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completely Purge & DeClutter my home


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kklauberWhat is the technique to quickly sort thru piles of papers?

What is the technique to quickly sort thru piles of papers?

In advance, thank you.

I read a reference to: Stitch’s .. quickly sort thru piles of papers

sort quickly thru piles of papers. 6 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodVisual Clutter

in my ever-continuing quest to organize and de-clutter my abode, i kept looking around my apt and re-valuate how i have things, how it could look better, what takes away or adds to the overall “ambience” of the place

Over the years, i’ve realized that often it isnt so much the stuff you have, its how its displayed or stored. I’ve put an amount of money into dressers and cabinates, because they make less of a “cluttered” impression, than if you have the same items on open display.

But an additional aspect i’ve realized lately is that of storing vases and silk flowers. I’ve always liked to have a variety of silk flower arrangements around, seasonal or for incorporating into altars. And when theyre not in use, i tend to stick them on top of bookcases or cabinates. But in looking around the place, i’ve realized how they just add to the huge amount of “Visual Clutter” of the room (and between my books and pictures, i dont need ANYTHING more to add to it)

So thats been my next project: taking down all these arragements of silk and dried flowers, and storing them in sterite drawer units for easy access, but not out in the open.

I also gotta minimize the volume of things i have hanging on the walls. I’ve got posters, pictures, show ribbons, maskes and calendars hanging all over the place….i need to figure out better ways of either arranging things, or limiting what i have up. Overall, its just not working as it is…

<<<< Example of how i have silk flower arrangements piled ontop of a bookcase 7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godsome good insights....

Since i’ve yet to permentently solve the issue of clutter in my apt in the 2 years i’ve been “working” on this goal, i’m always interested in understanding the “Why” of it. ‘Came across these decent food-for-thought articles on the subject, that i definately need to chew on….

Focus on “creating space”, not “decluttering things”.

Here’s where I get a bit Law Of Attraction oriented on you. I started my project with the aim of decluttering my house. For the first two weeks I went like gangbusters. But the more I worked, the more I found to declutter! It was strange. When I got to the point where you could really see that I’d made an incredible amount of progress, I suddenly got the urge to pull out all of the stuff we’d been storing and go through it, even though the house was nowhere near being finished! BAM – my house was a total wreck again. Boxes everywhere, hard to find a place to sit, and a visually insurmountable, overwhelming task facing me every time I woke up. I started to slide back into my “it’s all too much, why am I even bothering” mode; and that’s when it hit me: I was sliding back into my comfort zone and had attracted more stuff to declutter to myself to get there.

Because I was focusing on decluttering, rather than creating space, I naturally and unconciously found more things to declutter. Folks who’ve watched The Secret will know what I mean when I say that the Universe found a way to put more clutter into my path – because that’s what I was focusing on and that’s what I wanted to do – declutter! It was also more comfortable for me to stay in my misery, surrounded by my stuff (and it’s not about your stuff, your “stuff” is actually a visual representation of deeper issues), than it was to step into a different world where I was in control, rather than my stuff being in control of me.

Once I realized that (and it took about two weeks of having all of this extra stuff piled around for me to have this realization), I was able to face those extra piles with determination and change my focus to CREATING SPACE. The extra boxes from storage still aren’t completely done, but they’re getting there.

Also, once you change your focus to “creating space”, you’ll start to recognize and appreciate more the space you’ve already made. It won’t be “god, I’ve still got SO much to do,” but instead will be “man, look at how far I’ve come!”

So be careful about what you focus on – trust me, you don’t want more clutter coming your way! (If you get a sudden urge to bring everything down from the attic, up from the basement, in from the shed, or bring home all the stuff from the storage unit to go through….and it’s a true, overwhelming URGE to do it NOW, rather than waiting for the time you planned to tackle that part of the project,,,,then ask yourself if you’re really focusing on clutter or space. My bet is, you’re focusing on clutter and finding a way to re-clutter the space you’ve already cleaned out so that you can get back into your own comfort zone.

The WHY of clutter

Most people never stop to ask themselves WHY they clutter…they focus their attention on HOW to deal with it, WHEN will they have the time to start, WHO is to blame, or ‘WHERE can I stash this stuff?!” Yet WHY may be the most insightful question, the one that can finally bring much-needed relief.

