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New_BeginingWanting to open a bar in Houston TX

I have considered opening my own business for a long time. Ive decided to open a bar with a partner of mind, is there anyone who can give me any helpful tips on how to do this? We have a solid idea thats pretty original and a real nice theme.
Also have good ideas for different nights as well, but could use any tips from others who have done this already. Thanks… 3 years ago

jensbodalBellingham, WA

Planning on opening a bar in Bellingham, WA 6 years ago

jhillJust to follow up

We opened in November… http://www.nationalmechanics.com

Stop by if you find yourself in Philadelphia. 6 years ago

Russell DickerHere comes McLeod Residence

I am officially an investor in McLeod Residence and will be helping Buster and Lele realize the McLeod dream. 7 years ago

Buster Benson8 months of consideration

After initially beginning to consider opening a bar over 8 months ago, I think I can mark this consideration complete. And the consideration’s result is that I WILL open a bar. And soon. 7 years ago

Todd GehmanUntitled

First I considered opening a bar, and then I considered how much money opening a bar requires, and then I marked this goal complete. I am very considerate to reality. 7 years ago

dgacousticPublic House

Some friends and I want to open a bar, one (the rich one) will buy a building if Shafe and I can come up with the rest, I was wondering where I could find a list of things we will need to start a pub, I’m just starting on this journey so most of my questions will be elementary. 7 years ago

jhillIn Philadelphia

We’ve moved past the consideration phase, we just bought an old nightclub in Philadelphia, which we’ll split with our web development business.


It’s been the most convoluted process that I’ve ever been through and that was just the purchase, nothing to do with actually opening and making the conversion to workable office space. 7 years ago

Buster BensonNo bar time.

When I open a bar, all of its clocks will be set to the actual time, and it will close when reality turns 2am. Maybe I could park it next to an expensive lame bar that closes at 1:45am so I could rake in the dough when they all file out at bar time 2am. Yeehaw.

I just think it’s silly that bars still do this. I know it’s part old fashion tradition and it’s sort of funny how everyone gets tricked by it and then laughs about “Oh, it’s BAR TIME! Duh!” but this is the future and it’s time to start setting your clock to the right time, don’t you think? 8 years ago

Todd GehmanGallery 291

I watched a documentary on Alfred Stieglitz today, knowing almost nothing about him, and it was fascinating. He’s sometimes called the father of modern photography, one of the first to shoot in non-documentary style and get galleries and museums to treat photography as fine art. But he also felt responsible for getting American curators to embrace modernism. To do that, he helped found a magazine and a gallery called Gallery 291. He used both of them to champion artists working beyond the pale of the curatorial trends of the day, including radical works by not-yet-big names like Picasso and Rodin.

Anyway, to the point. The whole time I was watching this I thought about opening a bar called Gallery 291 and using it as both a real art/photography gallery for unsung locals and a bar with the air of an intellectual/artistic salon. The Hideout, bless its heart, is sort of like that, but the one I started imagining today would have more openings, readings, and suchlike. Maybe an associated record label too. 8 years ago

Buster BensonWe talked about this at lunch.

All of a sudden I really want to open a bar in Seattle and make it great. Who’s in? 8 years ago

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