supper for quite a few too.
  10. CHB and family arriving. Cousins, cousins!
  11. J & the boys arriving! All having supper. 7 years ago

soulbalm17 05 07

  1. Lying in
  2. Making brownies
  3. Making shiny cake (official name is cookie shine cake, but we always get it wrong, so now it’s known as shiny cake). It’s made with bananas and a tin of crushed pineapple and some chopped nuts and is utterly delicious.
  4. Supper with J & s before heading down to Gatehouse
  5. The drive down to Gatehouse – just beautiful
  6. Seeing my Tannie Astri – haven’t seen her for years. She lives in South Africa. Yay! Lovely to see her! 7 years ago

soulbalm16 05 07

  1. Getting the copy done for the new membership leaflet
  2. Finishing up at work – now I’m off till Monday
  3. Planning what I’ll cook for the marauding horde of relations coming on Saturday… I browsed through the Sofra cook book and think I’ll try a few of their salads. Yum 7 years ago

soulbalm15 05 07

  1. Joking to colleagues that I would only start the Irish application 55 minutes before the deadline. This is not a sensible way to work. I ended up starting the application 63 minutes before I thought it had to be submitted. But then the phone rang, so that took 6 minutes off my time… and I discovered the deadline was 30 mins later than I thought. In the end I got it in 3 minutes before the final deadline. Oh yes!
  2. Sausages for supper
  3. Playing with Z in the garden, when he wouldn’t come in.
  4. Chatting to A (my bro) about our networking event we’re going to hold during the Festival. It’s going to be great! and he’s giving me lots of new contacts. yay! 7 years ago

soulbalm14 05 07

  1. It was nice after the madness of last week to have a relatively slower paced day in the office today
  2. Everyone loved the cookies we made last night. R thinks they are yuk, but everyone else thinks they’re the best ever (apart from C who thinks everything I’ve brought in has been the best. Bless). I like feeding the office.
  3. Meeting R at Waterstones at lunchtime. She made it on her own there from the flat. I’m SO proud of her. This is such a big achievement. There’s work in the office for her tomorrow afternoon if she wants, which is good. I think she’ll start feeling better if she’s doing a bit of work here and there. 7 years ago

soulbalm13 05 07

  1. Sleeping in a for a wee bit this morning. No car to move, no work to go to. Bliss to be dozing as I hear R doing the dishes.
  2. Making biscuits with R this evening – and drizzling the chocolate fudge with the white chocolate drizzles. Mmmmm it looks so yummy
  3. Getting parking on George Street. Good parking karma does make me smile. Although I was a very grumpy mare for the rest of the morning.
  4. Getting clean at last. The shower is still busted. And we have no bath. So we’re still showering at J&S’s. It’s a real bore having to do this, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a shower when you haven’t had one for several days. (It’s ok I do wash in between times0. 7 years ago

soulbalm12 05 07

  1. Blethering and retail therapy with A – really nice to spend and afternoon with no pressure to do anything, except relax. I just wish I hadn’t been as tired and generally rubbish, I doubt I was much company.
  2. Buying the nice massage bar in Lush. I don’t usually like shopping in Lush as I find the scent too overwhelming. You can’t smell the loveliness of some of their products as they are all overpowered by the sweet sicky ones.
  3. Stir-fried turkey for supper – done really quickly with whatever I had in the fridge, and eaten just as quickly. Delicious.
  4. R and I doing the massage thing. Bliss. 7 years ago

soulbalm11 05 07

  1. Sorting out a problem with another sponsored event before it became a crisis – we had word of a possible cancellation and so I got the sponsor to agree to another event in the case of cancellation. The confirmation came at 4.30pm, when it would have been far trickier to sort out.
  2. Making contact with the Chief Exec of our new media sponsor. hes great to deal with. But as K say – ‘You see how great he is at getting things done? He’s that good at getting things un-done if he doesn’t like you too’
  3. Home. Sweet home. I’m so tired from working such long and intense hours just now. It was great to read a book and watch mindless TV. 7 years ago

soulbalm10 05 07

  1. Waking up on time… in fact early. I love the early morning. I love getting up early enough that I’m not ridiculously rushed in the morning.
  2. Getting lots of sign-offs from sponsors. All the ones we thought would be tricky were surprisingly easy to please.
  3. Lunch with R again – she got the bus to me again, and brought a sandwich with her for me. She really makes the best sandwiches. 7 years ago

