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Quit my job

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sandalphonafter 2 years

Good thing I got out from a place where people have been stuck for 3-11 years because they couldn’t get a “better” offer elsewhere.

Given my need to get out of the trending rut at the office, I turned in a resignation letter with 30 days notice. One of my bosses wanted to put me on forced leave, so I could use the health card. Didn’t need to because I can take care of my health better than most. I didn’t want to be “employed” without getting paid either, so I turned in my immediate resignation right after getting a job offer elsewhere with better pay, hours, and benefits. 3 months ago

sandalphon 2 years ago

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Maaitje 4 months ago

maromeraOne month to go!!!!!!!!!!!

I have already quitted. I just need to work one more month while they find a new person and while I catch up on everything. This is not going to be easy. Sometimes the work seems overwhelming. I will miss my students and my great colleagues, but I won’t miss the amounts of useless paperwork. 5 months ago

maromera 14 months ago

ambgkc 5 months ago

Bob1623This past week,

we were introduced to the new corporate network here at work. I have a new token that plugs into my computer which gives me access. That makes three of these gizmos that I now have for the workplace. Each has it’s own user name and password. That, coupled with the 5 distinct systems we use each day, all with their own user names and passwords are driving everyone crazy. These five systems also have the passwords expire every 90 days so that is five systems I change passwords on during my self-proclaimed “Password Changing Day”.

I beat the system by writing all the passwords on a post-it and sticking on the wall in my office.

I treat the whole thing as a kind of joke. But it is serious so it will be easy to leave all this once I quit. The time is getting closer. 6 months ago

yearend 7 months ago

syasue 16 months ago

EXPfedup 10 months ago

jlh528 13 months ago

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ViviƩn 8 months ago


It’s my last week. I’m scared and relieved at once, but MOSTLY relieved. 9 months ago


I can feel the end near… I’ve been stripped of a couple of my duties and my boss just wants me to focus on this data-entry/invoicing crap.

I do get paid very well and I get SO many hours, but that’s part of the problem. I work so many hours a week I have no time to think, no time to organize my life outside of work. Now I see how people get stuck in a job that provides them financial stability, but definitely not happiness. 9 months ago

kirstyworm2 4 years ago

iamtwan 4 years ago

Bob1623So what's next?

Mu work place and work situation has got better of late. It is not what I want, but much better than it has been. I still have good people around me. That always makes me feel good.

I did have a conversation with my boss some time ago. He knows I am close to retire and wanted to know how much longer I plan on working. When the question cam up, I was unprepared to answer. One part of me wanted to say, “How about another month or so.” I knew that would not work. I do know I do not want to work past 62 years of age. So with that, I said “just tow more years at the most”.

So in essence, I gave my two years notice. I don’t know if this is a common thing to do. In two years, or less; I will be quitting this job. I have a deadline. It is something i can live with. Let’s see what happens. 10 months ago

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