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Always have something to look forward to

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getting the vegetable garden ready. 1 week ago


Green grass. 2 weeks ago


Right now I am looking forward to everyone coming home this weekend. 3 weeks ago

themarta 3 weeks ago

Aloha50Going to a 50th birthday party tonight

Bought my friend (a guy) a dancing Viagra Man doll as a gag gift. 3 weeks ago

Aloha50Going camping this weekend

Nervous because I waited too long to pull my camping gear out and I felt the allergies flaring when I got close to it. Worse case I guess I’ll have to sleep in my car.

Looking forward to a fun weekend. 4 weeks ago

Venusian 1 month ago

molliemoonlightNext up...

Mayor’s banquet and ball. :D Any excuse to dress up!

Hotel overnight and maybe massage.

Girls night out for drinks.

California. All being well…2 months ago

Aloha50Taking the day off tomorrow

and joining friends for a hike!

Been working long hours at work because of an emergency program, so it will be a nice break. 2 months ago

stareyedpandasome ideas

Why this goal is hard?

The future is uncertain so in some cases we may be disappointed with the things we are looking forward to experiencing. Nevertheless, one should anticipate the good so that one can enjoy it.

Some things: ( my attempt is to anticipate many great things in the hope that it will increases my chances of experiencing it. The drawback is that it may result in more disappointment however it is better than not anticipating or hoping for anything at all)

-reaching 53kg
-walking across the Brooklyn bridge
-seeing the statue of liberty
-visiting a museum in New York
-visiting Central Park
-watching a broadway show
-watching the American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet
-combating emotional issues
-seeing my family/friends/boyfriend again
-improving the health of my feet (blisters etc)
-getting private ballet lessons
-visiting a library
-(not properly planned but want to) visit friends in Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China
-improving foreign language skills
-improving English speaking and writing skills
-performing ballet variations
-(may not achieve but) performing pas de deux and group work

Other dreams:
-getting married
-buying an apartment
-buying a car
-having a proper fulltime job
-taking care of a child
-creating a private school
-writing a book
-making videos
-fighting anxiety
-visiting Russia, India, Africa, Finland, South America
-getting a masters degree or phd
-getting fitness certifications 2 months ago

Aloha50Signed up for Crossfit

Really looking forward to starting (on Monday!)

I have 6 months to get back into shape. Will be going on various runs in Europe and plan to be in half marathon shape by then. 3 months ago

Aloha50 3 months ago

Texas Lin 2 years ago


I have so much to look forward to but was blinded by what I thought I didn’t. I now see it’s way more than I could ever hope for :-) 3 months ago

sweetlady628 3 years ago


  • Erik breaking up from school – start of Christmassy stuff
  • Going to the cinema
  • Christmas
  • Baby being born (January some time)
  • My parents visiting in February

I think that’s quite enough for now :) Lots of fun things happening! 4 months ago

joeyinthebushThis is a weird one...

... I’m looking forward to a funeral next week. An old family friend (who is like an uncle really) sadly died of a massive heart attack. He was a truly amazing human being – the most warm & generous person I’ve ever met.He adopted kids but never let them feel they weren’t his. Its is only since he died that i realise – none of his kids were his biologically.
Kids (and adults) who were depressed or thrown away found a warm welcome in his kitchen. He really listened & wasn’t too egotistical to let anyone teach him something. Aged 7 i taught him how to prepare squid. He let me tell him what to do & believed i knew how to do it. No one had ever treated me like that before.
During the big storm of 1988 I headed over to his place because i’d rather be at their place. Trees were falling & the electricity was out londonwide but i walked all the way to neasden. I knew i’d be warm there.
So so many people (including myself) are incredibly sad he’s gone… journeys from far & wide are happening to get to his funeral. From France, El Salvador, the us & maybe even Iran and Tunisia.

And that is what i’m looking forward to. The gathering. There’ll be people there i haven’t seen in decades… and people i’ve only ever heard about in his stories.Very bittersweet.

RIP Jim Brown 4 months ago

joeyinthebushI'm going to Berlin!

Have never been before & am v v excited 4 months ago


I’m looking forward forward to her coming home. 5 months ago

maxskyfan 6 months ago

Shantii9 7 months ago

Opera Riot 2 years ago

PurpleHeatherHen weekend

I’m going on my first hen weekend in a couple of weeks time.

We’re going down to Devon/Dorset border area to a large house that sleeps 12 and then on the Saturday we’re booked into the River Cottage to do a whole day preserving course (apparently with the lady that wrote the River Cottage handbook on preserving).

So a long weekend away for me with hubby taking time off to look after Isaac. Will be interesting for both of us. :) 8 months ago

Legionella 12 months ago

LegionellaSeptember - October

I am looking forward to travel with my husband, we are planning a short trip to Singapore in September, and a longer one to USA West Coast and French Polynesia in October. I am especially waiting to see Bora Bora! Locally, I am looking forward having some massage and pampering sessions and really can’t wait for the weather to start cooling down! 8 months ago

nobodyinyoureyes 8 months ago

molliemoonlightOn a sunny Friday afternoon

1. Another open air Shakespeare play.
2. Another play booked
3. A lovely summer ahead of me
4. New beginnings 9 months ago

stareyedpandaI look forward to..

Seeing my godmother in my hometown..
Saving money
Getting stronger
Running a marathon
My brother having a baby
My birthday

“He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own”. Confucius 9 months ago


In August we are going to have a short holiday, and I am planning a trip to Perth, Australia. I am really looking forward to it and hopefully to cuddle cute koalas and kangaroos! 9 months ago

Cora_and_Clarice 4 years ago

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