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Shop only from independent shops for 14 days

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Bente2012 2 years ago

Bente2012the nicest little store

bought gymshoes at the sportshop in my neighbourhood 2 years ago

Bente2012heavy metal

today I was at a small hardware store to buy a lock 2 years ago

Bente2012OK I cheated

I bought cheap shoes for the gym at a big-cheap-shoe-chain-store 2 years ago

Bente2012bags full of veggies

tried a small supermarket that was new to me 2 years ago

Bente2012a little something something

bought a card at the childrens book store
bought groceries down the street, among them a kind of candy I have never tried, to bring to work 2 years ago

Bente2012Ah the shops I discovered

bought gifts:
-there is a very nicely decorated chakra-oriented store in my neighbourhood. There I got some incense. It was wrapped beautifully in golden paper.
-A specialized chocolate store where I got a high percentage cocoa chocolate bar with lemongrass and one with crispy roasted cacoabean-parts. This is the shop where I can make my indoor-picknick with bio-cake a reality.

bought groceries at the organic shop:
bread, peanutbutter, gingertea, butter, yoghurt drink, milk, pasta, oranges 2 years ago

Bente2012New shops, new strategies

I have gotten used to shopping at big brand supermarkets. There I could see the prices of everything. Because money is tight for me very often, I could work out by myself in the peace and quiet of standing in between piles of food what I wanted to buy, how much I could buy for €10 and maybe put some groceries back or switch them for a cheaper version.
What I think is difficult about this goal is that I need to find new strategies to buy by budget. I need to communicate more with the store staff, say what I want, ask to put something back if I’m going over budget and not feel ashamed to do that.
I am having a lot of fun out of working on this goal and feeling fullfillment in a lot of ways I couldn’t have imagined before starting it. 2 years ago


today I got honey, bread, cream cheese, fruit&veggies, big mushrooms, mini onions in various colours, yoghurt drink, milk and cookies from the turkish neighbourhoodstore

it was shockingly expensive! I spend all the money I had on me and still came 60 cents short. “No problem, pay it next time”, said my neighbourhoodstore-turkish-man

“Hmm, the neighbourhoodstore-turkish-man must have been pretty delighted you stopped by!” said my boyfriend with a hint of mockery when I brought all this stuff home 2 years ago

Bente2012think and then buy

It’s so seductive to buy little things when I’m at work (in a little mall) or on my way home. This plan to only buy from independent shops has stopped me from a lot of impulse-buying. 2 years ago

Bente2012Today I bought...

-a diary, a journal and a present at a lovely paper store
-vegetables, fruit, spaghetti, milk, eggs and bread from my Turkish neighbourhood-shop 2 years ago

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