soulbalm09 05 07

  1. It feels like everything has shifted up a gear at work. There’s a focus we have, which means we get through an amazing volume of work each day. Today was no exception
  2. Meeting R for lunch. She got the bus from the flat to near where I work! She did it on her own and I’m SO proud of her for doing it. This is the agoraphobic girl who wasn’t able to go anywhere without someone she trusted, but especially not on public transport! yay! for R!
  3. Things went a bit pear-shaped with the Programme today. One participant seemed not to have realised he was in Oz on the date he’d said he’d come to us. A few minutes later someone else called to say they were away from 16 – 22 August. They had been told WEEKS ago we wanted them on 17th. And a further participant just cancelled altogether. The real bummer (for me) about the first two was that they were both sponsored events. Both sponsored by the same firm. A new sponsor. Eeek! My contact there was so cool about it – she is a real doll to work with. the cancellation was a sponsored event too. So I had to do some quick fancy footwork to offer that sponsor a different event (which was about to be picked up by someone else, grrr). As Christopher Brookmyre would say, AFAG.
  4. My nephews begging me to tell them what had happened in the book I was reading.
  5. Getting the application for the US Embassy completed. It was finally emailed off in the middle of the night. As were lots of emails to sponsors getting them to sign off the sponsors page proofs. 7 years ago

soulbalm08 05 07 - second instalment

I forgot to mention that I’ve finally started to make some plans with my Book Club. I set this up online a few months ago (as I couldn’t find a local book group to join). It now has 53 members! Eeek!
I’ve set a date for the first meeting and wait with baited breath to see if it will be me and one other. Or me and 52 others. Eeek! 7 years ago

soulbalm08 05 07

  1. It had been a late night last night, and stressful. So it was such a delight to deliberately switch off my first alarm and go back to sleep. Sleeping beyond the second alarm wasn’t such a delight once I realised what I’d done!
  2. Being told that I’m the office Diva, but in a good way. And then C saying I can’t be a Diva because I’m too friendly. It was greed that I am the best kind of Diva. If only they could see me in my tightly laced leather corset!
  3. Taking Z to the vet. He needed to have his worming tablet and his Kill The Fleas injection. We discussed his shear bulk and Z is now officially on a diet. I guess cats aren’t meant to be Rubenesque? 7 years ago

soulbalm07 05 07

  1. Lunch at Starbucks with R. The ‘Ian Rankin’ boy (we call him that because he looks vaguely like IR) came out and chatted to us as we supped our drinks. He told us how disgruntled all the staff are with their temporary manager. Poor Katie is on stress leave. That’s not good.
  2. Finally getting R’s laptop mended. OK, it cost £47 and many hours online to the wee men at Symantec. My stress levels soared as the laptop repeatedly switched itself off, and each time they phoned on the land-line and tried to talk me through what to do next. I KNOW how to restart the laptop! Grrrrr! 7 years ago

soulbalm06 05 07

  1. A shower! Our shower is still dead, so it was bliss to have a hot shower at J&S’s. And also to chat to S afterwards.
  2. Relaxing. It feels like I’ve done quite a bit of just mooching today, which has been lovely.
  3. Booking a massage for myself just after pay day. I used to get a regular massage when I lived in London and I felt much better for it. I’ve decided that I will treat myself once a month, just after pay day! 7 years ago

soulbalm05 05 07

  1. A really early supermarket shop. Oh the bliss of being on the way back already at 8.45am. Of course all of this was predicated by the parking police, as I didn’t want to get another parking ticket.
  2. Getting to J&s as they were sitting down to lunch and just being part of that whole family meal thing. I love it. Great friendly informality!
  3. Reading my book to M, my 10 year old nephew. He’s loving the story (and it is a great story)
  4. Making cookies with M. They were ‘All-American- according to the recipe on the BBC Good Food site. And that meant that each cookie contained a mere 24g of fat. yeugh! they actually ended up being not very nice, despite the high quality ingredients put in – including a LOT of melted dark chocolate.
  5. Throwing around ideas for the kitchen and bathroom with a very sneezy S when she got back from the wedding party (well, civil ceremony blessing party). She’s keen to make the kitchen really work for me while I live here, which is so nice. She’s a wonderful sister-in-law and a great landlady! Except when she’s annoying me of course!! 7 years ago

soulbalm04 05 07

  1. Watching my nephew on TV this morning, winning the Get100 quiz on BBC2. I know, I should have been watching the news and finding out about the pig’s ear we’ve made of the election in Scotland…
  2. Back-to-back meetings – the first one with slightly eccentric furniture people, the second with a sponsor who I may have to let go (as I don’t think we’re able to deliver what we promised), the third with a ‘go-between’ who will probably find us a sponsor for an event I’m really keen to get sponsored. Yay!
  3. A call back from yesterday’s muppets, who wanted the benefits of sponsorship, without actually paying for it. They may be able to release some money from their budget. Yay! So I had to turn a proposal round superquick and I’ll get a response on Tuesday.
  4. Chatting to P at lunch-time. He can be very grounding. And it always helps that he adores me.
  5. Going to see Fracture tonight. Anthony Hopkins starred. He was playing Hannibal again really, although a Hannibal with a wee cheekiness, and a twinkle in his eye. 7 years ago

soulbalm03 05 07

Where does all the time go? How can it possibly be 3rd May already?