In the decade that I have been working with people to break through their clutter, I have come to realize that your surroundings are like a mini-biography, the tangible evidence of what you are trying to say, both consciously and unconsciously. As an example….If your home is stuffed high with boxes and miscellaneous junk, what are you saying to the world? If your front hallway is impassable, or your kitchen is a tornado-swept landscape, how can people get close? How can you truly nourish yourself?

Until you start decluttering your thought process, the change you strive for simply will not happen. Your clutter has valuable wisdom trapped inside and it is literally shouting to be uncovered. Could it be time to listen?

Decluttering isn’t about redistributing your possessions so they fit better; it is about coming to terms with the issues lurking beneath your stuff. This applies to paperwork, time, debt, overweight as well as stuff.

The energy of the clutter that surrounds you—-sticky, draining and stagnant—is actually suppressing your ability to acknowledge your deepest desires. Your priorities are what drive you to make decisions and get things done (or not done!), but once you start shining the light of awareness inside, you may be surprised to discover that most often, your priorities are not at all in alignment with your desires. This is what is most likely holding you back: you don’t know what you want.

Have you ever even asked yourself what you want? Here is what you can ask:

How am I feeling? When you feel angry, sad, resentful, hurt, or lonely, go stamp your feet, really get that energy moving and connected to your body, then step outside in the fresh air and figure out one of two things: is it time to change the situation or is it time to change your attitude? Those are your two choices. PERIOD.

You don’t have to feel like a victim anymore. You can create forward motion just by asking yourself the right and fearless questions. STOP WHINING and GET HONEST. Ask “What can I do that is within my control to change the situation?”

What aspect of the situation did I create? This is where gut-level honesty really pays off. I believe in situations like this (and we have ALL been there in one way or another, maybe it’s with some authority figure that you resent), it’s about being afraid to be vulnerable and to let yourself have the very thing you are crying for: loving attention. Do you feel you deserve it? I bet not.

I have seen this again and again; we so deeply want to be seen, and yet we put up a smoke screen so thick that no one can get near us. We build fortresses of clutter: weight, debt, procrastination, stuff~ it’s all the same,,,,and then moan that no one is there for us, when it is really US who is not there for us!

Am I willing to take down just one brick of that wall as a start? You don’t have to rip yourself wide open as soon as you finish this post! Just ask yourself if you can begin to move in the direction of vulnerability. You are not a helpless child anymore. You may have been at one time at the mercy of cruel or abusive people, but that is not happening now. You are an adult and can take care of yourself. If something hurts, it’s a message not to do that again. That’s all. You will survive it. You have come this far.

As I wrote those words, I am reminded of a simple and powerful book I read years ago called The Wall. It’s really worth the read. I came across it by accident when I was really hurting and it touched my heart.

Am I hiding or healing? I started thinking there are all kinds of creative ways to avoid feelings, some appropriate, some not, but if you start to ask yourself (gently) this simple question, the ability to choose will allow you to feel more comfortable in your skin. Am I hiding now or healing?

Sometimes, withdrawing and nurturing yourself is exactly what is needed, but if that contraction goes on for too long…it becomes disconnection and isolation and that can spiral into depression and chaos on many levels. Take good loving care of yourself, yes, but make sure you are not hiding from the world.

What do I “get” out of accepting my life as tolerable, rather than joyous?
Sometimes, our idea of survival is so much that we have nothing left over but resentment and loneliness. We cover it up with smiles and a wave of the hand, but we grow weary and bitter inside.

We get a lot of attention from this role and we can play it out for years, sometimes a lifetime. But what we are gypping ourselves of is full participation in life and we are also depriving the world of the gifts we were blessed with at birth.

What am I missing and is what I am doing worth it?
Recently, Daily Om said:

When we connect to our center, we access the fullness of who we are as an individual spirit. We also connect to the energy source of the universe, from which nothing can be lacking. It could be that we have been energetically starving ourselves but trying to feed the need physically, outwardly.

Many of us feel that way, deprived from the outside, when in reality, it’s because we have not been attending to ourselves inside, and so we overspend, or overgive or overeat or disconnect in other ways.

