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run a 10K

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Siwat Chawareewong 5 years ago


So I haven’t really been running or done any proper exercise since school, but I’ve been persuaded to sign up to do a 10k in August- may regret that. Tempted to leave training until the holidays but it’s probably best I start sooner, so it’s not so much of a shock to the system! 2 days ago

Aleeece 2 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBC 3 months ago

tomkadwill 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCwhat a loser

I picked up my bib yesterday, and then the Man and I walked to downtown for dinner (about a 3-mile walk). I wore my boots, and by the time we got done with dinner, I had a blister on the ball of my right foot – to the point where we called a cab to go home because it hurt like hell.

Woke up this morning and it still hurt like hell, so I didn’t go to my race :( Money wasted, and now I feel like a pussy for not just toughing it out for the 10K.

Not real happy with myself right about now. 2 weeks ago

summer79925 2 weeks ago


Hotsaus 20 months ago

mas00miss 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCSeal Beach 10K

Signed up for another 10K run, not far from home. This time it’s the Seal Beach 10K and apparently it’s their 40th anniversary run, which means a fun commemorative medal for me at the end!

I am discovering that I like the 10K distance – it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, while at the same time not completely incapacitating me the next day (like I anticipate May’s half-marathon probably will).

I haven’t been training especially hard recently, due to some physical issues, but I’m still going to shoot for my primary (under 50m) and secondary (under 1hr) goals for this run. It’s at the beginning of next month, so I still have about two weeks to get the old gears moving like normal. 4 weeks ago

gem 12710K in may..

So here it is. I have finally decided to commit to the distance, now to put in the time and effort! I’ve been doing a few runs now and again but my pace and stamina aren’t that great…I’m gonna change this. Watch this space?

Nike Women’s ‘We own the night’ here I come. 1 month ago

gem 127 1 month ago

heartrush 11 months ago


I ran in the 2013 USC Quench the Fire 10K supporting the education, research & treatment of RSD/neuropathic chronic pain diseases on Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California on Sunday, December 8, 2013 (the photo is of my bib from the event).

It had been more than a couple of weeks prior to the event since I had been running regularly and a few days earlier had just gotten back from a gluttonous vacation during which I had literally gained five pounds. Needless to say, I was not in top shape and was not expecting to set any personal records. I just ran this race for fun since it was taking place where I normally go for my runs. I made it just a few minutes before the start and was the last person allowed to register. The temperature, 38 degrees Fahrenheit, was uncharacteristically cold so uncharacteristically I kept my shirt on during the race and even wore some light gloves. Nevertheless, I still wore my BOA 1 inch elite split leg short neon lime colored shorts which attracted some stares but I couldn’t care because BOA shorts I think are the best. Richard Dean Anderson, the famous actor from the 1980’s, was the host of the event. I saw photos of him online from back then, and he’s not that recognizable now. He could probably benefit from training for a 10K himself (I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’). Anyway, since I myself hadn’t trained for this event, I felt like I was struggling a little bit. I was happy though that I finished in less than 50 minutes with a pace of less than 8 minutes even if it was almost 3 minutes slower than my last 10K.

Here’s how I did this time relative to the competition:

Overall: 13 out of 68
Men: 10 out of 46
M 35-39: 2 out of 5
Finish: 49:23 (minutes:seconds)
Pace: 7:58 (minutes:seconds per mile) 1 month ago

Emma Turner 20 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCcan't stop won't stop

A rainy and damp day, but that didn’t stop the thousands who showed up for The Coaster Run today! I finished my 10K in 56:55, hitting my secondary goal (under 1hr) but not my primary goal (50m). I came in 20th out of 163 runners in my division (30-34 female).

Not bad for my first 10K, but I know I can probably do better. I need to get one of those runner’s watches that shows your time and your distance on its face – I lose all sense of time when I’m running, so I have no clue whether I’m on pace or not. This run was a slightly slower pace than I was hoping for, and I think if I had known exactly how far through the race I was, I could have run faster in a couple places.

10K – DONE! 1 month ago

bpbrown 1 month ago

figure_model 1 month ago

farmergrl 12 months ago

Nichole1852 15 months ago

Chelshay2010 2 months ago

Ladi Mosadomi 2 months ago

Andrew Jacob Johnsonexhausting

I beat my practice time by several minutes! 2 months ago

Andrew Jacob Johnson 2 months ago

conejita_diabla 4 years ago

Pretzel Face 2 years ago

Pretzel FaceDone!

In the rain and all! 2014 = no excuses!!

Ran in 1hour and 13 minutes, which im sure is really slow, but i did it!!! 3 months ago

MissElizabethArthur 3 months ago

Pretzel FaceKind of done?

I completed this goal on a treadmill, which kept switching off, so I couldnt keep track of my time, which was pretty annoying

So Im not going to mark this as done just yet, im going to run a 10k and keep track :)

Then I will finally mark this goal as complete x 3 months ago

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