  1. Discussing candidates for my assistant with K (my boss). We are very much on the same wavelength. And once I’d made the decision I felt entirely comfortable with it.
  2. Phoning the successful applicant – she was SO delighted. That reassured me that we’d made the right decision.
  3. Late night shopping at Ocean Terminal, although only a few shops were still open. We bought some tops, and got a bargain as they had a special 20% off day.
  4. Saying No to someone who wants their name in the programme and to put up branding at an event without giving us any money. “Oh but we gave money to X who is in your programme.” Tough shit. Our Festival would be 1/3 smaller without our Sponsors. I’m not going to start giving away the things they value and pay us money for. That would be (a) stupid and (b) unfair to our existing sponsors. Muppets! 7 years ago

soulbalm02 05 07

  1. Interviewing for my temporary assistant. Temporary being for 3 and a bit months. We had some great candidates. It’s a tricky decision, and I hate to turn down the ones I can’t take on. But that’s life, you can’t employ everyone.
  2. Getting a few more sponsors in at the last minute. And two lovely trusts, who are going to have great events. I like working with trusts.
  3. Talking to K about the search for the perfect Festival Shoe.
  4. Sitting out in the garden with R & Z, twice! Once at breakfast time and then again in the evening, after the plumber had come round. We still don’t have a working shower, but the boiler is going to be replaced next week. eeeek! 7 years ago

soulbalm01 05 07

  1. Getting through buggerloads of work in the office today
  2. and still making time to go up to Starbucks and meet R for lunch.. It was so lovely to sit outside in the sunshine and relax for 20 minutes
  3. Putting the car through the car wash. Why do I love the car wash?
  4. A wonderful drive through Midlothian. We drove round the Roslyn Glen again, and on the way back the sun was just beginning to set beyond the Pentland Hills. I love how they were all misty pale blue grey.. and once the sun dropped behind a hill, it turned much darker grey, with a peachy sky beyond. Perfectly beautiful.
  5. Chatting online to a few women from gaydargirls. I want to meet more women, and I seem to be making friends online. We’ll meet up soon I think. And R is meeting up with someone too.

I feel so much more positive about things these days – life is good! 7 years ago

soulbalm30 04 07

  1. Getting up early to watch a new kids quiz programme on BBC2. My nephew was a contestant and won his heat! The final is this Friday. Oh, what a proud Auntie I am!
  2. A meeting with our new Big Sponsor. They are on board for three years, and I think it will be a really good relationship – I’m looking forward to working with them.
  3. Working through the budget with K, my boss. I’m scheduled to come in ahead of target which I’m really pleased about. She is too.
  4. Hearing that R had gone to the Dr on her own this morning, although she was really feeling like shit. Then she went to the shops and got a frappuccino at Starbucks. Then she nipped back to the shops when she didn’t have all the ingredients for the Thai Trout. Oh, and she took Z down to the garden and relaxed down there for a while. this is a girl with SERIOUS agoraphobia, who recently couldn’t leave the house at all on her own. I’m really proud of her and the progress she’s making.
  5. Supper. Whole trout with Thai spices and sticky rice, with a green salad. The trout was just delicious, delicately flavoured and meltingly soft pink flesh. Mmmmmm.
  6. Going for a drive in the beautiful country south of Edinburgh. 7 years ago

soulbalm29 04 07

What a busy day it’s been!

  1. Buying the things we needed in Ikea relatively painlessly (and without buying hardly anything else that wasn’t on the list at all.. yeah, right!)
  2. Reading more of that great book I’m reading. Nearly half way through now.
  3. The amazing spring sunshine, and the trees all blossoming away, and the leaves bursting out and everything looking so ALIVE!
  4. A meal out. At Montpeliers. We won’t go there again though. The service was ridiculously slow and the meal wasn’t particularly good. Not bad, just not good.
  5. A bath. I haven’t had a bath in months. We’ve only got a shower, you see. And the shower is only cold or if you’re lucky luke warm these days. So I went to J &S’s for a bath. And stayed longer, plotting what we will feed the cousins, et al in mid May at the Family Gathering 7 years ago

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