For me, major h’mmmmmm…. Some very key factors raised. Maybe i need to change the intent of this goal to:

Creating Space in my home For The Life I Want, and tear down the walls of clutter that keep me from it7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godde-clutter tips ? debatable...

from IVillages’ “Get Organized” challenge…


There is no question that this is one of the hardest assignments. We are tied to our papers and going through them often takes us down memory lane leading to various emotions and anxiety. However, today you will tackle the first step to gaining HOURS of lost time. Think of all of the time (and energy) you waste sifting though stacks of paper, not to mention the toll that those stacks take on your brain just worrying about all that you have to do. In my estimation this day is priceless in reclaimed time….

Very very true. However, all the advice they give is: organize your bills (a done deal for me, not the problem), pitch anything from the internet, (not gonna happen, & besides, internet pages disappear), store “letters, memorabilia, & papers you don’t need to access for a very long time in the attic or basement”, (i dont HAVE an attic, and the basement accessible to me is a dark-dank-damp-dirt floor-stone wall remanent from the 1890’s,,,,not at all feasbile for storing ANYTHING of value…

This seems to be the main problem i find with all these “de-cluttering” advice sites i keep exploring: they really dont offer any usable advice, they reiterate obvious basics, or suggest things that are only applicable if youre Rich. E.g: One site advised to go buy all new matching hangers for your closets; “this will make you feel better about the look of your closets !” Well, A- i dont have the money to, & B- nor do i want to waste money buying a ton of matching hangers. It’s not going to do Anything for organizing my limited space. (besides, my clothes closet isnt my problem; i purge clothes fairly well) They also said to switch “your summer clothes, and store your winter clothes in large clothing bags” (in your basement, attic, spare bedrooms). Again, i have A Single Closet for all of my clothes, winter, summer, etc. This doesnot give me any useful technique. Another site recommended to organize your spice rack & dishes in the kitchen (move them closer to stove, use your upper cabinates). Ok, again, my spices are just fine, organized…and i dont have upper cabinates. Yet another says to pitch anything in your kitchen that you havent used in a year. I dont agree with that idea at’all. Somethings i only use when i’m having a party, every year or two. Other things its taken me a long time to accumulate. And I dont have the money to go replace those “speciality items” whenever i might next need them, just because i dont use them alot right now. Yes, i do purge if i get new, or go thru them periodically, see if have too many knives or something, and donate the extra stuff to the freestore… But just pitch things? Thats why are landfills are bulging as they are already…

Then I saw an “Organizing & DeCluttering” special on Oprah one day, and made time to watch the whole show, hoping for good advice. But they assisted a rather affluent couple with a 2-story, ten-room house with an attic, basement and garage, on how to declutter their home. They bought them alot of expensive pieces of furniture that had great storage capacity, and spent more money re-designing rooms. I’m sorry, but if you have a ten-room house worth of space, i cant really sympathize with your inability to organize. I have 3-rooms, 2 closets, and no upper kitchen cabinates – Period, to hold my 45 yrs of life. Just figuring out where to put my xmas & halloween decorations out of season is a challenge. As well as where to put garden/snow shovel equipment, automotive needs, mops & brooms, suitcases, etc. (If i even had ONE extra room, beyond my kitchen/living room/bedroom, i could store all my unpurged stuff in there, make the rest of the apt look reasonable, as i slowly worked thru the pile in the “clutter room”)

About the most useful advice i’ve received in my year of “working toward organization”, was Stitch’s on how sort quickly thru piles of papers. I’ve still got huge amounts of paper to get thru (see attached photo), but it IS a method thats been quite useful! Far better than 99% of the “Professional Advice” i’ve found out there…

I think i might write Oprah & tell her to do a organizing show for the poor amoung us… 7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodPile of Woes,,,,,,i mean, CLOTHES !

this really started with good intentions….

I had a small(er) pile of clothes that had accrued in the corner of my bedroom, that i was slowly getting put away, sorted. Then, in a big fit of Spring Cleaning Inspiration, i pulled out everything from my closet, the one in the living room, and the clothes rack in the bathroom, that was in the “Dubious” catagory of no longer fitting, needing to be tried on, or otherwise sorted thru…

Yeesh, What a Pile. (what a dump !)

I should have let myself get to the bottom of the other pile, so i had SOME sense of accomplishment.

Why is Inspiration always tons easier than the Persperation ?? Now i feel like i’ll Never get thru all these clothes…

(If i dont write again soon, you’ll know what i’m busy with….)

Actually, i need to discipline myself to do the “12 min to GO (get organized) technique, of either setting the timer for 12 minutes, and sorting thru what i can in that time, daily….or just putting away 12 items at a time.

