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control my anxiety.

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At the moment things have cooled down. My eye still twitches and sometimes I still feel light headed but I think I’m doing a lot better. A lot of my symptoms are gone now. Just have to learn to breathe and stay calm. 17 months ago

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brilessthan3 2 years ago

AnaDoes anyone get that annoying eye twitch?

Normal people get stressed out and their hair falls out or they get a stress rash or something small. My left eye does this twitch thing and it gets smaller and it’s so embarrassing and uncomfortable. It’s almost become like a reflex now, I get stressed even the slightest and the muscle just starts twitching. I’m working on relaxing my face when it happens but I’m still struggling. 21 months ago

AnaSt Dymphna

So today I found out St Dymphna is the patron saint of mental illness (I didn’t know there was a patron saint for mental illness, so that was cool), but it just kinda makes you wonder why there’s mental illness in the first place. But anyways I was really stressed and had to step out of the office 5 times to take a breath, I think my co-workers think i have a bladder problem or something. But that really helped. i went to my car said a prayer and I donno I guess we’ll just have to take it step by step. 21 months ago

AnaSo I've tried to do this before

I wont tell you my life story but I’ve struggled with anxiety for a few years now. My anxiety stops me from doing so many things. I just want to learnt to control it so I don’t have an anxiety/panic attack when i feel stressed. I’m trying to do this without resorting to pills so I guess here begins my journey… again. 21 months ago

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