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actually smile at people i dont know

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INCONCEIVABLE! Find the six fingered man, and avenge my father.Smile!

Well worth it, makes you both feel great, need to keep doing it 7 years ago


It’s interesting looking at this goal and how everyone has the same experience with it. You feel good when you do it, especially when the response is positive. And, I can say from the other end, it feels better when you give a positive response. Yet, there are still so many times (it seems everyone experiences this) when the object of our grin doesn’t return the smile. What makes people so afraid to smile a little? I don’t know, even though it does occasionally happen to me. It takes so little energy, but it makes you feel so good, yet it doesn’t just come naturally. Interesting I think, and how universal these things are. 7 years ago

cafegroundzeroThis CAN be a tad bit dangerous. But I like to live on the edge.

Some folk, I think they suspect I’m up to something.

Well…. I AM! 7 years ago


So I think when you simle at someone and they don’t smile back (as I have often done in the past) it becomes very discouraging. I used to not really know how to react when someone smiled at me. I would contort my face into an odd shape or I would nod or I would just ignore it completely, feeling awakward inside. Now when people do this to me it makes me feel like the world is unhappy, and what am I doing? I like it when it is a positive experience, but the dazed looks intimidate me. 7 years ago


It’s easier if you’re not in a big city. Particularly if they smile back! 7 years ago


It is hard to do this when I have been feeling so down lately. I’m hopeing I’m over that, and I can get into this. 8 years ago

Ruben LlibreIt's impossible...

to smile on the outside, and not feel better in the inside. trust me. 8 years ago


This is something that I do on occasion and it usually makes me feel good. I would like to do it more. I know that I have this fake smile thats all with my mouth, but I have a more sincere smile that will occasionally spread across my face that I would like to get to come more naturally.

There’s this boy I went to High School with who I see around on occasion and whenever we walk by each other he gets a big real smile on his face and that makes me feel really good. I want to give other people that feeling. 8 years ago

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