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I want get rich and take care of my family

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mgreen1950All My Life

All my life or as far as I can remember I have wanted to be rich and take care of my family. March 3,2005 my mother past away and she was young and had alot more life in her but because of cost she died. I know we are not promise today but money was the reason my mother couldn’t see her grand children grow up to at least go to high school. My mother was 55 years old and didn’t look a day over 40,she was loving, a mother of 5 and worked two jobs to talk care of us. As a child me and my youger brother use to cut grass to try and help, but you know as kids we thought that we made a difference not knowing that it really didn’t. Well to make a long story short, I wish i had the money to pay the medical bill that caused my mothers death, and just maybe she would be here today. Peolpe life is short and it take two things to really make it in life I think, Its Family and Money. You can put all the other suga coating you want on the other things you might want to put on it but remember what they say The Truth Hurts and I belive that. Maybe one day we will wake up to the truth, maybe one day we all will be rich and be able to take care of you and your families before it to late. I just hope it’s not to late. THINK: WE ONLY LIVE ONCE WHY NOT LIVE HAPPY8 years ago

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