Stop Drinking Diet Coke for 21 Days

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Heh, not so hard since I don’t really drink softdrinks anyway. xD
Good luck everyone. 5 years ago


I hate soft drinks! so no wonder i can do this haha KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YALL THOUGH :) 7 years ago

NDureThe 7th Day

A girl from class kept teasing me with a pepsi can… trying to buy me into it… but HooHoo me give up NO…

unless she used a straw ;p

So, I’m still with a zero intake and feelin’ quite well and in a better mood.

But my family are not supporting me; they are still buying by the packs. Even my drastic change from drinking up to 4 L of diet pepsi daily to good ol’ water and fresh juices.. they pretend to not notice it.

Hmm do you think they are aliens? and their weakness is like… water?

Maybe :) 8 years ago

NDureDay 3 & 4: No Retreat, No Surrender

I’m still relying on drinking lots of water and occasionaly apple juice. The benefits I’m feeling in terms of sleeping patterns, mood, comfort, even my skin are priceless.

Although I dunno why I’m startin to get these cravings recently, I know that I am not going to give up. 8 years ago

NDureDay 2: The Surprise

For the first time in months, I woke up comfortably and in a good mood. I ate breakfast and went to university, skipping the daily early gulp of diet pepsi and strangely I got no cravings at all today, and whenever I felt thirsty I just drank lots of water. I actually found out that a bottle of mineral water is much cheaper than a can of pepsi, and is of course more healthy :)

So I finished up my classes, and head back home, and upon entering my room I was surprised by the sight of two 1.5 L bottles of diet pepsi staring back at me, and in the kitchen there was a whole pack of diet pepsi!

The day I start cutting back on diet pepsi, my mom goes on to buy a whole pack of 1.5 litres…Now What are the odds of that?

I am now surrounded by something I’m desperatly trying to shun away from; but this doesn’t mean that I gave up.

I’m still holdin’ on. 8 years ago

NDureDay 1: The Begining

I haven’t drank any diet pepsi today, not even a small can. All I drank was green tea and lots and lots of water..

And amazingly I feel better from day 1! My head/thinking is quite clear today, I felt more energized and less cranky than before, and for the first time in months I took an afternoon nap and slept deeplyyyy :)

I still had a slight headache this morning though (from the caffeine cut probably), but I’m holding on.

Wish me luck, 8 years ago

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