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AlixThis is my number one goal in life!

I am a big day and night-time dreamer, so dreaming is not gonna stop anytime soon in my life, BUT!

right now, I’d like to shift the focus on getting more into action and actually doing things and making them happen!

This goal is inspired by this poster, called “Dust off the sketchbook” designed by Ed Nacional and found at this cool website: http://toresolveproject.com/

This what the artist had to say about his resolution:
“Brush the dust of some of those sketchbook pages and make those ideas a reality.”


More specifically, this means for me:
  • make my travel wishlist happen, starting this Fall
  • prepare my next solo exhibition as a self-taught painter and calligrapher
  • undertake a few (not a gaziilion either) enjoyable courses. exercise: kundalini yoga. professional: engraving for advanced students. creative: firing earthware, with an emphasis on glazing, for advanced students. music-related: learn to tap dance, beginners course. 7 months ago

Alix 7 months ago

Lingaur 2 years ago

nydcatl_mdHow to handle difficult, powerful but not smarter than me, BOSS ?

Yes, she is a type of J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess), smart but spoiled, bossy and thinks she is smarter than anybody, but the truth is behind her back, people speak that she is an idiot, obsolete. Her way is the hight way, forcing me to do old fashioned way… I need a space working my job, but she is very nosy.. I know I should find other job, I will talk with other BOSS, who is much smarter thanthe J.A.P. 2 years ago

nydcatl_md 2 years ago

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