Ok, i’m going to go set the timer… 7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godtoday's project: Bedroom Organization

Another area of the apartment that is bugging the crapola buncombe outta me of late. As you can see, the book situation is totally out of control…

i finally started on some reorganizing i’ve been planning on last night,,,,,i unloaded and moved the one bookcase over (it’s out of the camera frame in this shot), and cleared the surface of the other smaller wood bookstand, which is going to be moved to the other side of the bed. Then to assemble a newer, 5-shelf, bookstand i’d acquired, and also reorganize / restack the “cube units” to the side of the bed…. And of then rearange most effective use of all shelves for storing all my many many books, journals, and notebooks…

i’m Praying that everything will fit… ;D

i’ll post “revised” pictures afterwards (hopefully, it’ll be a noticable difference!) ,,,and if i finish all that, i may move onto moving a storage bureau i have into the living room. That too will be a better use of space. (i do hope)

‘Cant Wait to get those two dressers back from the refinishers; they’ll really help get lots of loose items stored…7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godchip chip chip.....

‘Been chipping away at itty bitty things around the apt. Things that dont make any huge impact visually, but are still in the realm of “declutter progress foward”....

One problem, with already having completely junked up kitchen, is that its all too easy to keep adding to it. E.g: paper bags & cereal boxes. I’d gotten into a really bad habit of letting the paper grocery bags just pile up around the kitchen, instead of folding them up into the cabinate. (One Lure: the kitties love to play in them, so i tend to just drop the bags to the floor till the kitties are tired of them) =) And the other lazy habit i have, is that i keep piling up empty cereal boxes,,,that when i empty, i dont have the time to cut out the coupons & UPC codes i’m saving.

So, as these things have been bugging me lots of late, i spent time over the weekend, while watching TV, to pile the boxes at my feet (yes, highly plural), and systematically cut out what i wanted, colapse & fold up the boxes for the recycle bin. An hour’s task; amazingly rewarding.

Then i did the same with the grocery bags: folding them up till all were put away. The kitties were bummed, but hey…gotta do what ya gotta do!

Also, altho i havent actually “emptied” any of my paper pile boxes, i have spent a good bit of time in the past week pulling out things i know where to file instantly, and then (shock) Filed Them !

so its a tad minimized,,,a little chip of the huge cluttered block….

the pic to the left is what remains to be done….7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godprogress i forgot to mention....

...i actually did make another small dent in the purging process. This is the pile of stuff i’d pulled from closets and clothes to go to either the Freestore or Goodwill. Since i didnt even have room in my general apt floor space for the bags, i wound up tossing everything i came across for such into the little ‘corner nook’ of the stairs. Then there came task of sorting what i’d piled up into which was going to which place, followed by the task of carrying on out to the car. Further followed by the task of getting it all TO the aforementioned Goodwill & Freestore during their receiving hours (tougher to do whilst working)....

All of this was at last accomplished completely last week, so i again have a “freed up stairs nook”. Which was getting on my nerves, because i was stumbling over it every time i came up the stairs loaded down with groceries & the like…

now, Onto Creating another Purged Pile -!!

:D 7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodDisArray....!!

it’s a Different mess, but still a mess….

sigh. Sometimes it feels like i’m never making any progress of “de-cluttering”,,,,just shuffling things around from room to room. This the view from my computer desk to my ‘creative’ desk…and all the crap that’s piled betwixed & between… (oh, and thats my really nice “sit & watch TV chair, that i can barely see the TV from lately…) Alot of the problem is trying to figure out Effective storaqe with the space i’ve got…because, unfortuantely, this IS the “purged” stuff, everything i know i’m keeping…

it just gets tough to keep competing in the daily gymnastic obstacle course event….

(laugh)7 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godhope for the feng shui way....??

and, the most overwhelming clutter issue of all – years of saved papers and photos8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godok, here's the plan....

or rather, the NEWEST plan…


Taking Stu’s suggestion, i’m dividing my piles of papers into sections, to begin strictly purging thru them,,,,forgoing the Sorting & Filing for right now. My mountain of papers is so outta control that i’ve got to find some drastic measures of getting a handle on it all.

