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Marine Corps Martial Arts: A Highly Effective Type Of Combat

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carlworm31Marine Corps Martial Arts: An Effective Type Of Combat

Marine Corps Martial Arts: A Simple Yet Effective Type Of Combat

The US Marine Corps has long established its reputation of honing men and women into highly effective combat soldiers. The methods of training used by the marines are now referred to as Marine Corps Martial Arts, a self-defense system that’s effective. Close quarters combat is the primary focus of this self-defense system. This type of combat is thought to be the most crucial aspect of all self-defense fighting. As the name implies, close quarters means inside striking and clinch range. So why is close quarters combat extremely important? It’s because the majority of real world fights are close range.
Violence is rather confrontational and for a violent attacker to become successful, he needs to get within close enough proximity to you to deliver an effective attack. When you have knowledge of close quarters fighting tactics, you’ll be better at handling such dangers. This is something which the Marine Corps knows for a fact and is exactly why it created a close range fighting system, which is effective in dealing with both armed and unarmed attacks. Before, individuals in the service were exclusively trained in this combat system. Now, however, Marine Corps Martial Arts instructors are also training civilians.

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Marines have been training in close quarters combat for several decades, but it wasn’t until 2002 that the Marine Corps Martial Arts program was developed. The fundamental movements taught in this fighting system are derived from the early Marine Corps history’s bladed weapon attacks and World War I and II’s bayonet methods. These methods are used along with modern self-defense and mixed martial arts fighting methods so that they are more applicable to attacks common nowadays.
You won’t see any flamboyant or fluff strategies taught in this close quarters combat system. It’s designed to teach reliable combat tactics as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, you can actually complete the key components of the Marine Corps Martial Arts system in approximately 70 hours of training. Compare that to many martial arts which take a few years to master and you’ll see that 70 hours is not a long time to be proficient in a combat system.

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Something of note is that much like traditional fighting styles, the Marine Corps Martial Arts system utilizes a belt system to rank its practitioners. Some might question why a combat tested modern martial art style would be interested in belt ranks and promotions. It is because this kind of contemporary combat system promotes discipline, respect, and honor among its practitioners, very much unlike other modern-day reality based martial arts. In addition to signifying knowledge and skill, belt systems are an excellent way of helping to promote these sentiments. Although a few might scoff at the value of this sort of traditional mindset, the fact is that when a combat system is solely rooted in the physical techniques, several benefits of the martial arts are lost.

There is no doubt that the Marine Corps Martial Arts system is one of the most unique combat systems to be created in recent years. Any passionate martial artist in search of an interesting and effective kind of combat is advised to look closer at what it is offering.

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