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kayla_joy_ann 2 years ago


I have made it almost a whole week without nicotine. :) I am si proud if myself for finally breaking the habit! I don’t ever wish to pick up another smoke! I’m done! 9 months ago


Day 3 no ethol, day 2 no thc, day one no nicotine. I can do this! One day at a time. ;) 9 months ago

kayla_joy_annAttempt 5,300 *ha ha*

I have tried so many times to give up my terrible 3 habits. When I get stressed out I pick them back up. I am fully aware that I am using them as coping habits and none of which are healthy! I must rid myself of these habits.

Replacement coping skills… Deep breathing exercises, lifting weights, dancing, yoga, nature walks, gardening, meditation, reading, cleaning, drink water… Etc 9 months ago

giddy31 15 months ago

kayla_joy_annexternally as well

It is my goal to clean the house to be worthy of the title immaculate... Even if it only lasts 5 minutes! ;) 15 months ago

earleson 15 months ago

kayla_joy_anncaffeine free try #2

It is warmer outside now so that makes giving up my coffee easier. I am on day two without it and I feel fine. I doubt I give it up forever but I would like to make it an occasional treat instead of a daily necessity. 23 months ago

kayla_joy_anncaffeine free try #2

It is warmer outside now so that makes giving up my coffee easier. I am on day two without it and I feel fine. I doubt I give it up forever but I would like to make it an occasional treat instead of a daily necessity. 23 months ago


Well I have decided that I am not quite ready to give up caffeine completely. After everything else I have discontinued this month I would rather not ruin it all by giving up. I will not drink soda but my coffee keeps me from being a glutton! Ha ha. I must maintain my weight lose a couple more pounds and then maybe I can try to be caffeine free again. Not giving up just balancing the negatives out. A better goal for me right now is moderation. Of everything… my cravings for junk food and sweets are out of control since I gave up nicotine. Must get my eating habits under control again. 2 years ago

kayla_joy_anncaffeine free

Day one of no caffeine and I feel energized without it. I had an orange and toast with peanut butter for breakfast. Lunch was cinnamon rice. I have had lots of water and am now drinking my mineral water. :) I can do without caffeine the energy it provides is only temporary and comes with a crash. It makes falling asleep at night more difficult. I don’t need it anymore. My energy is 100% natural! :) 2 years ago

kayla_joy_anninternal cleansing

I started off by increasing my water consumption, gave up my nicotine and alcohol habits, gave up soda, and started drinking hot lemon water in the mornings. I would now like to quit drinking coffee and no longer consume any caffeine. I want to limit my junk food and candy consumption. I need to continue adding more fruit veggies and healthy foods into my diet. 2 years ago

schmames00 2 years ago

letterboxer 2 years ago

letterboxerDay 7 and 8

Was great to add protein back into the mix. Enjoyed a mostly veggie omelette (only 1 egg and no cheese but yummy sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes) made in a pan with EVOO. And adding almonds to my salad was a great treat too. Today was my first day of regular eating and most of my diet was “cleanse worthy” but I had a 1/2 turkey sandwich for lunch with pea pods from my garden….mmmmmmm. I lost 7 pounds altogether, kicked my caffeine habit ate ZERO sugar and made avocados my new favorite snack. Resolving to keep myself on track with a steady diet of mostly veggies, occasional meat and minimal sugar. 2 years ago

letterboxerQuinoa rocks

Added quinoa as my grain today and I felt so much better. Got on the scale today and I’ve lost 6 pounds! Still had enough energy to workout with weights in the morning, work in the yard all day and then go for a bike ride with my hubby. Yay! 2 years ago

letterboxerDay 4

Today I was able to add whole grains to my cleanse diet. I was really looking forward to it. I thought I’d feel better, but instead after having sushi rice and veggies for lunch, I feel hungry and cranky and low energy just a little while later….hmmmm. Maybe I’d feel better with another grain, like quinoa? Have to give it another day and see how I feel, but was surprised by this.

Edited later: Had veggies for dinner and I feel much better. Maybe grains aren’t really for me?? 2 years ago

letterboxerOn day 3

of a nutritional cleanse. Feeling great. Everyone told me I’d be tired and starving. Definitely not the case. Helps to have someone to be accountable to. My friend Deb has done the particular cleanse before and she’s been a great advisor. Hope the next 4 days go as smoothly. I’m hoping this will springboard me to a much healthier pattern of eating. GO ME! (PS Although I do miss real food. Took all my willpower not to eat popcorn at the movies or finish my little guy’s grilled cheese this afternoon…I’m realizing though that these are just bad habits that I need to outgrow…) 2 years ago

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