So, of course, the first steps i take are counter-clutter,,,,i buy yet another shelving unit to store them on,,,and bring home a ton of trashed drawers from the sidewalks to sort papers into. Yeah, yeah, i know…its completely counter-intuitive to trying to minimize,,,,,but somehow it feels beeter having the pile “organized” to begin with, and a system in place.

. Well, we’ll see how this goes. I’ve got my first box set up before me on the couch,,,,i’ll post again after i’ve purged at least 2 boxes…

(and as you can see, James never misses out on any part of the purging process)8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodAFTER ??

or, perhaps more acurately DURING8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodBEFORE:

yikes!8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godfeng shui-ing away

everybody feng shui tonight !


no, actually,,,,this is more about de-cluttering…in searching thru the “Home Challenge” site (recommended by – ), came across some “what you fear about decluttering” tips. Thot i’d post the ones applicable to moi:

Overcoming Organizing Fears

  • When you think, “But I need them all,” you really fear not having enough.
    Decide on the minimum number you feel comfortable keeping, and stick to it. Less is more.

this is Definately true for me,,,being poor (or more accurately: Broke) i do hang onto alot of things, because i dont yet have the money to replace them, or dont know WHEN i’ll be able to comfortably have the resources to buy / replace / replenish. But once i have “bought new”, i think i’m pretty good about purging the old…(i think)

  • When you think, “It’s too much to do right now,” you really fear that, due to time and neglect, there is no way out.
    Set a timer for 18 minutes and dig in. When the timer goes off, stop what you’re doing. Look at all you accomplished. It will motivate you to keep going, 18 minutes at a time. It might take 18 minutes a day for two weeks, but you will eventually conquer the clutter. Being organized is not a destination but a habit — one that will give you more time to enjoy your life. One of the easiest ways to develop the habit quickly is to use the two-minute rule. If you can put it away in two minutes or less, put it away right then. Don’t leave it where it doesn’t belong only to waste time later putting it away.

yep. I always think i have to devote at least a whole afternoon or day to dealing with it,,,,because really, i Like going thru papers, and find it hard to stop once i start. But i should take the “little bites” approach,,,instead of waiting for that big “free time” month that never comes….
; )

  • When you think, “I’ll just put it here for now,” you really fear making a decision.

well, this one isnt quite true—i dont fear making decisions, but not having things organized & minimized to begin with, i dont always have the time to figure out WHAT to do with it. I have long heard that clutter is delayed decisions, and the goal is to only handle each piece of paper (or whatever) ONCE. Unfortunately, i gotten to the point where i’m just generally shuffling piles around, spending all my time hunting for things, never filing things away,,,,so that the piles just keep getting bigger, and more time consuming to hunt through. Its a vicious cycle….

and yeah, thats a picture of my Quite Buried & Paper-Cluttered Desk !8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodCan I get A Witness....??

When i say i have a problem with papers, i’m not kidding….

This is not all of the papers i need to sort thru; this probably only about the last year’s worth. I have (seriously!) at least ten to twelve more boxes of papers that i need to purge thru. One toughie feature is that there are important things all mixed in with the junk—so it cant just be a clean sweep: it has to be done piece by piece, page by page….

i keep trying to strategize ways to work thru this more efficiently. For a while i had an open box in the bathroom, to sort thru whilst ‘indisposed’. ;) I generally wound up just adding to it, rather than getting much purged or filed. Then for a while i had some open boxes in the living room, planning to sort thru while i watched TV,,,,invariably i got distracted & never made a dent. The last strategy i tried was having my emptied bookcase in the hallway, with the five shelves open to sort things on while i worked thru a box. I made an itty bitty bit of progress, then it ground to a halt. I got a annoyed at the clutter in the living room, the stacks of books piled up, so i gave up on this schemem and just moved the bookcase back into living room to get the books up off the floor….get at least THAT room back into some sort of coherency….

Its frustrating. Its something that bugs me all the time, yet it seems i cant make any permenant progress toward it all…i keep accumulating papers faster than i can sort & file them. And i know for myself, i’m never gonna go “paperless”: i AM an archivist at heart, prefer printed text to anything stored on a disc or computer. But all this looks horrible, is worthless for finding anything, and i know its a good 30 to 40 % junk—excess that is just taking up space. But it is the ultimate Time-Sink to sort through….

i know one thing…i have a big, boxed-up file cabinate lying in the hallway, that has been waiting to be assembled for about 1 1/2 yrs now (one person cant do it—it requires at least 2 people to hold the boards straight),,,,and it would really help to have that ready to begin to file things into… But another problem is, i dont know where i would put it…

BLAH!!8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodAffirmations,,,,,,because i need them

  • File papers that need filing, throw away others
  • take pride in keeping my home clean and uncluttered
  • spend time every day decluttering and decorating my apartment until it is exactly how I want it
  • get my apartment clean and organized, so I feel comfortable asking my friends over.
  • have nothing in my house that I do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful
  • sort through pile of papers/documents and file them 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godin the interest of full disclosure...

