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Have life experiences that make interesting stories

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AlsanderaI do have interesting stories...

At lunch yesterday, people wanted me to tell the new girl about the bomb scare in our building. It’s a fun story.

Hm… That’s another story with cops. I definitely need stories that don’t involve law enforcement… 2 months ago

Ubeauty 2 months ago

AlsanderaNo more stalkers

You know, I have some interesting experiences, but I think I need to clarify this goal.

While stalkers and police stations and police reports and warrants are interesting, they’re not fun.

Henceforth, this goals shall be known as “Have positive life experiences that make interesting stories.” 2 months ago

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Angelica AnarchyA Friend's X-mas Gift

There was a white pole that stuck out of the ground where we like to camp, nobody knew what it was for. But nobody cared or acknowledged it, until we brought Jacob. He walks over and grabs it, jokingly saying, “It this some kind of fuckin’ sodomy pole or something?” and we keeled over laughing. One year later, just the other day, we were talking about how we had the long running joke about his “sodomy pole” business and his marketing strategies, etc. For xmas, (or Yule, for moi.) we snuck by his house, outside. And in the dark, in the street, we spray-painted “sodomy pole”. Oh yeah. Nader left one of his clove cigarette butts as a calling card. 4 months ago

Angelica AnarchyHow I Ended up Living with my Boyfriend....and his Parents.

My mom and I got in a fight over her new beau, Danny. She spend all her time off work with him instead of with me and my brother. Her own kids. I was already depressed, I have chronic depression so it just happens sometimes. It didn’t help and in fact she didn’t act like she liked being home. She started smoking too even though Danny doesn’t and even though money was mega tight. I only got her to notice me when i didn’t do my chores. I know, it’s the wrong way to be noticed. But I didn’t know what else to do.

It got so bad that I’d cry every day. I’d go outside and wander the sidewalks for a few hours. Finally I told her i’d like her to spend more time at home, and consider buying us food more regularly. Keep in mind she’d only been seeing him a month.

Well she blew up in my face, screaming and cussing me out right in front of the nine year old who thinks it’s funny for me to got in trouble anyhow. I ran outside and hid for hours. she sent me a text saying I should probably leave if I was going to keep acting this way. What way you ask? I don’t really know. Either way I packed a bag and Nader came and got me the next day. That was early may. On July 14th she kicked my belongings to the curb. The trash. She doesn’t like me to visit cause it interferes with her spending time with Danny and her replacement kids. I know Nader’s my bf, but she basically took advantage of his family’s kindness, and abandoned me. She also slapped me with 9k worth of debt.

I started collage early you see. At age 16. She had to sign for student loans. I only went for two semesters, five classes total. Grants paid for half of each. Tell me how she needed that much money? I’m thinking of suing her, I never saw half that money. She only got it because she had to sign for me. I didn’t realize how bad she is with money. She’s losing her apartment too, and selling her washer and dryer. Considering how bad my whole life has been, I don’t even pity her. 4 months ago

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Angelica AnarchyI drove when I was only 2

Okay, not really. I was having visitation day with my dad. Every visit, he would take me to McDonald’s, which was a big deal. We were incredibly poor, and a happy meal was the equivalent of a diamond as big as your fist. When we’d get in the car to leave, he’d let me sit on his lap and have my hands on the wheel while he was the one who let it coast down the driveway. Then it was the car seat for me.

Not sure if this is really all that interesting, but I truly believed I was driving those few times. And some people think the fact that I remember things from age 2 is interesting in itself so I thought i’d share. 5 months ago

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