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GroovyIslandGirli got me a miracle ...

I think the mistake in waiting for miracle to happen is that we are waiting for those big miracles when the we miss out or even overlook on the little miracles that are happened. I guess i was hoping for that one miracle and over looked the others like my grandmothers recovery – going from to its just a matter of time from the doctors to hey you’re wrong again doc.. Maybe we shouldnt expect a miracle – possibly just let the universe take it course but that does not mean we dont believe in them or hope for them or work towards making things happen.. the phrase this would take a miracle is not just a phrase – its in itself a reality – because miracles do happen – it comes in all forms and situations – all we have to do is just look at things with a sharper eye and an open mind ..
enstranged family members who have been at odds with each other with no hope of ever reconciling – finally reconciles that does not fall short of a miracle … even if the situations that led to it may seem somewhat off to some.
when or how miracle happens maybe shouldnt be questioned – it just happens usually happens when you least expect it, it may b esooner or later .. you just never know these things …. Most important things is to have faith, work hard and never stop hoping :) and all will fall into the place whatever they may be … 7 years ago

~*Serenity*~I have had more than one.

The birth of my children… They are only two of the Miracle’s of my life. 8 years ago

GroovyIslandGirlprayers & miracles

I am not sure if my aunts death can be counted as a miracle or an answer to the pleas for a miracle. I dont know or understand alot of things these days. Things dont make sense and they leave you with a whole lot of questions. I did ask that her pain & suffering was taken away i just didnt think that it was through death. I figured some miracuolous cure or what not. I remembered clearly on the day that she died how i asked that her pain be taken away or for God to make her feel comfortable and later that day she passed away. Miracle? I am not really sure .. i know she is in a better place now free from all the pain and suffering so that is enough to make me feel better.
Miracles.. I hope the miracle giver is back from vacation or is at least considering the ongoings in my life right now. I could use with some help.Each day passes it seems to get tougher or closer to unforeseen things. I could use with some sense of hope, a little ray of light… they say that prayer brings about miracles and maybe they do but i have yet to see that one… 8 years ago


OK i wonder if there is somewhere where i can see someone about a miracle. Like in explaining the whole situation – you know case by case individual cases kinda thing? heehe. I am probably being silly but in light of recent events and with what i am feeling at this point i think only a miracle would do all the justice. Miracles happen just about anytime of the day and that would be the respond to my previous posts in the most unlikely of ways – when u least expect some say but i dont really know. I met a lady at the beach once but she was probably an angel to soothe me and give me some sense of hope… I think most important thing is not give up huh no matter how hard or how impossible things seem…
They say when you get a miracle happen odds are you would appreciate what it brought even more and that is so true and it is the same as attaining something in a very difficult way. I know that miracle giver and please i am really needing one at this point .. please please please pretty please.. 8 years ago


0313am .. dont miracles happen at wee hours of the morning when the rest of the world is asleep .. :( 8 years ago


i think i need another miracle. can we just ask for miracles or do we have to wait for them to happen? they miracles when you least expect them but what if its a state of emergency ? .... 8 years ago

GroovyIslandGirlYooo Hooo ....

Yooo Hooo wondrous universe … i could use with that miracle right about now… pretty please… 8 years ago

GroovyIslandGirlHelp from above ..

I may have witnessed one – could be called a miracle or just a little help from up above. I met a lady at the beach who seem to know what i was going through and she adviced cinvinced me about certain situations in my life and about my myself. The odd thing was that she knew a lot about me and well i didnt know her .Maybe she is just an angel in disguise .. As for that miracle i am still wating for it to happen … 8 years ago

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