Since i just got back a roll of “apartment disaster photos” ;), i thought i’d go ahead a post the photo of the worst of the living room. I have made progress in there over the past few month,,,,but it is admittedly going much slower…(mainly because a lot of things i didnt know what to do with in the bedroom or kitchen got shoved into the living room)(oh and i was still packing up my xmas tree into late march…)(oh and i never got around to folding up the futon after my aunt visited me last Oct…)

Okay, so i’m slow…its not like i havent been Busy

(returning cheers takes time—!!)


Did make some major progress a few days ago….i tend to store misc clothes that are in good shape, but dont currently fit out at my old bedroom closet at the parents’. (Since my weight has fluxuated lots in recent years due to meds, i never quite know which way its going to go) I periodically go thru them, to see if theres something stored that will now fit me. But this week i got ruthless, & filled a bag for the freestore. For example, i had this really nice London Fog raincoat that i’d hung on to since HS. I knew it didnt fit, but for once i looked at the size tag: it was a size 8. “Ok now, drop the illusion—you will NEVER EVER EVER be a size 8 again in your life, no matter how Nice of a coat it is” Into the Bag. Then there was a ream of slacks that i was within a size of fitting back into, and was hanging onto mainly becasue they were colours that are hard for me to find (e.g. chocolate brown). But they were all polyester, and i really hate polyester pants anymore….so WHY am i hanging on to pants i’m never going to want to wear, just because theyre the so-called “right colour” ?? Into the Bag.

Whenever i can fill a bag to go to the freestore, it makes me feel really good. Especially when its filled with good quality clothes… 8 years ago


Am going to keep the ‘simplify and declutter’ goal instead, makes me feel more calm, efficient and tidy minded about it. Purge is probably what my poor home needs! But want to feel less tense about the whole thing. 8 years ago


Yesterday I made real progress, worked on the kitchen, and it’s looking (and smelling!) better. There was some awful stuff in there, for complicated reasons my older has been in charge of the kitchen, and I’ve been getting on with Uni work etc and not really venturing in there. However, he’s away for a few days, so it gave me the chance to get in there and have a good go, what a difference! When he returns I need to explain to him that I shall start doing the cooking again, and we all help clear up in the evenings. He’s always saying he prefers to work on his own, and he does mean well and try hard, but it really does get in a dreadful state if it’s left up to him.

I want to change the world, but have trouble even keeping my kitchen straight! Making my home tidier, cleaner, more pleasantly fragrant, have more artwork may not appear to be that important to some, but to me it is high priority – your home is your sanctuary, and it’s wonderful to love where you live. 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from GodA question

Does ANYBODY know something vauble to do with old catalogues? I cant bear to just pitch 'em -- is there reuse, recycle, useful places to donate them ?? 8 years ago

ClickchicTidy home, calmer mind

Would feel better about so many things if my surroundings were clutter free, and more organised. Have never wanted an unwelcoming, show home characterless house, but also loathe this untidy mess all around me. Want a home where I can enjoy the books, music, art because I can see it, a life with less time spent searching for things, phone numbers, documents and more time actually getting out and enjoying myself! 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godone small step in purging... Large Pile of Clothes to purge!

sometimes, the purging seems minimal, but then every piece counts, in some small way. Earlier this week i located a box of clothes that were either too small or of some sentimental value. Since i ALREADY had a “sentimental clothes box”, and conveniently forgotten about this one (tho had been looking for some of the items in it) task was to go thru both boxes, & force myself to purge down to 1 box. Sentimental clothes are the hardest; i know i’ll never wear the thing again, but i have such fondness for when i did, or how i came to buy it (e.g. alot of concert T-shirts and equestrian events). The “too small” items are easier, generally it just takes some time to detach & realize someone else would appreciate the clothes more… So most will go onto the freestore…but i did give one to my friend’s little girl(Spookyboy)—a horsie sweatshirt for her to use as nightshirt—and she was thrilled. Much better than having the sweatshirt collecting dust in my “too small” box…

