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uccelletta 4 years ago

uccellettaFour and a half years later.

I was just wondering, if I should pull this goal over to my popclogs account as well. As many others, I am still in the middle of transitioning from here to there. And doing so – while really, really sad in many regards – is a good opportunity to think about some goals on this list. Where I stand with them, if they still hold as true as they did when I added them, sometimes years ago. This one actually doesn’t. Which is more surprising to me than any one else, I guess. I did want to update it one last time, though, before I backup one last time and all of this becomes read-only.

So. The last time I wrote, I was going to finish my Swedish MA. Which did not work out the way I planned, since I need my German State Exam before I can be admitted. I am going to restart taking classes in about a year and will sign up in April 2015. I am not worried anymore that I might not do it after all. I am missing one class and the thesis and I am more than excited to finish this up in 2016 (I guess, that could be a goal on popclogs).
The time before that, I wrote about K and me. Sadly, this is not going to happen anymore. The breakup has been one of the reasons for my being mostly silent on here in the last few months. It hit me hard and some days I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Less and less, though. Still, what holds true from that entry is that I want to teach. More so than ever. I can also still imagine to get a PhD eventually – maybe in a long term program that does not require me actually being at university.
Place wise? I am open for a lot of things and I am planning on applying for a teaching abroad experience for next winter somewhere (New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden are in the run right now). On the long run I want to be close to my family, though. They are what matters to me most. And I cannot be anywhere close to happy if I am without them for a long time. This basically means Europe. Another choice that kind of snuck up on me, but which I am very happy with.
And then? Kids, definitely. A kind man, hopefully. Maybe a pet sheep. Time with the people I love, doing the things I love doing. It might be a much smaller life that I imagined more than four years ago, when I first posted something under this goal. But it feels so much bigger than anything I could have dreamed of then. And I excited about the future, but more so about the present.

In February of 2010? I was in a bad place. No knowing how to deal with life and what I wanted from it. So much has changed. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am a different person, but hopefully a better, healthier, happier me. I have made GREAT new friends and I don’t even want to picture my life without them, I have discovered yoga and walking, I have fallen out of love – finally – and I have fallen in love. I have been in a very serious relationship and I have learned that even when loving someone as much as I loved him does not mean that what I wish for is unimportant. I have changed jobs multiple times and couldn’t be happier with the one I have now. I have read amazing books that touched me beyond words. I have realized that teaching has been my thing (my THING actually) from the beginning. I started to love being a student and a part of me would like to stay one always. And I am not afraid of the future anymore. I cannot wait to be older, while wishing the present could stretch out longer.
I have figured out what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life. All of the above. This. 4 months ago

user1407471673 4 months ago

Purpurea Aemilia 4 months ago

purpleroses97 5 months ago

Canee27 5 months ago

Evie 5 months ago

Jana ;)Inspiring... 6 months ago

John Houghton 6 years ago

TheRoadToHome 6 months ago

TropChicWhat if...

I already know my ideal career. The one thing that fits like a hand in a glove yet is as terrifying to me as a spider in the bath. I’ve been hiding from it for so long, it’s not like I don’t know where to start but rather I don’t dare to start. But it’s my Rome and no matter which road I take, I always end up here – writing. 7 months ago

anniejmartian 3 years ago

Jana ;)Hell.. first I have to deal with my past.. I guess

Maybe the thing holding me back is not my inability to think of my future but my inability to stop thinking of my past. I really had problem thinking about my teenage years. I thought I wasted it. I could have done much more things, I could have study more, I could have done some sport, I didn’t have to be on every concert. There was lots of regrets about my past. But slowly I’m getting over it. I don’t think about it that often any more. Or better to say, I don’t have so many regrets, or any regrets at all. Yeah, right, I could have done better, but why should my bad behavior have even worse effect on my present or future? Why be so ashamed of it, that I wouldn’t do my best now?

So, this bad period seems to be over right now. But not long time I had to deal with later period, my 20’s. They are not over yet, I must say, but I started having this feeling again.. I could have done more. I could have done better, I could have been somewhere else.

Now, when my earlier regrets disappeared, this weaker regrets started to appear. But one day, in this “before falling asleep state”, I had awaking conversation in semi dream. There was I and some sort of entity, angel, fairy, or how do you want to call him. And he asked me, if I regret the years so much, what would I change? What exactly, which situation, when I would behave differently? And in my mind there was instant answer. I would not change anything! Not in a state I was before, with all the information I had. But moreover, I wouldn’t change anything even with all the information I have now. I mean, all lead me to person I am now, exactly there where I am now, and I wouldn’t change it. Maybe small details, but nothing essential.

Yes, there was one thing I wanted to change. I wanted to do more sport :D. Somehow I thing I hoped my past self would get this routine. Girl.. you are so lazy :) 8 months ago

Jana ;)The defining decade?

And then it starts to sound like this: “Dating in my 20s was like musical chairs. Everybody was running around and having fun, but then sometime around 30 it was like the music turned off and everybody started sitting down. I didn’t want to be the only one left standing up, so sometimes I think I married my husband because he was the closest chair to me at 30.” 8 months ago

HelmutI ask

Well, I ask my friends and family what they can picture me doing with my life and they also draw a blank. That seems like a really bad sign to me. A little background: I went to college, but didn’t complete my degree. I’m about 3 classes from finishing it, but I don’t want to finish. I was going to be a teacher for the Deaf/Hard of hearing population. My professors never liked me and made it really hard on me. I became really depressed from all of it. This is a big reason why I’m hesitant to go back to school at all. There’s a part of me that wants to finish school, but I can’t go back for the same thing. I just can’t. I was miserable and realized I couldn’t deal with the politics of becoming a teacher. So, teaching is out. That leaves me with… what?

I haven’t had a decent job for about 2 years now. I moved back in with my parents ‘cause I have no money. Ok I have to stop focusing on the negetives here. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do by eliminating all those things I know I don’t want to do. It’s a longer process than I’d like. But, right now, I feel like it’s the only/best option I have. I think if I could figure out what makes me happy, I’d be set. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been happy for a while now. What to do?

That’s right. Join a team of strangers on the internet going through the same thing! :) I honestly think this will help me. Just venting and receiving the odd comment back. I do often feel like I’m the only one lost in this world. But now I know I’m not the only one. So, there’s a small victory if nothing else. :)

UPDATE: Well, wouldn’t you know it? I ended up going back to school and completing my teaching degree. I learned a lot during my break from school and it served me very well. I got a job less than a month after graduating (in December, no less!) and things are going well. I’m glad I went back. I met AMAZING professors this time around and it was a totally different experience. :) 9 years ago

Dreee 8 months ago

true_blueMaybe something computer-related?

I like solving computer-related problems, so maybe I could study something in that field? Need to do some more research. 8 months ago

Kaysh 8 months ago


Fashion designer? Textile designer? I need to do some research. 9 months ago

robinsounds 6 years ago

6750km 5 years ago

sry 7 years ago


SetonaHill 10 months ago

arzuozbek 10 months ago

jessmah8 10 months ago

smartenupman 10 months ago

Sarah Urquidez 11 months ago

kleges 8 years ago

Padswat 11 months ago

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