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Harmless DilettanteThree down, lots to go

Made our 2013 IRA contributions. Now, I just need to select which funds to buy. I even sent the paperwork to transfer my old IRA fund into our current brokerage. They make it really difficult. Getting all the forms filled out ooh at least three hours! We also adjusted our current with holdings. This is going to be a much leaner year!

Taxes are also filed and paid.

So, #2, #3, and #10 are done. #12 is in progress. #14 will probably just end up being our current savings account after I suck most of the money out for home improvements. I seem to wildly underestimate how expensive these remodeling projects are. Still, I’m learning. 1 day ago

Harmless DilettanteStep 1: Make a To Do List

1. Make a Financial Goal List with deadlines
2. Reconcile Accounts (Need to do this monthly)
3. Make Max 2013 IRA contributions by April 15
3. File 2013 Taxes and adjust 2014 with holdings if necessary
4. Make a home inventory
5. Use Inventory info to evaluate Home Insurance Coverage. Make changes as necessary and comaparison shop.
6. Comparison shop for car insurance.
7. Make a budget
8. Use budget to determine if our 6 months of emergency cash fund is adequete
9. Review investment porfolio
10. Review retirement contributions and adjust accordingly
11. Pay off mortgage
12. Budget and schedule home repairs and improvements
13. Create an easy way to save for non investment big ticket purchases. like a new saddle, car, etc.
14. Examine segregating Emergency Horse Fund into a different savings account. 2 months ago

Harmless Dilettante 3 months ago

purple_ladyI am secure enough

I am mostly marking this complete because this is not a major focus for me any more. when I started this goal I was seriously struggling to make ends meet. At this stage I still have a way to go but I know I have enough not to worry about affording food and basic items and that I have medical aid, pension and life insurance for husband and I. I am not creating more debt and am reducing the debt I do have. Right now thats good enough for me! 4 months ago

purple_lady 3 years ago

JamezBlond 8 months ago

sherbetdab 10 months ago

astorgood1 12 months ago

Living in Possibility

Living in Possibility 3 years ago

Felicitysneak 15 months ago

joannaml 16 months ago

freestyler85m 17 months ago

roslin1 7 years ago

jenle21 21 months ago

ButterflyI just bought

a playstation 3. With no “how am I going to pay the rent this week?” attached to it. Such a good feeling :D

I need to focus on saving now, but thankfully I’ve always been good at that. 21 months ago

Butterfly 3 years ago

ButterflyI'm not there yet

but I’m getting closer.

I went out with a friend last night and was able to buy her a drink without worrying about how it would affect the rest of my week regarding rent, bills, food etc.

It was a good feeling! 22 months ago

snowfox47 22 months ago

ButterflyTwo things I need to complete to help

a) Shut down other superannuation account
b) Cancel mobile contract & go back to pre-paid 22 months ago

Chett Breiling 23 months ago

beautifula 23 months ago

purple_ladyThe new job

should make a difference here. I have been so tired trying to make ends meet, I am so grateful that this job will allow me to start paying off debts. 2 years ago

jashleyodell 2 years ago

AlmaRood 2 years ago

AailuterNext Step

I just sold enough at my latest art show to let me start putting some aside for a few month’s income, to get ahead of the curve. This is a welcome development, and I hope to build on it as I get more work done – and sell more, too. 2 years ago

limajuliet 7 years ago

Kristyn Contreras 2 years ago

AailuterHere goes.

If all goes well, this should begin to be able to start happening after my next art show. (November 2011). They usually sell well.
This show will hopefully give me enough money to set aside six month’s income. That is something I have never done before – actually kept ahold of money! – and should go along way towards relieving stress and worry as right now I’m broke month to month, and often borrowing from friends. Urgh.

This set of savings is my first priority. Then there are bills that have to be taken care of, then bills that can be taken care of slightly down the line. If all this is taken care of, then I can plan for extra things like home improvement or some travel or goodies:)

I finally also sat down and made a giant list of just about everything in my life – from the big to the little, from the practical to the vague. It’s huge – but helpful. It reassures me, knowing it’s all there, and I can just tinker with it – and plan. 2 years ago

fusion49 2 years ago

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