Btw, i came across this cool site for donating old clothes…which are then made into new fashions: 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godtoday's Topic: Old Food

in my ever-ongoing efforts to purge items from my apt, I took some time to sort about some things in the kitchen. Found a package of “Saffron Risotto” in the pantry, which i know i’ve had 1-2yrs, and i Know i’m never going to make. Its still good tho (sealed & never opened), so i’m going to give it to my parents, who are having trouble fixing healthy, easy meals these days-i know theyll enjoy it. Moved onto the refrig: dumped out old cheese, open cans of food gone bad, leftovers left alone too long, etc… Then went thru the potatoes, onions, cookies, & crackers that have gone stale or bad, fixed a tasty snack for the birds & raccoons, and carried that outside (as you tell…i hate to waste ANYTHING)( and better to feed the raccons directly, that tempt them to dig into the garbage cans)(which has happened lots before, is a big problem in this urban area)

My toughest challege tho, was pitching a year-old bag of home-made biscotti from my sister-in-law, a gift from last Xmas. She has made me a lot of biscotti over the years, cause i so loved it with my morning coffee, but i’ve been trying to avoid starches as much as possible, and am just not eating them like i used to…. I knew they were no longer still good awhile ago, but i am loathe to get rid of Anything that was ever a gift—i’m pained to pitch something that someone spent time-money-energy to generously give me, But finally, i thot this weekend “kay, theyve gone horribly stale now, youre never never going eat Any of them, and the bag is just gathering dust & cluttering up the kitchen,,,,” Arrgghh!! But i did it, painfully…

So if you happen to see a Squirrel or a Raccoon gaily munching on some chocolate-almond biscotti, you’ll know where it came from…

;D 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Goda good week in the Kitchen...

well, the Kitchen is not Completed, but it is Greatly Improved (and there was much rejoicing —!!) I was able to finish mopping the floor tile with SpicnSpan for freshness, carried out two bags of garbage, carried usable empty boxes down 2 flights to the basement, cleared off the kitchen table top, re-arranged the remaining boxes & items so that they are accessible for continued sorting, and consolidated stuff so that it takes up the minimal amount of floor space (which resulted in being able to EASILY pass on either side of the table AND actually put the chairs up under the table)(woo hoo!) I finished off with spreading a cloth over the remaining boxes to hide the junk, and putting a fresh new tablecloth on the kitchen table…(it looks so nice, cant wait to get the pics back & post them :D)

Now i just have to attack the living room—its Total Disaster in there. Oh, and teach the kitties that the cleared kitchen table top is Not their new sprawl-play-chase center…(i think theyre stunned to see a new horizonal mesa open up in the apartment)

More Devastation photos:
this is the BEFORE kitchen photo. It does look much better now. Trust Me. 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godan ENORMOUS task...

this will be no small event. I am quite the archivist/collector (read: packrat)....and it has been my goal ever since moving into this apt 5 1/2 yrs ago, to completely go thru every box, bundle, pile…and sort thru it all, throw any the true junk, give away the things i really dont want, recycle what i can, donate to goodwill the things that i’ll never get around to fixing, load of bags of “good stuff” (clothes, pillows, sheets, working items) that i dont care for, gifts i dont use, to the “Freestore”, and finally ORGANIZE the rest

however, i’ve lived by myself for 22 yrs, i hoard papers, articles,,,(and No, the internet age Did Not serve me well in minimizing this tendency!) ;) and i literally have dozens (‘ere i say hundreds ??!?) of boxes full of papers, which are quite the Time-Sink to sort thru. Plus, in the interest of being able to walk comfortably thru the Kitchen, i’ve stuffed tons of items under my kitchen table (as i have no separate storage, like closets, basement, attic). This past week, i tore all this out, to start attacking this mess, and the kitchen is in shambles…

_On the lighter side, the kitties are having a Great time ripping thru the new chaotic playland (i truly believe they think i rearranged it just for their “jungle-stalking pleasure”)
I’ve taken some pic’s of the destruction, & as soon as i get the photos back, i’ll post devastation images for your own perusal…_ ;D

Devastation photos are in—!!

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