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work because I like to, not because I have to

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DonderjaegerGetting there

I’m currently working less than I “ought” to – these being my prime earning years – partly due to last year’s injuries. I’m currently in my fourth short-term stint in a job that pays poorly, but which I enjoy (more or less lol) and which has a much more positive work environment than I’m used to.

So I’m not making as much $$ as I “should”...but I’m embracing the concept. (It helps that I’m nearly debt free!) 4 weeks ago

user1393606492 1 month ago

kowen1289 1 month ago

6andara 2 months ago

krawhitham 3 months ago


I’m working on being minimalist, so I only have to live off of less than a thousand dollars a month. 3 months ago

rinaldirei 3 months ago

zzztttfff 3 months ago

Ellaida Grace Baylon 5 months ago

pappyhammer 6 years ago

LaSpooky 7 months ago

little_miss_me 3 years ago

ramii 8 months ago

Patchi172000 9 months ago

Homa_dje 9 months ago

Laura_Vassiliki 10 months ago

Moo971My own business maybe?

I don’t really know what I want to do as a job. Im 20 now, and studying to be an accountant, but its very boring. 11 months ago

Moo971 11 months ago

alex65start a start up

start a start up 11 months ago

alex65 12 months ago

trista1997 11 months ago

PeaceLoveHippienessan uplifting occupation

I always ended up being miserable with every job I’ve ever had. I recently discovered a job in which I’m able to make my own hours, do what I love doing, all while making good money. It’s still a job so of course I dread going but when I’m there, I have a good time. I only talk to a few coworkers because I’m usually busy, but my managers are super nice and I’m happy to be there. It’s only been about a month, so I won’t change this goal to completed just yet, but I’ll keep y’all posted (;

One Heart <3 ♥♥ 12 months ago

PeaceLoveHippieness 12 months ago


I’ve finally found a job that brings in the cash and I genuinely love doing. I get along with the people I work with fantastically and I will be really sad to leave…. However, they can’t offer me the proper hours in order to support myself.
But I learnt so much here, one of a few jobs where i’ve stayed longer than a year and I really proved myself and got a bit of authority, I am very proud of myself. Networking and liking the people you work with is very important! 12 months ago

elkelee 5 years ago

music matters xx keep it real xxhappy

been given a great opportunity to teach children martial arts and its a great feeling seeing the children learn and enjoy what they r taught, i want to do this and i am greatful for the chance. 14 months ago

Moondial1980Running own business

I’m currently setting up a shop with products I have a personal interest in (new age) and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying looking at various suppliers and such. This is the beginning of the breakthrough for working for myself and spending time with my family and doing something I love! 14 months ago

bbblackbird 14 months ago

Mindiesel 3 years ago

luluinukshuk 15 months ago

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